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What?  Avacados are a fruit?  Whatever.  They are delicious and nutritious even if they had been vegetables.  Learn all about them.


Authorities Ignore Violent Mob in Columbus — There seems to be at least one of these stories each week that don’t get reported in the mainstream media.


Make no mistake: Whatever you think about what Penn State did in disregarding the welfare of children, what Planned Parenthood does regarding statutory rape (not to mention killing innocent but unwanted human beings) is 1,000 times worse.  Be sure to mention that anytime someone brings up Penn State.


Want lower unemployment? Get a GOP Governor.

Political self-parody: Obama administration claimed 30 out of 32 months that it is important not to read too much into one jobs report.  Is it OK to read something into 30 jobs reports?


Pastor Timothy whales on Lifeway Bookstores.  As he should.

Those in the Christian publishing industry know what a farce they are in their continue publication of cotton-candy theology and the mass produced Jesus junk they sell for a profit. Every time I go into one of these stores, I come out completely discouraged because the stuff the put forth is nothing more than Leave It to Beaver Humanism with a dash of Christianity to boot.


Another Liberal learns what Islam is really about. She tried to help a Muslim woman and then . . .

The police were called. Britain being ruled by moonbats and Ms. Heathcote-Hyphen-Dreary being a Caucasian, she was arrested for racially aggravated assault.

Like all privileged special interest groups imported from abroad to displace the native population, the Muslims knew exactly how to play the system. Lying through their teeth, they accused Ms. H.-D. of calling them terrorists and welfare recipients. The police took no interest in her side of the story; that would have been racist.

The do-gooder gasps: “Before this, I believed that if you were innocent and told the truth, you would be protected by the system, but I’ve learned some very hard lessons.”

The main hard lesson: Multiculturalism does not mean the whole world holds hands and sings songs in praise of moonbat ideology. It means a tidal wave of Third World savagery washes away Western Civilization — and liberalism will go with it.

At least she was finally found innocent at trial. The same incident after Muslims achieve a majority in Britain will result in her being whipped if not decapitated.

Also see Jihad in Africa.  Islam is spreading widely and violently, often with your tax dollars.


Welcome to America, where you must prove that you are insured but not that you are a citizen.


More bad logic from Richard Dawkins.  I suppose it is possible that he knows something about science, but his reasoning skills are so poor that I can’t take him seriously.  He is a poster boy for the “There is no God and I really, really hate him” atheists.


An Ex-Pentecostal Healer (pastor) Explains The Tricks Used to make people think they are healed.  Short version: Hypnosis and other manipulative tactics.  False teachers are physically and spiritually deadly.


Breaking: Planned Parenthood hires disgraced Penn State football coaches

Press release from Planned Parenthood:

Cecille Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, announced today that the nation’s largest abortion provider will be hiring several former Penn State employees, including Joe Paterno and Scott McQueary.

“Our reasoning is simple,” said Richards.  “To maximize our profits we must perform abortions on countless victims of statutory rape.  Obeying the law and reporting the criminals is really bad for business.

While roughly half of the public has been persuaded by our sound bites that killing innocent but unwanted human beings is a civil right, we haven’t been able to convince as many that it is wrong to cover up sexual relations between 20+ year old men and underage girls.

While the Penn State employees were eventually discovered, their willingness and ability to hide child rape for so long demonstrates their commitment and usefulness to an organization with the principles of Planned Parenthood.  We are especially keen on hiring Mike McQueary, who has the unique ability to see the act in progress and not contact the authorities.  That’s the kind of dedication we need to counter those pesky pro-lifers who catch us over and over with their sneaky and unethical audios and videos.”

It is theoretically possible that the above is satire (I wish I didn’t have to write that, but you never know how people will take things).

I urge you to bring up Planned Parenthood’s long record of hiding statutory rape and sex trafficking when the Penn State topic comes up.  People are rightly sickened by the actions of the football program, yet Planned Parenthood does the same thing on a vastly wider scale and with the blessing of the Democratic Party, the media and countless fake religious people.  If your under-aged daughters were impregnated by a statutory rapist, Planned Parenthood would gladly hide the crime and destroy your grandchild (For a price, of course.  It isn’t a charity.)

Remember, your tax dollars and the rampant media bias makes this possible.  Just count the headlines and op-eds on Penn State and compare them to the coverage of Lila Rose’s video sting operation. Even the Huffington Post and Saturday Night Live can see the perversions of justice that happened at Penn State, but they ignore the systematic injustices at Planned Parenthood.

I was talking to a Liberal who was rightly blasting the Penn State situation.  I got him to agree that statutory rape is evil.  Then I explained how often Planned Parenthood had been caught hiding statutory rape.  In theory, his outrage should have been greater than it was towards the Penn State situation.  After all, the Planned Parenthood evils are for more extensive and paid for with his tax dollars.  His level of outrage: Zero.  His interest in more information or proof of my claims?  Zero.  He just changed the subject.


Hat tip for this idea: Uber-commenter Jeff E., who left this comment on the Joe Paterno post:

Change the location of the discovery of underage rape from a Penn State sports facility to a Planned Parenthood office and see just how quickly liberal media outrage over not immediately reporting such incidents to the police changes. Should we hold Planned Parenthood leadership to the same standard they want to hold Penn State officials?

That’s a perfect question to ask anyone (rightfully) complaining about the Penn State fiasco.