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Great post by the Bumbling Genius about worldviews and voting.

Older people now, by handing their healthcare over to the government, is in essence handing it over to the up and coming generation, a generation that has been taught by the same older people that there are no absolutes, not even that everyone should absolutely get taken care of when they’re sick or broken.

But wait, it is even worse: That same generation has also been taught that it is all about their self-esteem and happiness and how wonderful they are. Combine that with their moral relativism and it will take about 15 minutes for them to rationalize away taking care of old people.


I noticed that the Leftist media is working to keep the Akin rape comments issue alive and trying to pin it on Romney.  But Romney rapidly refuted Akin’s comments in a clear and thorough fashion.  That only leaves two options.

1. The Left agrees with Akin.  After all, if Romney strongly opposed Akin and the Left strongly opposes Romney, what other option is there?

2. The Left knows Romney disagreed with Akin but is so desperate to destroy Romney and avoid accountability for Obama that they have no choice but to lie.


Should Anyone Be Surprised That MSNBC Cut The Speeches Of Republican Minorities?  If you only get your news from the Leftist media you are part of the problem.

(Red Alert Politics) MSNBC wants you to think the Republican Party hates minorities. So much so that the liberal news network cut minority speeches from it’s convention coverage.


Hebrews and 1 Timothy Small Group Guides — they look good — and free!


Responding to the top 10 excuses used to justify homosexuality — Hat tip: GCM Watch


New study: smoking marijuana/cannabis permanently lowers IQ — Joints are called Stupid Sticks for a reason.


Code Pinkos Descend on RNC Dressed as Giant Vaginas — They are so tone-deaf that they miss their obvious hypocrisy.  Shouldn’t they use these same arguments against those insisting that we pay for their birth control and abortions?

The protesters carried signs saying such things as, “Read my lips. Leave my vagina alone,” and argued that pro-life Republicans are waging a war against women.


Turning the tables: If evil exists then atheism and moral relativism are both wrong

circle-slash.jpgThe “problem of evil” is a classic argument used against the existence of God, but it is self-refuting. If evil exists — real, universal evil and not just people’s opinions that some things are evil — then that defeats the foundations of both atheism and moral relativism.

  • Atheism – Universal moral laws require a universal moral lawgiver.  Even if Darwinian evolution was true, it could account for feelings of morality but not objective morality.
  • Moral relativism – Making universal claims about right and wrong goes against their worldview.

Both groups rarely go three sentences without making moral claims that they expect you to adhere to, but their worldviews can’t support them and give you no reason to take them seriously.

Evil doesn’t disprove the existence of God, it supports it. Even if it didn’t fail in these ways it still wouldn’t disprove the existence of God.  Atheists can’t prove that God couldn’t have a morally sufficient reason to permit evil for a time.

Hat tip: Stand to Reason

Sincerely held beliefs can be sincerely wrong

If you have ever flown internationally you are probably familiar with the little toiletry bags that most airlines provide with mini-toothbrushes, earplugs, etc.  Once on a flight from Europe the bag had a small container of shaving cream that looked remarkably similar to a tube of toothpaste.  Unfortunately, I was half-awake and didn’t notice this until I started brushing (“This toothpaste sure is creamy . . . huh? . . . ack/spit/ack/spit!”).

Many in our culture would concede that your view on what is in a physical container can be wrong, but they are quick to say that as long as religious beliefs are sincere that they are true for you.  But sincerity of belief has nothing to do with truth, whether it is religious or not.  If you sincerely claim that God spoke to you, for example, that claim is either true or false.  It may be true that you think God spoke to you but whether He really did or not is in the category of objective truths, not subjective.

Truth is that which corresponds to reality, whether the views in question are spiritual or not.

Even the belief that God hasn’t adequately revealed himself to us is a truth claim that must be defended.  The Bible is not subtle about claiming to speak for God (only ~3,000 specific quotes, plus other statements that the whole book turned out as He desired).  That isn’t what makes it true, but it is a clear and consistent theme that must be true or false.

Religious views aren’t just personal.  People who fly airplanes into buildings for the purposes of destroying life and property to advance their religious agenda are obviously quite sincere in their beliefs.  The question is whether their beliefs are accurate reflections of the one true God (Hint: They aren’t).

Despite what many poorly informed Christians claim, Christianity is a religion based on history and truth claims — namely that a real person named Jesus was God in flesh and that He lived, died on a Roman cross for our sins and was resurrected on the 3rd day.  I urge you to check “minimal facts” about Christianity, which are things that even non-Christian historians are in virtually unanimous agreement upon and that give great evidence for foundational Christian beliefs.

In my airplane experience I sincerely believed that the shaving cream was toothpaste, but I was sincerely wrong.  No amount of sincerity was going to change the composition of what was in the tube.  Religious views are the same. No amount of sincerity will result in your beliefs creating the traits of the one true God.  Therefore, you should follow the facts where they lead and make every effort to know the truth about God.

The pottery does not get to create the potter.  In fact, the potter hates it when the pottery makes up fake potters.

Eternity is a mighty long time.  Don’t mess it up by holding the irrational belief that you get to create your own god.  If you want to know about the real God – and you should – then read the Bible.  A lot.

One more reason that some cultures are just wrong

A CareNet volunteer moving to Azerbaijan described one of their current customs as follows: Men want to prove their virility by getting women pregnant, but they don’t want to pay for the children.  Therefore, the women have abortions.  It is all part of the plan.  They deliberately avoid birth control.

Moral relativists and multiculturalists have nothing to say.  After all, all cultures are equally valid and there are no universal morals blah blah blah.  But I’ll be glad to say that it is always wrong, all the time and everywhere. 

Also, anyone using the “personhood” argument to rationalize abortion would have no foundation to complain.  After all, the abortions probably don’t cost much more than birth control and (supposedly) have less side effects.

Side note: That mentality also impacts the AIDS crisis in Africa, where many men won’t use condoms because it would hurt their little egos.

But hey, who are we to judge?

The flip side of moral relativism

Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason made a good point about the flip side of moral relativism and those who say we don’t know what truth is. 

Here’s a paraphrase: If you don’t know what truth is then you don’t know what a lie is.  If you can’t define what a lie is then you are living for Satan.  Just sayin’.

Saying “truth is relative” sounds very open and tolerant but is something that most five year olds realize is itself a lie.  They know that truth is what corresponds to reality, even if they can’t frame it with those words.