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Plan B pills available to 15 year old kids? This has enormous implications.

Once again, the illusion of consequence-free sex trumps parental rights, medical risks and more.

President Obama, Planned Parenthood and the rest of the radical Left are in favor of all children having unrestricted access to the “Plan B morning-after pill,” though for now the limit is 15 because one judge picked that age.  But what if another judge says it is 14, or 10?  Elections matter, and this is what you get when you stay at home or don’t understand the worldviews of those you are voting for.

Not only is this terribly dangerous for the children, but it aggressively usurps parental rights.  They are saying that as a parent you have no right to know if your kids are having sex or taking powerful drugs.  If it is legal for 15 yr. old children to buy them over the counter, why won’t adults buy be able to buy them and give them to kids in schools?

Like so many other birth control methods, this will give a false sense of security and increase pregnancies, abortions, diseases and emotional damage.

In nearly every other area of life and health 15 yr. olds are treated as not having the ability to make important decisions: Voting, alcohol, smoking, military service, whether to go to school, whether to take Advil at school without parental consent, drive, get tattoos, curfews and more. Yet the Left wants this powerful drug available to your daughters and sons and grandchildren.

I’m waiting for statutory rapists and pedophiles to use this and similar Leftist actions as a blanket defense. If 15 yr. old girls are mature enough to consent to sex with those 17 or younger and to purchase strong medicines by themselves, what is morally significant about their partners being 18 or over?  “But your honor, the State considers the 15 yr. old to be mature enough to consent to sex with a 17 yr. old and to buy these powerful drugs.  Why isn’t she mature enough to consent to sex with an 18 yr. old, or a 21 yr. old, or a 31 yr. old?”

And note that sales aren’t limited to girls.  Just think about all the guys who will buy these pills and use them as part of their seduction schemes. “Just take this pill tomorrow and there will be no consequences” — right?!

Worse yet, many of the extremists don’t want an age limit at all.  And in a sense they’ve already achieved their goal.  Since 15 yr. old children can’t drive they typically don’t have identification, so pharmacies will ultimately have to take their word for it.

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Yea for sanity!

See New Hampshire lawmakers pass abortion parental notification bill over veto.

How hopeful is this? The New Hampshire legislature yesterday overrode Gov. John Lynch’s veto of a bill that requires abortionists to notify parents of minors 48 hours before conducting the procedure, The New York Times reports:

The House overrode the veto by a 266-102 vote; the Senate vote was 17-7. “Granite Staters believe in more parental involvement, not less,” the House speaker, William O’Brien, said in a statement.

Seems to me stakeholder “notification,” whether in personal, financial or political matters, is pretty commonly recognized as both polite and important. And don’t parents have a high stake in the health and well-being of their children (not to mention their grandchildren)? Obviously, 266 New Hampshire house members and 17 state senators think so. The legislatures of thirty-six other states thought so, too: New Hampshire becomes the 37th state to enact such a law.

What is amazing is that anyone could vote against parental notification laws.  Some oppose it because it could be due to rape or incest or because the parents might harm the child, but those are all lousy excuses.

If the parents are abusive, report it to the authorities. But don’t take the girl to kill her unborn child.   And keep in mind that the logic that “they might get abused” is never used to say that parents shouldn’t be notified of their child’s grades, bad behavior, arrests, etc.

If it was a case of rape, then go to the police! Why on earth wouldn’t the parents be notified if their child was raped?  Just because Planned Parenthood and the like hide rape doesn’t mean that schools should.

If the incest was by a father or step-father, then go to the police! In those cases incest is just a different way of saying rape.

Students literally can’t take a single Advil in most schools with the parents bringing an original bottle and a note to the school, yet the abortion lobby thinks the same kids should be able to have a risky surgery that kills an innocent human being without the parents being told.