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Seeking God in tough times

Are people turning to religion for comfort in these tough times?

I make it a point not to claim that God is doing this or that at a specific point in time for a specific reason.  I know He is completely sovereign but it is a fairly large and complicated world to go around insisting exactly what He is doing at a point in time. 

But I agree that we rely on ourselves too much during good times.   And I know that God can use all sorts of situations to reach people.  As C.S. Lewis said, God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience and shouts to us in our pain.  My goal is to listen carefully so I can hear the whispers.

Let’s face it, if you’ve seen how most of the world lives you realize that economically speaking we’re always having good times in the U.S. In the eyes of most of the world we live in God’s backyard. Plentiful food, great shelter, lots of clothes, clean water, etc. — all the time. But we aren’t more joyful, in general. We get accustomed to what we have and whine the second we lose even a little bit of it.

The poor of the world would love to switch places with us. They could increase their standard of living more than tenfold and still not take on the ridiculous consumer debt that so many people burden themselves with.

It is always a good time to seek God.  But if people are only doing it because they have a temporary drop in creature comforts then I doubt that is the right reason to have a fully restored relationship with him.

Weekly roundup

force-beliefs.jpgI updated the Pro life reasoning PowerPoint slides I use for CareNet Pregnancy Center volunteer training.  I made a bunch of tweaks, updated a few arguments and added one about consciousness based on Theobromophile’s reasoning in one of her comments.  Here’s a paraphrase:

To legally remove someone from life support who is not conscious you need to demonstrate that you are acting in that person’s best interests (as they would so act if they were conscious) and that there is little or no hope of recovery.  Abortion fails on both counts.

I’d be glad to present these to church or other groups around the Houston area if the timing works out.  Just email me if you are interested.

I’m still going with Fred Thompson for President.  I think he has the right views (at least as right as any other candidate), is focusing on the right issues, has good leadership qualities and electibility.  Simply put, I think he’d make a good President. 

If Huckabee were running for next-door neighbor he’d have my vote.  But he isn’t presidential material in my view.  Romney has some good qualities but I don’t trust his pro-life and pro-family positions.  Switching views isn’t a problem if done convincingly and for the right reasons.  Giuliani?  He’s better than Hillary, of course, but that isn’t saying much. 

Abortion supporter knocks 69 yr. old pro-lifer unconscious; media silent – Would they be silent if the roles were reversed?  Not likely.

What about pain that we don’t understand?  Among other things, Greg Koukl points out that people never ask “Where is God when evil happens?” when they are doing something evil like adultery.