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If you have a Twitter account, post about #gosnell and ask why there is a media blackout.

Just how many infanticides would an abortionist have to commit before MSNBC and Politico would find it newsworthy?  (As noted below, searches for Kermit Gosnell return literally zero items.)  CBS had 5 stories on dogs this week and none on Gosnell.  How many would he have to commit before President Obama, the Democrats and the false teachers even acknowledged it, let alone spoke out against it?

Whenever these people bring up gun control, ask them about Gosnell and how much they spoke out against him.  [Crickets chirping]

Would the media have covered the Gosnell murder trial if the abortionist had killed the babies with guns?  They are milking the Newtown tragedy to destroy our freedoms yet completely ignore these murders.  They know it would destroy their “back alley abortion” meme if people knew what happened in front of the alley.

And remember that Planned Parenthood and Obama fought for these killings to be legal.

From Sifting Reality, this screen shot says it all.  Try it yourself at http://tv.msnbc.com/?s=kermit+gosnell .

This screen capture is not photoshopped.  I took it at 8:50 PM tonight

msnbc no match

Not. One. Story.

Same thing for Politico.

Can you imagine the coverage if it were dogs being killed?

 Great quote about the media blackout on abortionist Kermit Gosnell:

“If Dr. Gosnell had walked into a nursery and shot seven infants with an AR-15, it would be national news and the subject of presidential hand-wringing.” That was the challenging observation made this morning by Rep. Chris Smith,  R-NJ, on the floor of the U.S. House.

Because Kermit Gosnell instead allegedly snipped the spinal cords of seven newborn babies in a building called an abortion clinic, the national media has almost uniformly ignored the case, said Smith, something that he charged amounted to a deliberate “cover-up.”

“Will the decades-long major national news media cover-up of the brutality—and violence—of abortion methods ever end?” asked Smith. “Will Americans ever be told the horrifying details as to how—and how often—abortionists dismember, decapitate, and chemically poison innocent babies?”

Kermit Gosnell is currently undergoing trial on charges of murdering seven newborn infants by slitting their spinal cords after failed abortions. Former employees of Gosnell have testified that hundreds of babies – many of them viable – were “aborted” in this way at Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” clinic.

Background checks do not get the job done — they sound like a good idea until you actually think about them.  They wouldn’t have prevented any of the shootings that people are using to rob us of our Constitutional rights.  Criminals won’t obey them.  And so on.

As Ann Coulter says, to reduce gun violence you need to to deal with the crazy people (which Democrats aggressively fight) and advance concealed carry rights.  At least that’s what all the facts say.

All the actual evidence — mountains of it, in peer-reviewed studies by highly respected economists and criminologists and endlessly retested — shows that limits on magazine capacity, background checks and assault weapons bans will accomplish nothing. Only one policy has been shown to dramatically reduce multiple public shootings: concealed-carry laws.

. . .

For most of the 20th century, from 1900 to 1970, there was an average of four mass public shootings per decade. Throughout the ’70s, as the loony bins were being emptied, the average number of mass shootings suddenly shot up to 13. In the 3.3 decades since 1980, after all the mental institutions had been turned into condos, mass shootings skyrocketed to 36 on average per decade.

Mass shootings don’t correlate with gun ownership; they correlate with not locking up schizophrenics.

And never let the pro-abort gun-grabbers get away with pretending they just want to protect children.  These moral freaks think we aren’t killing enough of them in the womb, so they want taxpayer-funded abortions to kill some more.

From the “How will ‘same-sex marriage hurt you'” files: State Sues Florist Who Refused to Decorate Gay Wedding — and this is before it becomes a Federal issue.

“Arlene’s Flowers has catered to all patrons, including homosexuals, for many years,” Bristol wrote in his reply to the Attorney General. “Arlene’s Flowers has had openly gay employees.”

He told The Seattle Times that he believes the state is trying to make an example of the flower shop.

“This is about gay marriage, it’s not about a person being gay,” he told the newspaper. “She has a conscientious objection to homosexual marriage, not homosexuality. It violates her conscience.”

Anti-Anxiety Medication Used as Pretext to Confiscate Firearms – this is where this is headed, folks.

Given the current political climate, all new gun control measures must be resisted ferociously, because liberal authoritarians have made clear that they will disarm law-abiding citizens any way they can. Even ostensibly reasonable objectives like keeping firearms away from lunatics are providing cover for tyrannical abuse:

The New York State Police are suspending the handgun permits of people in the state who are prescribed anti-anxiety medication, according to Jim Tresmond of the Tresmond Law Firm in Hamburg, New York. …

“We were flummoxed by this whole matter,” the attorney said. “The HIPPA act is supposed to prevent this kind of thing from happening. It’s a gross invasion of our privacy rights.”

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Rule establishes national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Does anyone really trust Big Government to keep information private? If your property belongs to bureaucrats to redistribute as they see fit, so does your medical data.

Make no mistake: You cannot trust the government not to abuse laws like this.  They will take your guns at will and the burden of proof will be on you to prove how sane you are.

I’ve seen countless critics of Rick Warren be extremly respectful of him and silent in the wake of his son’s suicide, so I was suprised to see this: Rick Warren Uses Pastors.com to Attack Critics in Wake of Son’s Death.  Beth Moore was his attack dog here, hypocritically hating on the (alleged) haters and exploiting his son’s suicide to use against his critics.  She should know better than to support Warren’s theology, but then again, she’s part of the problem.  Just a few of the terms that “loving” Beth used during this period when Warren’s critics (at least the Christians) have been nearly universally silent.  Can’t you feel the love and compassion?

  • Hateful

  • Relentless

  • Bullies

  • Mud slingers

  • Mean

  • Careless

  • Self seeking

  • Haters

  • Mockers

  • Slanderers

  • Snide

  • Self serving

  • Enemies

And Mark Driscoll played the same hypocritical game in attacking Warren’s “attackers.”  But is it wrong to point out when a Christian leader does things like endorsing books calling people back to Catholicism?

“It jumped, the arm”; Update: Media score – Rutgers 41, Gosnell 0 — Media blackout continues.  They cover all sorts of lesser stories but ignore the abortionist who killed babies outside the womb, had an unbelievably filthy clinic and mistreated women.

The government has no money for [fill in the blank], but they have plenty to spread homosexuality abroad.  Yes, those are your taxes, doing things that should never be done.

Great and accurate send-up of gun control people.

Mega roundup

Women who are serious about their faith are much less likely to divorce – Not surprising.  Don’t be fooled by the “Christians do ___ as often as non-Christians.”  Countless people check the “Christian” box on surveys but are practical atheists.


Worst President Ever: Obama’s Intimidation Tactics Continue – history will not remember this president kindly.  The present isn’t too fond of him, either.  It says  a lot about his followers that they don’t object to him using his position to intimidate private citizens with a cascade of lies.  They continue to be baited by the “Squirrel!” distractions such as the “Republicans want to take away your birth control” lies.

Last week, Obama’s re-election campaign sent out a fundraising letter disparaging the Kochs, saying that they were purposefully “jacking up prices at the pump” in order to hurt Americans. The letter, signed by Obama’s Campaign Manager Jim Messina, also attacked the Tea Party and warned that Mitt Romney was going to court the Kochs who he characterized as “two men obsessed with making Barack Obama a one-term president.”

These scare tactics are blatant for their untruths and were easily demolished in a reply letter written by Phillip Ellender, the President of Koch’s Government & Public Affairs department.


I’d avoid Rick Warren and anything he teaches.  His latest flap over “Chrislam” is a good reason.


The Left’s birth control meme is one of the silliest things in memory.  Sadly, Rush Limbaugh took the bait on the Fluke / Georgetown nonsense.  This 30 yr. old should go down as making one of the most foolish testimonies ever.  Saying she is going broke over paying for birth control, while attending an elite law school, is laughable.

Forcing people to pay 100% of any medical expenses of other people is not the business of government.  Period.


When Scientists Are Censors – even atheists can see how Darwinism is a pathetic science-stopper.

“Evolutionary biologists were horrified by the news that a scholarly press was going to publish a work in favor of intelligent design. But a spokesman for the publishing house confirmed to Inside Higher Ed Wednesday that the book’s publication is on hold as it is subjected to further peer review.

Earlier this week, the Panda’s Thumb, a blog about evolutionary theory, posted an item about a forthcoming book from Springer called Biological Information: New Perspectives. The blog-poster and other commenters said the book was a compilation of articles by creationists and intelligent-design proponents and Springer had no business publishing such “creationist pseudoscience.”

Of all the scientific fields, evolutionary biology has become fiefdom where academic freedom is dead and detractors are thrown out and publicly lambasted. And they protect their mandatory orthodoxy with vigor. It’s no wonder so many people refuse to buy into it.”

As an atheist I obviously don’t believe in creation. But I have also looked closely at evolutionary theory and find many holes in it. There are both logical and factual holes in it.


National Center for Science Education, Darwin/Climate Enforcers, Humiliated by Forged Document Scandal – Must . . . repress . . . schadenfreude . . . The NCSE tried to partner with the climate change lobby even after the latter was busted for all sorts of well-documented deceptions.  Now their new buddies were caught forging a document.  I’ve been saying for a long time that the two movements have so much in common: A materialistic worldview masquerading as science, and kept in play by bullying and the courts — not by its merits.


Christian woman tortured, paraded in streets for “anti-Islam” views – more from the religion of peace.  Ask yourself if you saw this in the mainstream media.  I was just catching up on some Voice of the Martyrs updates last week.  Christians have it so easy here, yet too often we use our freedom to be lazy and not learn and fight for the truth.


Why Stories of Trips To Heaven Do Not Line Up With the Bible – Just stick to the Bible, folks!  Or at least read as much of the Bible as you do of books that analyze the Bible.


If you caught the bit on CNN, The Huffington Post, etc. about the 1% tip from the wealthy banker, please know that it was a hoax.  Not that they’ll be retracting anything . . .


From the “I am not making this up” category, a school has banned running at recess.


Roxanne has a great response to a 45 yr. old “Occupy” woman with boyfriend problems.  Don’t miss it.

Yeah, engineers tend to not be into shamanism.  When your job revolves around making sure that something works a certain percentage of the time, within certain reliability parameters, you tend to get bored rather quickly of people who think that reality is merely a patriarchial, anti-Gaian social construct.

. . .

The  reason that liberals, Occupiers, and Democrats are so pro-contraception and pro-abortion is that deep down, they don’t want their shamanistic Occupod lover passing on his genes to anyone. Conservatives look at their conservative lovers and think, “The next generation needs more of this, stat.”

Anyway, back to the issue of shamanistic Occupod men: honey, no one wants to date men who don’t shower, don’t have jobs, smoke weed, and think that the earth is more important than their families’ well-being.  I used to date liberal men.  They are whiny, insecure, think that it’s moral to redistribute other people’s hard-earned money but never give a cent to charity themselves, and think that it’s your duty to supply them with sex.


Great post by the Wintry Knight demonstrating how scientists sometimes lie and why they do so.  (Huh?  You mean that people don’t just sin in every other area of life but in science as well?  No way!)

Also see Stan’s piece about Lies People Tell – Christ vs Science

Christianity started modern science. In return, moderns have lied about Christianity. Then they took up positions directly intended to eliminate Christianity. Today, science tries to supplant Christianity as the only reliable belief system in the universe. It’s not true, and Christianity (and any other thinking person) disputes it. But please don’t listen to all those lies about how Christianity and science are diametrically opposed, or that faith and reason have nothing to do with each other.

Glenn had (most of) a terrific letter published in his local newspaper regarding the illogic of “same sex marriage.”  The haters probably won’t listen, but he did a great service by providing the middle grounders with simple and excellent arguments.

A few UCC-ers march to support universal health care — Yeah, Jesus was all about pressuring the government to take other people’s money to redistribute in a most inefficient way.

Rick Warren doesn’t understand the concept of unequally yoked.  It isn’t just about not marrying unbelievers, it is about not partnering with them in spiritual enterprises.  We should share the Gospel with Muslims, not do “ministry” together.

What a bizarre world.  I can’t believe the politicians don’t read their bills and don’t care that people know they don’t read the bills, or that Liberals don’t care if they read the bills.

Ted Nugent on gun control.  Classic stuff.  Hat tip to Tammi from Facebook (not sure if she’s still blogging)

Brief thoughts on the latest “same-sex marriage” issues

A commenter on another blog repeated the claim that:

Same-sex marriage opponents, however, are arguing that marriage should be “limited to just us.” They frequently argue, as you do, that the law should be used to force other people to live according to their religious beliefs.

Some fictions never seem to die.  What supporters of traditional marriage typically argue is as follows:

  • “Same-sex marriage” is as logical as a square circle (“the same sex union of a man and a woman”).  That’s really all you need, but there is more.
  • These unions do not by nature or design produce the next generation.  (The typical response about infertile couples fails on several levels, such as that the government is not omniscient about such things and adoption is always possible.  Exceptions make bad rules.)
  • These unions can never provide a mother and a father to a child.  Never.  (This also addresses the “What about infertile couples” question.)
  • The same rationale used for “same-sex marriage” would also justify marriages involving polygamy, incest or bestiality.  And don’t say, “That could never happen.”  Did you predict twenty years ago that the Left would want to teach kindergarteners about “same-sex marriage?”

Therefore, while the relationships are legal and gays are free to love as they see fit, there is no reason for the government to endorse or affirm these relationships.  You could only claim that we were trying to force others to live according to our beliefs if we prevented the relationships completely (i.e., Middle Eastern Islam).

There is nothing unequal about only recognizing marriage between a man and a woman.  It is the only logical position to take.  Anyone holding an opposing view is either advancing the homosexual agenda or they have been fooled by it.

Total number of Bible verses used in those arguments?  Zero.  The claim of the Left is based on anti-religious bigotry and trades on the general lack of critical thinking in our culture.

The main religious issue is how legalized “same sex marriage” will infringe upon religious freedoms.  Despite the lies of the Left, this is a real threat and we’ve seen examples around the world and in the U.S. already.

[T]he widely respected UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, who favors same-sex marriage, took time out to acknowledge that the religious liberty implications of same-sex marriage are not “scaremongering.”

Of course, if anyone wants to know what the one true God says about homosexual behavior He was very clear:

  • 100% of the Bible verses addressing homosexual behavior denounce it as sin in the clearest and strongest possible terms.
  • 100% of the verses referencing God’s ideal for marriage involve one man and one woman.
  • 100% of the verses referencing parenting involve moms and dads with unique roles (or at least a set of male and female parents guiding the children).
  • 0% of 31,173 Bible verses refer to homosexual behavior in a positive or even benign way or even hint at the acceptability of homosexual unions.

P.S. Who would have thought that Rick Warren would do a well documented flip-flop on Prop 8 and that the Osteens would (sort of) stand up for traditional marriage?  As a commenter there pointed out, Joel should have made it clear that one man / one woman marriage wasn’t God’s “best,” it was his only.  But he is a couple steps ahead of Warren.


Very cool Christmas surprise for the children of a woman on an unexpected Christmas leave from a tour in Iraq

Rick Warren will give the invocation for Barrack Obama.  I’m not a huge Warren fan.  He makes some good points but takes verses out of context too much and has too much social gospel vs. too little real Gospel for my tastes. 

What is interesting is that not only are conservatives upset that Warren is doing this for the radically pro-abortion Obama, but lying false teachers don’t like Warren because he has the audacity to be pro-life and pro-traditional marriage.  What an awful, awful message for a Christian pastor to send, eh?  Apparently “mainstream Christianity” now means “doesn’t take the Bible seriously,” so you wouldn’t want a pastor who even hints at being a Bible believer.

More proof that academia has lost its mind — some of the worst academic abuses of 2008.  Here’s a sample:

1. The free speech “zone.” A student at Yuba College in California was sent an ultimatum by the school’s president: discontinue handing out gospel booklets or face disciplinary action and possibly expulsion. That’s right—gospel booklets. Ryan Dozier, the 20-year-old student, had the audacity to distribute Christian literature without a school permit, which restricts free speech to an hour each Tuesday and Thursday. Yuba College even directs students to where on campus they are allowed to exhibit free speech. In this case, it’s the school theater. Campus police threatened to arrest Ryan if he didn’t comply with the “free speech zone,” oblivious to the fact that students don’t need permission to exercise the First Amendment’s free speech and religious clauses.

2. Transgendered activists in, pro-life speakers out. Liberal administrators at the University of St. Thomas, a Catholic institution in Minnesota, censored the appearance of prominent pro-life speaker Star Parker because campus officials felt “uncomfortable” and “disturbed” by previous conservative speakers at the school. The University’s mission statement claims it values “the pursuit of truth,” “diversity,” and “meaningful dialogue.” Except, not really—or better yet, as long as the said “pursuit” doesn’t offend leftist predilections. Meanwhile, within the past year, the same school hosted Al Franken, the bombastic liberal comedian, and Debra Davis, a transgendered activist who believes God is a black lesbian. Realizing they had a public relations disaster on their hands, the head honchos at St. Thomas eventually reversed the ban on Star Parker.

6. You can’t pray here! The First Amendment, is it a bestowed right given from above and protected by our government or a meaningless, antiquated concept to be disposed of? If you’re the folks at the College of Alameda in California, you’d pick the latter. How else do you explain their threatening to expel a student who prayed on campus? It all started when a student, Kandy Kyriacou, visited her professor to give her a Christmas gift. But when Kandy saw that her teacher was ill, she offered to pray for her. The professor agreed. That’s when Derek Piazza, another professor, walked in and freaked out that a prayer—gasp, a prayer—was occurring on college premises. “You can’t be doing that in here,” Piazza purportedly barked. Kandy received a retroactive “intent to suspend” letter from the administration, claiming that she was guilty of “disruptive or insulting behavior” and “persistent abuse of” college employees. Further infractions would result in expulsion, the letter read.

Here’s a good video overview of the Kalaam Cosmological Argument (Whatever begins to exist has a cause and the universe began to exist.  Therefore, the universe had a cause.

It is interesting that the authors of the Bible knew all along that it was created out of nothing, even when many believed it had always existed.  Just a lucky guess, I suppose, sort of like how Genesis notes that there are as many stars as there are grains of sand, unlike the ancients who thought there were roughly 1,000 stars. 

People like Richard Dawkins like to attribute the accuracy of the Biblical account that the universe came into existence to the mere luck involved with a 50/50 chance, as if the authors flipped a coin and got it right.  But if you actually read the Bible you’ll note that the authors are confident throughout that they are speaking for God, and they do so unapologetically.