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Polar bears are not vanishing — it is just another part of the ClimateGate lies. 

One more time, people: President Obama did not inherit all this deficit.  Congress  — you know, the group that Obama was a member of — passed the 2008 budget.

Good reminder about not using the Lord’s name in vain by saying, “The Lord moved me to tell you…”  People use God’s name vainly when they over-spiritualize things. Saying, “God told me . . .” puts the burden of proof on the listener when it should be on the hearer.  If you use that line with me it better be followed by a Bible verse.

Cowardly Richard Dawkins explains why he won’t debate William Lane Craig — Sadly, the uninformed audience clapped at his response. 

Evolutionary theory wrong  — again — Science Daily reports that there is no such thing as Junk RNA « Wintery Knight.