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Wolves gather to celebrate fake marriage

Perverted false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie took a break from taking little girls to gay pride parades to describe how a group of fake Christians are advocating for oxymoronic “same-sex marriage.” Via People Of Faith Stand Up For Marriage Equality:

Some religious leaders in Oregon will obviously oppose marriage equality.  But they can no longer claim to speak for God or for the church universal.

“Marriage equality” is one of those language-abusing euphemisms that Liberals love, sort of like when they couch their Satanic hatred of the unborn in “choice” language.  Fact: Same-sex unions can never provide a mother and a father to a child and can’t produce children, so they aren’t equal in any meaningful way to heterosexual unions.

Those who oppose “marriage equality” speak for true Christianity, not for whatever Chuck & Co. are peddling.

 A generation ago many churches used the Bible to oppose interacial marriage.  They were wrong then.  

Yes, they were wrong.  They taught the opposite of the Bible, just like Chuck & Co. are doing now.

Many Christians today believe it is wrong to use to Bible and the teachings of Jesus, which call for inclusion and justice – to oppose marriage equality today.  

In is typical Liberal gibberish he says words like inclusion and justice as if they have anything to do with this topic.

This issue matters.  See things like Christian Arrested for Speaking Against Homosexuality.  That’s what we get and deserve for not exposing fakes like Currie for what they are.

This is what a fake church looks like

Short version: Fake churches don’t preach on Jesus, they glorify flawed humans.  They invite sexually perverse politicians to their pulpits to “preach.”  There is some good news here, though.  With churches like this you have absolutely no excuse about knowing whether they are legitimate or not.  If you follow people and churches like this then you get what you deserve.  I sometimes feel sorry for those taken in by wolves in sheep’s clothing, but not for wolves like this guy who got too warm and took the sheep’s clothing off.  It is like they aren’t even pretending to be Christian any longer.

False teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie took a break from taking little girls to gay pride parades to describe the upcoming “worship” services at the two denominations he serves (UCC and UMC).

The people of University Park Church and Sunnyside Church invite you to celebrate The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday on January 20th at University Park United Methodist Church (worship begins at 9:30 am). Our special guest that morning will be new Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek. A reception in Speaker Kotek’s honor will be held following the service where she will make brief remarks about her agenda in the Legislature and will answer questions.

The regular worship service at Sunnyside Church will not be held on January 20th so that members can worship at University Park Church.

Speaker Kotek “will be the first openly lesbian lawmaker to lead a state legislative chamber in the U.S.,” notes The Huffington Post.

Got that?  Combo “worship” service led by a lesbian politician.

“We consider this a great victory for the civil rights of all Oregonians,” says Rev. Currie. “As we celebrate the work of Dr. King and reflect on his unfinished agenda for equality of all, regardless of race or creed, along with his work to fight poverty and end war, it is right and proper to honor Speaker Kotek’s accomplishment.”

First, sexual preferences are not civil rights.

Second, as flawed as King was, I am not aware of him being pro-LGBTQ.   Seems like more than just poetic license to claim that he was on your side of this issue.  Currie was caught before claiming King was pro-abortion because he spoke favorably of Planned Parenthood, but Planned Parenthood was still anti-abortion at the time.  Just more revisionist history.  Seems to me that King might have been upset that abortions kill blacks at a rate 3x that of whites and that people like Currie and his denominations support the Democrats’ plan to take that even higher with taxpayer-funded abortions.

Predictable wolves focus solely on banning guns

False teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie took a break from taking little girls to gay pride parades to ghoulishly capitalize on the Newtown tragedy to advance his leftist anti-gun agenda.

His “sermon” title was as deceptive as it was silly: O’ Come, O’ Come, Emmanuel: Work to End Gun Violence With Impatience.  Emmanuel means “God with us,” and Chuck and his fellow theological liberals explicitly deny the deity of Christ.  Here’s an example:

In the Christian tradition, we follow people like John the Baptist and Jesus, people who showed such impatience with the world that they were put to death for their ministry.

Chuck is still spiritually dead and has no idea why Jesus really died.  All he “knows” is that he is really sure that the Bible is wrong.

He thinks impatience will end these shootings?!  We need more guns, not less.  Note how dishonest he was in failing to mention what prevented the Oregon shootings from being far worse: A brave and wise citizen with a concealed carry weapon!

The glory-seeking cowards who perpetuate these killings quickly kill themselves once they realize someone else is about to limit their fame by taking them out first.  The killers are aided by people like Currie who make “gun free” zones the 2nd most dangerous places in America (a mother’s womb is the most dangerous place, also thanks to theological liberals).

Chuck’s “Advent” sermon was just politics barely disguised as religion.

Worst of all, radical pro-aborts like Chuck and Obama — or anyone who agrees with the Democrats’ platform — would have applauded the allegedly Constitutional and biblical right of the parents to have each of those children killed while still partially inside the mother.  And they insist that all taxpayers fund any abortions, including partial-birth abortions.  When they pretend to care about children they are just following in the footsteps of their real leader, the father of lies.

Governor stops abortions in Oregon, calls system ‘compromised and inequitable’

Oh, wait, he did that with executions, not abortions.  Never mind.

See Gov. John Kitzhaber stops executions in Oregon, calls system ‘compromised and inequitable’

But just imagine if the headlines read, “Gov. John Kitzhaber stops abortions in Oregon, calls system ‘compromised and inequitable'” instead.  The Left would go wild.

Or what if President Bush had pre-emptively not enforced Roe v Wade in the same way that President Obama decided not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act?

After all, the rate of abortions in the black community is 3x that of whites, so the system must be racist. And the Roe v Wade opinion noted that if we knew when life began then it would matter (even though they should have erred on the side of life!).

Well, all the scientific texts tell us that a new human being is created at conception, so the Governor (or even the President) would be well served to start saving innocent lives today.

False teacher fallacy-fest on oxymoronic “same-sex marriage”

It is hard to believe that false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie could cram this many fallacies into one little post, yet here we are.  In one of his seemingly never-ending perversions of scripture, he insists that Jesus’ command to love your neighbor as yourself requires state-sanctioned endorsement of un-biblical sexual preferences.

Faith leaders from across are showing their support for freedom to marry, in large part because of the simple message that we all should strive to treat others as we would wish to be treated.

1. “Faith leaders” is code for false teachers — those who teach the opposite of the Bible and are so homophobic that they have a greater fear of being unpopular with the gay lobby than they do with the God they claim to worship.  Chuck uses this word game reflexively, where he implies that just because more than one “religious” person is for something that they are a majority or have biblical support for their position.

2. People already have “freedom to marry” anyone they like — of the opposite sex — because that’s what marriage was and is.  Opposite sex couples, by nature and design, produce the next generation, and only they can provide a mother and a father to a child.

And even those freedoms have some restrictions, such as age and the “one per customer” requirement (though Chuck’s position implicitly supports polygamy).

3. The golden rule obviously has limitations.  If I wanted others to be able to use heroin just because I want to use heroin that wouldn’t be a reasoned use of the term.

4. It ignores the consequences of providing civil rights for sexual preferences: The harm done to small children who will now be taught how “normal” homosexual, bisexual, transgender and whatever-comes-next behavior is, business owners forced to abandon their religious principles, adoption agencies closing, etc.

“As a minister in the United Church of Christ, I preach about God’s extravagant welcome… that God excludes no one and welcomes all.

Yes, that is what his “church” teaches.  As usual, he twists words.  Real Christianity really is open to all — all those who repent and trust in Jesus, that is.  But it is exclusive in that you must come to God on his terms.  Chuck’s false church gets it backwards, teaching that everyone gets in whether they want to or not, or that all religions are equally valid paths to God.

As parents, Liz and I want our daughters to honor the golden rule – that timeless truth that we should treat others as we wish to be treated – and for us that includes making sure gay and lesbian couples have the right to marry and raise a family just as we have.  We dream of a day when all are equal before the law.”

5. Chuck’s wife is an atheist, by the way.  Apparently evangelism isn’t his strong suit.  Chuck takes his 6 yr. old daughters to gay pride parades.  You’d think that at least his wife would have the sense to prevent that.

6. Gays and lesbians, by nature and design, cannot create a family.

7. Chuck falsely states that gays and lesbians can’t marry, as if the law says they can’t go to any number of apostate churches, like his, and get married.  But he isn’t asking for that, he is asking for government recognition of these unions.  His church’s #1 appeal seems to be seeking Federal recognition of the fraction of a fraction of these folks who want this government recognition (i.e., the few who want to get married out of the 2-3% who are gay/lesbian).

8. Chuck ignores bisexuals. Why is he so bigoted and hateful?

9. As noted before, they are equal under the law.  They can marry someone of the opposite sex.


Don’t be fooled by sound bites, folks.  The truth sounds like hate to those that hate the truth.  If you really love people, including LGBTQ folks and those impacted by these laws, then you’ll have all of their long term best interests at heart.  Don’t be a coward on this issue.  Stand up for the truth and for what God really says.

Wolf teaches Sunday School class . . . about his partisan political preferences!

Hey, that’s just like the New Testament Christians did it, right?

See How I’ll Vote On The 2010 Oregon Ballot Measures for an amusing rationalization by false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie.

Come to think of it, maybe it is good that Chuck just talks politics in church.  He gets it all wrong when talking about Jesus.  And his political views include support not only for abortions but for taxpayer-funded abortions.  He wants you to have to pay for the destruction of innocent human beings (including destroying blacks at a 3x rate of whites).   You can tell he’s all about caring for the “least of these” and welcoming children like Jesus did.

P.S. The acronym for the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon is EMO.  Insert punchline here.

Consistency is not their strong suit

As I’ve pointed out before, theological Liberals don’t try to change the religious views of anyone — except orthodox Christians.  Now I want to highlight how they oppose Christians proclaiming their faith in the public square (a la Brit Hume) while they are lobbying the government to do the work of the church with your tax dollars — and twisting scripture to justify it.  The hypocrisy is astounding. 

In their view, other religions are OK as they are but orthodox Christianity is wrong for claiming that Jesus is the only way to salvation, that the Bible is the word of God, and so on.   They continually claim that other religions are equally valid paths to God, despite countless Old Testament warnings against worshiping other Gods and 100 New Testament references that Jesus is the only way to salvation.  They think all these other religions — Islam, Buddhism, etc. — are wonderful and valid paths to God, but that orthodox Christianity is false.  Think about how ridiculous that is for those who not only claims to be a Christians but Christian leaders.

The hypocrisy of the theological Left continues when it comes to politics.  False teacher Chuck Currie quotes the Bible when trying to impose his religion on the populace but thinks it is horrible that Brit Hume would claim that Christianity is true.  Such is the reasoning and consistency of the theological Left: They can’t and won’t defend their Holy Book as being true but they are glad to impose their religious beliefs on others. 

Stop and think about that: In their world, telling others why you think your view is true = bad, but assuming it is true and asking the government to take money from others to do your job = good. 

As usual, he trots out the “least of these” part of Matthew 25 as a reason to tax his neighbors but ignores that anyone who really cared about the least of these would be pro-life (Chuck thinks that Jesus is pro-legalized abortion).

He also abuses Isaiah 58 to make his point:

“… if you offer your food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted, then your light shall rise in the darkness and your gloom be like the noonday … you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to live in (Isaiah 58 NRSV).”

Notice how Chuck misses the obvious point of the Isaiah passage (emphasis added): “… if you offer your food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted . . .”  That passage was true for the Israelites to whom it was written, and there are obviously good reasons Christians should do that today. But it doesn’t say ” . . . if you ask the government to take your neighbor’s money . . .”

Also read the rest of Isaiah 58 and ask yourself if Chuck would quote the rest of it authoritatively. 

If someone can’t even attempt to defend their views as being true then why should they be taken seriously when they want to use those views to influence the government?

I have no problem with people expressing their religious views in public and letting them inform their voting.  That is what the 1st Amendment is about.  I do have a problem with phony Christians using Jesus’ name in vain for their politics-disguised-as-religion.