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Pro-life crash course — read this short piece a couple times and you’ll have the basic arguments down.


Remains of dead Chinese fetuses turn up in capsules — but are we grossed out for the right reasons?

Similarly, some of the same Christians who recoil in horror at the idea of a dead fetus being microwaved in a clinic in China show no concern for the “spare” embryos they created being left to thaw in an IVF clinic in America.

Our moral intuitions are justified—we should be disgusted by the cannibalistic customs of our pagan neighbors in the East. But we should wonder why our discernment fails us when, in the name of advancing science, curing disease, or alleviating infertility, we turn a blind eye to the Satanic practices supported by our Christian neighbors in the West.

We’re like vegetarian butchers at Moloch’s feast. We think we are somehow morally superior because we draw the line at eating the children we kill. But whether the blood is on our mouths or only on our hands, the stain of the slaughter seeps into our souls.


Great news about RINO (Republican In Name Only) Senator Dick Lugar losing in Indiana.  We don’t need people to reach across the aisle to embrace horrific ideas.  We need real conservatism and adults who will make tough spending decisions, and who can think beyond 15 minutes into the future.


Obama’s gay marriage balancing act gets awkward — It is only awkward because some of his fans don’t realize that he’ll “finally” decide to be full-blown pro-same-sex “marriage” if he is re-elected.  Obama thinks voters are idiots, and he has some good reasons to hold that view.  Fortunately the impatience of some in the pro-gay community will help force his hand and cost him some votes for people who believe his current lies. I’m glad to see Romney with a clear stance here.  One more reason to vote for him.

Some advocates told Yahoo News that Obama surrogates endorsing gay marriage is a way for the campaign to “wink” at second-term support for the policy without taking the political risk of outright embracing gay marriage in an election year. Mitt Romney has said he would pass a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and appoint judges who oppose gay marriage, placing himself far to the right of Obama, who helped end the military’s ban on openly gay service and abandoned the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. But despite this gulf, both candidates oppose gay marriage—an uncomfortable fact when it comes to rallying the Democratic base or fundraising from passionately pro-gay rights donors.

And it is noteworthy that 2% of the population is gay but over 15% of Obama’s big money-raisers are gay.

And then there’s the money, according to the Washington Post, one in six bundlers — the people who raise the big bucks for the Obama campaign — is gay. They are still raising money for a man who continues to twist himself into a pretzel over gay marriage, and whose White House still can’t figure out how to message it. Why? Because they believe wholeheartedly that he actually supports gay marriage, and if re-elected he will come out in full support of it and flip his position.


Paul Washer declares war on the “sinner’s prayer.”  Great points.  My view: The Bible doesn’t ever ask you to say when you were saved or when you said some prayer.  It does tell you to examine whether you are saved now, and why.  Hat tip: Touch Ya Neighbor


Recent studies show that Conservatives have a better sense of humor – but you knew that, right? 

“I was surprised,” said Dan Ariely, a psychologist at Duke University, who collaborated on the study with Elisabeth Malin, a student at Mount Holyoke College. “Conservatives are supposed to be more rigid and less sophisticated, but they liked even the more complex humor.”

Be sure to check out Duane’s Mind if you haven’t already.  He does a terrific job of defending the faith in a most friendly way, and he is working hard to challenge people to consider the merits of Christianity in Australia, which is even more hostile to religion than the U.S.

Norm Geisler does a thorough analysis of the popular Christian fiction work, The Shack.  Other than 14 serious theological problems, he thinks it is a great book.

In the final analysis, this book is not a Pilgrim’s Progress, but doctrinally speaking The Shack is more of a Pilgrim’s Regress.

Mom Loves Being at Home had a great post on it that included the video below.  Christians should not be endorsing this book as having sound doctrine.

If you have read it and disagree with any of his points let me know what you think.  I’m thinking about reading it just to be able to converse about it. 

Do you think people are basically good?  Not at all.  Hat tip: Theology of Omaha

Pastor Timothy has a post with all the videos of Sarah Palin from Fox.  Gravatar You have to know she is good when the media put so much effort into discrediting her. The 18-1 bias on the Big 3 was proof of that. They realized she could swing the election and had to try and destroy her. I hope we haven’t seen the last of her.

Will Obama fund the destruction of human embryos – Probably.  Embryonic Stem Cell Research is still a bad idea for all the reasons discussed a couple years ago.  They have had no success with private money, which is why the researchers are desparate for government help.

Remember, this isn’t about curing diseases.  The smart money would go towards adult stem cells.  This is about abortion.  Because if you can’t de-humanize embryos, it is hard to rationalize abortion.

Baconnaise: I love bacon and I love mayonnaise, so this is quite possibly the utimate food product.  Mmmmmmm . . . Baconnaise. 

It reminds me of when my youngest daughter was about 4.  I was cooking some bacon after church and pointed out the trivia fact that Jesus wouldn’t have eaten bacon.  She replied in all seriousness, “That’s too bad, because I think He would have really liked it.”

This would be really funny if the topic weren’t so serious and if the “global warming” folks weren’t after an unprecedented and permanent political power grab.  The data shows that the earth has been cooling, but they refer to 2008 as the “least warm” year in the past decade.

Methodist group ordains lesbian for inclusivity’s sake – the picture of them in church is just sad.  They are going to a house of worship while shaking their fists in rebellion to God, and they are proud of what they are doing.

A retired Methodist bishop who participated in the ordination ceremony says those who stand against ordination of homosexuals are misreading scripture. “For too long, ” said Bishop Susan Morrison, “selective reading of the Bible has meant that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and their supporters have been excluded and punished for their honesty when they reject the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ practices of the church.”

Misreading scripture?  Heh.  I’ll be glad to debate that Bishop anytime.  I’m familiar with all the problems with pro-gay theology and would be glad to educate this apostate Bishop.