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MUST-READ: Why Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world

Virtually every human rights group and Western government agency that monitors the plight of Christians worldwide arrives at more or less the same conclusion: Between 200 million and 230 million of them face daily threats of murder, beating, imprisonment and torture, and a further 350 to 400 million encounter discrimination in areas such as jobs and housing. A conservative estimate of the number of Christians killed for their faith each year is somewhere around 150,000.

Christians are “the largest single group in the world which is being denied human rights on the basis of their faith,” the World Evangelical Alliance has noted.

Christians face harassment in more countries “than any other religious group,” a Pew Forum spokesperson told the Star.

Put in sharper focus, “at least” 75 per cent of all religious persecution in the world is directed against Christians, the conference was told.

Christians are commanded to remember other Christians persecuted for their faith.

Reason # 127 to dislike unions: New York Public Unions DELIBERATELY fouled blizzard cleanup as ploy to demand more money from taxpayers

Reason # 128 to dislike unions: Child Molesting Teacher Can’t Be Fired Thanks to Union – Your tax dollars at work, paying this creep $100,000 per year to do nothing.

How can we win the war on poverty? This is a very important and not-that-complicated lesson.  The greatest and saddest irony is that those most vocal about injustice and reducing poverty are the ones who caused the problem to begin with: The theological liberals.

What could be the problem? Well, think of welfare as a cash payment given to women who have have babies with men who they chose knowing that those men were not interested in becoming fathers or husbands. Women are having sex with men and having babies with men who have not married them and have no intention of marrying them. And the government is paying them to do this. The government is paying them to oppose chastity. The government is paying them to avoid courting. The government is paying them to avoid chivalry. The government is paying them to avoid marriage.

From the “blog title says it all” category: Obamacare foreshadow: “It remains unclear if the man would have been able to keep his penis if he had been able to schedule a medical appointment sooner than five months after he noticed a problem”.

Handy list of refutations of the New Atheists – Hat tip: Apologetics315

How does the communist government in China treat its citizens? – Short answer: Horribly.  This should be must reading for any kids wearing their “cool” Che t-shirts.  It also gives me a good excuse to re-post this favorite:

The quintessential example of media bias for the 2010 election cycle – The stories of Christine O’Donnell and Alvin Greene had remarkable similarities.  Why did most people only hear about one from the media and the comedians?

Evolutionists and the Giraffe’s Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve – It is amusing how many Darwinists unwittingly pose as theologians.  Just watch how often they tell you how a “real” God wouldn’t have done this or that.  And watch how often they are proved wrong yet don’t learn their lessons.

More Harmful Actions Planned From the Homosexual Agenda – sometimes I hate being right.  This is exactly the thing I’ve been warning people of for years.  Naïve Christians were too afraid to stand up for the truth and this is what we get.

California – headquarters of perversion – is at it again.  A state senator is proposing a bill, SB48, which will strongly promote the “GLBT” movement in public schools but will cause harm to those who disagree with such perversions by not allowing parents to opt their children out of discussions about these disgusting lifestyles.

Not only that, but textbooks must be rewritten so as to insure the perverted sexual behavior is highlighted if any of these deviants contributed anything to the history of the United States – as if their sexual proclivities had anything to do with it.  Oh, and the textbooks must also “include details about the homosexual movement.”