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Wolves gather to celebrate fake marriage

Perverted false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie took a break from taking little girls to gay pride parades to describe how a group of fake Christians are advocating for oxymoronic “same-sex marriage.” Via People Of Faith Stand Up For Marriage Equality:

Some religious leaders in Oregon will obviously oppose marriage equality.  But they can no longer claim to speak for God or for the church universal.

“Marriage equality” is one of those language-abusing euphemisms that Liberals love, sort of like when they couch their Satanic hatred of the unborn in “choice” language.  Fact: Same-sex unions can never provide a mother and a father to a child and can’t produce children, so they aren’t equal in any meaningful way to heterosexual unions.

Those who oppose “marriage equality” speak for true Christianity, not for whatever Chuck & Co. are peddling.

 A generation ago many churches used the Bible to oppose interacial marriage.  They were wrong then.  

Yes, they were wrong.  They taught the opposite of the Bible, just like Chuck & Co. are doing now.

Many Christians today believe it is wrong to use to Bible and the teachings of Jesus, which call for inclusion and justice – to oppose marriage equality today.  

In is typical Liberal gibberish he says words like inclusion and justice as if they have anything to do with this topic.

This issue matters.  See things like Christian Arrested for Speaking Against Homosexuality.  That’s what we get and deserve for not exposing fakes like Currie for what they are.

Bible-believer demands rebuttal time after accidentally going to false teacher Chuck Currie’s “church”

I realize that sounds made up, but the words are from Chuck himself via Chuck Currie: I’m Not Mark Driscoll..

Twice in recent months people looking for Driscoll’s Portland church have attended Sunnyside Church by mistake.  One woman demanded a rebuttal to the sermon.  Another man walked out yelling obscenities.

So I’m not in favor of the obscenities, though I can see how a true believer would be aghast at hearing a phony like Chuck “preach.”  And a rebuttal is exactly what is needed when Chuck preaches about Darwin, MLK, or who knows what else instead of Jesus (though maybe that is a good thing!).  He likes to remind people that we have as much to learn from other religions as they do from us — as if they have things to teach us about Jesus that aren’t in the Bible.

Now I’m not a big fan of Driscoll, but for reasons completely different from Chuck’s.  The things Chuck doesn’t like are Driscoll’s good points, such as saying:

Praying for our president, who today will place his hand on a Bible he does not believe to take an oath to a God he likely does not know.

Driscoll was dead on.  Remember, even Jeremiah Wright noted how church wasn’t the Obama’s “thing.”  I have yet to hear Obama say one accurate thing about the Bible.  He mocks God on a regular basis with his pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage views.

Chuck boo-hoo’d:

It is hard to imagine a minister being so hateful.  Driscoll doesn’t even represent most conservative evangelical Christian thinkers.  Back in 2010, I joined Christian leaders in releasing a letter . . .

Yeah, Chuck signs onto a lot of letters.  The one he referenced was a who’s who of false teachers — Jim Wallis, T.D. Jakes, himself, etc.

No, what is hateful is a lying fake like Chuck pointing people to Hell with his false gospel,  taking little girls to gay pride parades,  race-baiting and being a radical pro-abortion extremist.

Driscoll’s church, with his failings and all, preaches verse by verse through the Bible and treats it as what it is: The word of God.  And his churches grow in wildly liberal areas like Chuck’s.  Oddly, Chuck’s world-mirroring churches shrink even though he’s a liberal pastor in a liberal city in a liberal denomination.  Must be the ejector seats.

A simple test for sanity, courtesy of the Boy Scouts

Even a flaming Liberal should see that it just might be a bad idea to knowingly let homosexual men spend unsupervised time, including overnight camping trips, with boys.  If your legal counsel tells you otherwise you should fire them and hire someone who is competent.  Just consider how an institution like Penn State will lose many tens of millions of dollars and perhaps their entire football program over the actions of one man.

Just consider this parallel: Would you think it wise to let heterosexual men have the same kind of interaction with young girls?  Would it be hateful to oppose that?

So kudos to the Boy Scouts for doing the obvious thing (though there would be nothing wrong and everything right about them making proactive inquiries).  Via Boy Scouts Reaffirm Ban On Open Gays; Call It ‘Absolutely The Best Policy’:

While the BSA does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers, or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the BSA.

Yet here we are, where most of the commenters at that NPR link thought the Boy Scouts were doing something evil.

The good news about the extreme depravity we find ourselves in is that people have no excuses for not being able to spot wolves in sheep’s clothing.  In fact, the wolves got warm and took off the sheep’s clothing a long time ago.  Consider the UCC/UMC false teaching “Reverend” Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie, who took a break from taking little girls to gay pride parades to bash the Boy Scouts:

Discrimination against people who are gay and lesbian is contrary to the Greatest Commandment.

The greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  The god of Currie & Co. is obviously Satan, the god of this world, so I’ll concede that he does obey that command.  And don’t you love sermons by “reverends” who take 6 yr. old girls to gay pride parades?  Oddly, Chuck & Co. and their mainstream media accomplices forgot to tell you about another gay rights leader who was busted for child porn.

But for Christians who love the real God, we would seek to obey his commands and to protect the weak.

Few would question the overall value of the Boy Scout program.  But if the Boy Scouts are going to maintain that discrimination is a morally valid practice it is time for our churches to determine if the mission of the Boy Scouts is still compatiable with the mission of our churches.

Again, there is a grain of truth there.  Their “churches” have an entirely different mission than the real church.

Praise God that He has made the fakes so easy to spot!  Again, even a LGBTQ lawyer should applaud the Scouts for their decision.

False teacher Chuck Currie leads the cheers for abortionists

False teacher Chuck Currie took a break from taking little girls to gay pride parades to cheer on his heroes, the abortionists.  Via Want To Reduce Abortions?:

Being pro-choice doesn’t mean being pro-abortion.  Abortion ought to be legal, safe and rare.

That’s their fallacious catch phrase, of course.  But they fight safety measures tooth and nail, so that’s a lie on their part.  And Chuck & Co. fight for taxpayer-funded abortions and were even willing to risk losing their entire Obamacare dream over it.   They think that one of the problems in society is that we aren’t crushing and dismembering enough innocent but unwanted human beings in the womb, and that if we only killed more then life would be better and Jesus would be happier.  And they know that taxpayer-funded abortions will increase the rate of black abortions to white from the current 3-to-1 ratio.  Seems kinda racist to me.

It ought to be a real choice that women aren’t forced into making because of financial considerations.

The scientific fact is that a new human being is created at fertilization.  So Chuck and the other fake Christian pro-aborts think it should be a choice to kill innocent but unwanted human beings.  This is the guy whose favorite verse is about the “least of these.”

Between 1990 and 2008, pregnancy and abortion rates for women in their twenties dropped dramatically, a new study revealed today. Pregnancy rates fell by 18 percent, while abortion rates dropped by a third.

Probably because of abstinence education.  Remember that if abortion rates go up the pro-aborts blame abstinence education.

One of the biggest influencing factors in this decrease is the growing accessibility, use, and options for birth control. Contraceptive use is the best way to prevent abortions in the U.S.

Spoken like a true non-Christian.  The best way is for people not to have sex out of wedlock.

It is ironic that those that call themselves pro-life are so often opposed to contraception.  The end result of the Roman Catholic Church’s war on contraception will be increased abortions – not to mention HIV/AIDS, other STDs and preventable cancers.

HIV/AIDS is most prevalent in the gay community — the very people Chuck parades for.

This drop off in the number of abortions in encouraging – and shows that groups like Planned Parenthood are being effective.

Planned Parenthood is a serial hider of statutory rapists, sex traffickers and more. Chuck and the other fake Christians who support Planned Parenthood know that but ignore it.

Chuck Currie of Westar Institute breaks irony meter

False teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie was correct in pointing out the wrongs of those protesting Mars Hill church in Portland, but he misses the irony. See via The Mars Hill Church Portland Protest UnChristian:

About 20 protesters lined Southeast Taylor Street carrying banners and shouting obscenities as church-goers left when the service ended.

That’s business as usual for the pro-gay groups.  Emboldened by false teachers like Chuck, gay domestic terrorist groups are getting violent.  They know that politicians and police fear doing anything in response because they’ll be called “homophobes” and possibly lose their jobs.  Many gay pride parades — and presumably those that Chuck took his 6 yr. old daughters to — exhibit behavior that should result in arrests, but police look the other way.

And that:

The protesters, some of whom wore kerchiefs to cover their faces, shouted profanities at adults and children.

There could not have been a more ugly and inappropriate display.

Mars Hills Church preaches a messed up and warped version of the Gospel, no question.

LOL at false teacher Chuck calling Mars Hill’s Gospel warped just because they believe, correctly, that homosexual behavior is a sin.  Remember, Chuck is the guy who says Jesus is not the only way to salvation (despite the 100+ verses that disagree with him), the Bible is hopelessly full of errors, that Jesus is pro-abortion, etc. — and we’re supposed to care about his definition of the “real” Gospel?  (He’s part of the non-Christian Westar Institute that represents the “Jesus Seminar.”)

A quote from the newspaper:

“Shame on you bigots,” one woman yelled at worshippers as they left. “Shame on you homophobes. You’re not welcome here. You’re going to burn in hell.”

Sounds like Fred Phelps to me!  I wonder if the woman is a Democrat like Fred and Chuck?

False teacher fallacy-fest on oxymoronic “same-sex marriage”

It is hard to believe that false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie could cram this many fallacies into one little post, yet here we are.  In one of his seemingly never-ending perversions of scripture, he insists that Jesus’ command to love your neighbor as yourself requires state-sanctioned endorsement of un-biblical sexual preferences.

Faith leaders from across are showing their support for freedom to marry, in large part because of the simple message that we all should strive to treat others as we would wish to be treated.

1. “Faith leaders” is code for false teachers — those who teach the opposite of the Bible and are so homophobic that they have a greater fear of being unpopular with the gay lobby than they do with the God they claim to worship.  Chuck uses this word game reflexively, where he implies that just because more than one “religious” person is for something that they are a majority or have biblical support for their position.

2. People already have “freedom to marry” anyone they like — of the opposite sex — because that’s what marriage was and is.  Opposite sex couples, by nature and design, produce the next generation, and only they can provide a mother and a father to a child.

And even those freedoms have some restrictions, such as age and the “one per customer” requirement (though Chuck’s position implicitly supports polygamy).

3. The golden rule obviously has limitations.  If I wanted others to be able to use heroin just because I want to use heroin that wouldn’t be a reasoned use of the term.

4. It ignores the consequences of providing civil rights for sexual preferences: The harm done to small children who will now be taught how “normal” homosexual, bisexual, transgender and whatever-comes-next behavior is, business owners forced to abandon their religious principles, adoption agencies closing, etc.

“As a minister in the United Church of Christ, I preach about God’s extravagant welcome… that God excludes no one and welcomes all.

Yes, that is what his “church” teaches.  As usual, he twists words.  Real Christianity really is open to all — all those who repent and trust in Jesus, that is.  But it is exclusive in that you must come to God on his terms.  Chuck’s false church gets it backwards, teaching that everyone gets in whether they want to or not, or that all religions are equally valid paths to God.

As parents, Liz and I want our daughters to honor the golden rule – that timeless truth that we should treat others as we wish to be treated – and for us that includes making sure gay and lesbian couples have the right to marry and raise a family just as we have.  We dream of a day when all are equal before the law.”

5. Chuck’s wife is an atheist, by the way.  Apparently evangelism isn’t his strong suit.  Chuck takes his 6 yr. old daughters to gay pride parades.  You’d think that at least his wife would have the sense to prevent that.

6. Gays and lesbians, by nature and design, cannot create a family.

7. Chuck falsely states that gays and lesbians can’t marry, as if the law says they can’t go to any number of apostate churches, like his, and get married.  But he isn’t asking for that, he is asking for government recognition of these unions.  His church’s #1 appeal seems to be seeking Federal recognition of the fraction of a fraction of these folks who want this government recognition (i.e., the few who want to get married out of the 2-3% who are gay/lesbian).

8. Chuck ignores bisexuals. Why is he so bigoted and hateful?

9. As noted before, they are equal under the law.  They can marry someone of the opposite sex.

10. Hey, I wonder if Chuck & Co. will take their “golden rule” sermons to the Middle East?  If they think the U.S. culture is so unloving, they’ll really have some harsh words for Muslims.


Don’t be fooled by sound bites, folks.  The truth sounds like hate to those that hate the truth.  If you really love people, including LGBTQ folks and those impacted by these laws, then you’ll have all of their long term best interests at heart.  You won’t put your comfort and popularity above the truth.

Don’t be a coward on this issue.  Don’t let false teachers steal and distort the “golden rule” or anything else from the Bible.  Stand up for the truth and for what God really says.


Yeah, I think this pretty much sums it up for us accounting / finance types:

Thanks, Comics.com

The Real Reason For Lefty Malaise – great explanation by Rich Karlgaard of Forbes about why Leftist ideas look swell in college classrooms but fail in the real world.

Pandering to Hispanics — L.A./Chicago Boycott Arizona… Unless There’s Money to be Made on red light cameras.  You can always tell how deep principles run when people hold them tightly — provided it costs them absolutely nothing.

Supreme Court: Public schools can deny funding to Christian student groups that bar gays — a horrible decision that only passed when they tweaked it to say that groups can’t exclude anyone.  But what will they do if hundreds of Christians join the Muslim group and change its leaders and by-laws to say that Jesus is the only way and Mohammad was a false prophet?  Make up your own examples!

More inconsistencies — We’re Here, We’re Queer and We’re in Abject Denial — gay groups support Palestine, even though the Palestinians would kill them all if they had a parade there while Israel would not.

Israel. The only place in the Middle East where one can be gay in public, without fear of being jailed, tortured or killed. The useful idiots aligning with Palestine don’t even realize that Hamas, a terrorist organization intent on “wiping Israel off the map,” is also oppressing some of its own people, particularly women and homosexuals. But, see, this doesn’t matter to them. Hamas is anti-Israel and anti-America. This is all that matters. Because George Bush. And evil capitalist America. They are willing to turn a blind eye to true oppression and homophobia so rampant that it results in bloodshed and death, as long as it fits with their preferred global agenda.

Hillary: Let the babies starve until we fund abortions – they love expanding abortions so much that they’ll hold food and medicine for babies as a result.  You can really feel the love, eh?

Besides, Hillary’s statement is nothing short of idiotic.  Maternal health does not depend on abortion.  In fact, abortion is a rather moot point when it comes to the stage of worrying about the health of mothers of newborn infants, isn’t it?

Darwin Meets Orwell – call this one, “Thanks for the concession speech, Mr. Naturalist!”  We’ve said for some time that naturalism can’t ground morality and this “expert” fully concedes the point.  His logic and conclusions are muddy, but the net of it is great to hear.  Yes, yes, we agree!  If your worldview is true then people can’t be held accountable!

Glenn’s last piece on his Catholic series, Catholic Iconography and the “Saints.” Nice summary.  I know many Catholics who, based on what they profess to believe, would be in the “true Christian” category.  They either weren’t taught or don’t believe the false doctrines from Rome and they do believe the essentials.  But that doesn’t mean I’d point people there.  The Reformation happened for many good reasons.

. . . These are the heavy burdens of legalism placed upon the members of the Roman Catholic Church, which result in the Roman Catholic Church being a cultic organization, in which the majority of its members are not true Christians (as testimony after testimony of ex-members attest).

How do we then witness to Catholics? The best way is to show them that salvation is a one-time thing and that it is not as a result of works. Point them to Christ, and not to Mary, for salvation. And that everything their leaders say should be passed through the grid of Scripture.

As noted on my Facebook page, my backup dog chewed through the mesh and inside of my suitcase to get to some candy stored in the front compartment.  She ate the Mikes AND the Ikes.  This is a re-enactment; she ran away when I was coming down the hall the first time.  She has lost a lot of teeth but still managed to chew through the fabric.


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Fakes at both ends of the spectrum

See The Face Of Hate by false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie, who is pro-legalized abortion and wants taxpayer funded abortions but mentions Jesus’ concern for the “least of these” in many of his posts.

Chuck boo-hoo’s about alleged hate speech at the GLBTQ rally he took his wife and daughters to and that he preached in support of.  Chuck ought to do a Bible search on “millstone” and note that God doesn’t take kindly to those who destroy the innocence of children.

Now it is possible that the alleged haters were Fred Phelps-types, who, like Chuck, do the opposite of what Jesus did — only  a different kind of opposite, if you know what I mean.  Chuck teaches the opposite of Jesus’ divinity, exclusivity, judgment, etc. and the Phelps-types teach the opposite of Jesus’ love and mercy.

Of course one can’t trust Chuck’s characterization of any issue given his track record as a liar and libeler, so maybe those protesters were just photographed at awkward times.  The sandwich board says “Fear God and obey him.”  Nothing wrong with that, unless you are a false teacher.

But even if they were Phelps-types and in the wrong, Chuck errs by assuming that he must then be right.  But there would have just been two fakes  being fake for different reasons, but both doing the work of Satan.

Chuck plays the Nazi card, as usual (I think it is in his blog template):

groups like Focus on the Family seek to foster such hate by dehumanizing gays and lesbians (and even political liberals and religious progressives) in much the same way that the Nazi Party did to Jews or Christians once did to Africans and Native Americans.

Yeah, Dobson and Phelps hang out all the time.

Seems to me that stifling free speech, as Chuck wants to do, would be the more apt Nazi comparison.

Oh, and it was Christians who ended the slave trade.

Our Christian faith can be perverted into something terrible.

Yep, some false teachers will say that God approves of sexual perversions, that the Bible can’t be trusted, that Jesus isn’t God, that other religions are equally valid paths to God, that Jesus approves of crushing and dismembering innocent human beings (i.e., abortion) and so much more — just like Chuck and many of my Super Fan fakes!  And that is truly terrible.

Home Depot sponsors kids’ booths at gay pride parades. Seriously.

I am not making this up. 

According to the Nashville Gay Pride website, Home Depot gave over $5,000 to be a major sponsor of its 2009 Gay Pride Festival in June. But simply financing the event wasn’t enough for the big box chain.

Home Depot also signed on as a vendor, conducting kid’s craft workshops for children via a special booth set up just for them.

To this end, Home Depot is basically encouraging the attendance of children at events which openly expose them to transvestites, cross-dressers, and homosexual activities.

Unfortunately, Home Depot’s participation in the Nashville Pride Festival doesn’t stand alone. It has also sponsored kid’s booths at other gay events in Atlanta, Kansas City, Durham, Portland, and San Diego.

Gay pride events have a long track record for offensive public displays of homosexual conduct. Obviously, Home Depot is OK with the idea of exposing children to an unhealthy and risky environment. So much so, it is willing to participate in it.

We bought a bunch of stuff for our new house tonight.  I’m really glad we went to Lowe’s and not Home Depot.  Home Depot is closer to our new place but I’ll be glad to drive a little farther to get to Lowe’s.

Read more here at the One Million Dads site.  You can send emails to the leaders at companies like Home Depot.  They have drafts like this that you can edit or send as is.

Dear Chairman Blake:

Your company’s financial support of gay pride parades is disappointing to me.

However, Home Depot’s decision to also include children’s activities at these events is irresponsible, at best.

Gay pride events are known for their frequent and offensive public displays of homosexual conduct. By offering craft workshops specifically designed for children, Home Depot is encouraging their attendance.

Thus, they will likely be exposed to unhealthy and risky environments.

I’m imploring you to put the safety and well-being of children first by not sponsoring or participating in homosexual events.