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Leftist Methodist leaders embrace LGBTQX agenda AND promiscuity

If you are surprised or if you don’t care, you are part of the problem.  Via #Facepalm Friday: Gay Methodist Caucus Embraces Promiscuity.

This would seem to confirm the worst suspicions about one of the secret workshops, on “Queer Sexual Ethics,” which was advertised as “broaden[ing] discussions of same-sex love to include sexual lifestyles that had been marginalised through a concentration on things like marriage rights” and accepting “a variety of alternate sexual styles.” The leader, Theodore Jennings of the United Church of Christ’s Chicago Theological Seminary, is probably most notorious for asserting that Jesus Christ was homosexually active.

It is striking to see folk in the RMN crowd (at least among themselves) pushing the logic of their movement’s rejection of biblical sexual boundaries to the extreme of embracing promiscuity and even prostitution.

But this does challenge the naiveté of fooling ourselves into thinking that church embrace of the LGBT activist agenda involves no more than same-sex couples celebrating “holy union” services, remaining strictly celibate beforehand, and staying monogamously committed for life thereafter.

False teachers pretend to just want “equality” for allegedly monogamous oxymoronic “same-sex marriage,” but if you keep them talking long enough you’ll find that they mock God across the spectrum.  They progressively reveal more of their anti-biblical teachings and they sometimes get caught saying the truth in private.  But give it a few more years and they’ll be preaching this from the pulpit.

Your denomination should kick them out, today.  This is one of the many reasons I left the Methodist Church.


Bad Doctrine is a Cruel Taskmaster — The term doctrine sounds dry and boring to some people, but the Bible could not be more clear about the importance of sound doctrine.  The first link has a list of many bad things that happen when we believe false teachings. The best antidote is to read the Bible.  A lot.


I’m a Reformed Christian at a Baptist church, and I approve of this joke via Pastor Timothy (at least I think it was a joke . . .).

The argument between Reformed Presbyterians and Reformed Baptist essentially boils down to the following statements:

BAPTIST: “You Presbyterians use too little water too early!”

PRESBYTERIANS: “You Baptists use too much water too late!”

There, now you have it.


The war on women of color?  Union leader smashes pinata with picture of Nikki Haley on it.  Would the media reaction have differed if the union person was a Tea Partier and the pinata had a picture of a Democrat who was a minority?


I assume this quote is about the cessation of some spiritual gifts, an argument I haven’t researched much.  But he makes a good point about the false teachers.

If signs and wonders did still exist, do you think they would be given to people with bad theology? You think God would give Benny Hinn the power to do miracles to authenticate really bad theology? If those gifts existed, they would belong to the purest, most faithful, sound teachers of the word of God to authenticate their teaching–not to hair-brained people who spew out whatever comes into their head.  — John MacArthur


The Perils of Polygamy — Polygamy is bad for men, women, children and society in general.  But do the pro-“same-sex marriage” folks advocate for polygamy with the same passion and reasoning that they do for their pet cause, or are they shameless, bigoted haters?  Seems to me that the case for polygamy, as flawed as it is, is superior to the one for “same-sex marriage.”  After all, polygamous marriages involve a man and a woman, which can produce children and provide a mother and father to them — albeit in a far less desirable way than traditional marriage.


CNN Urges Normal Couples to Emulate Homosexuals’ Promiscuity — That’s impossible!  They must be taking things out of context, right?  Nope.

According to “eminent marriage therapist” John Gottman,

“Straight couples may have a lot to learn from gay and lesbian relationships.”

For example,

“A number of my gay clients prefer to be sexually open but emotionally monogamous,” says sex and relationship therapist Joe Kort. “They can have lovers on the side and not have it be a threat to the relationship.”

It’s a type of male coupledom that sex columnist Dan Savage has famously termed “monogamish” …

I’m going to ignore that advice.


Obama 2004 Campaign Flashback: Bush Deficit Is An “Enormous Problem” — yep.


Fashion show at church — worse than it sounds.

Most pastors are probably not terribly concerned about the fashion statement they make from the pulpit … certainly not enough to start a web site devoted to the topic. But Ed Young, senior pastor of Fellowship Church, a mega-church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is not most pastors. In February of this year, he launched Pastor Fashion, which is devoted to exploring how “the men and women of God [can] set the standard for the rest of the world in fashion as well as faith.”

. . .

Yikes. One might be concerned that Young is too focused on outward appearances … and they would probably be right. On this point, he told ABC News: “You need to make the cover as good as possible so people will read the book.” . . .

“We should be at the forefront of fashion,” he told ABC News. “I think we have the ultimate message and should dress up with the times.” Staying up on the trends of the times sounds like quite a luxury … not something God actually expects of his followers. Perhaps the fact that people frequently notice Young’s hip clothes and consult him for fashion advice should serve as a warning to focus less on external appearances, rather than more.

This is one more reason I’m glad I moved to Reformed theology. I don’t have to waste a single moment worried that if I don’t have just the right shirt on that someone won’t get saved.

Years ago I used to catch Young’s father on the radio and he seemed pretty sound.  If his father isn’t embarrassed about his son, then he should be embarrassed about not being embarrassed.


Another boomerang for Obama — Guess who got the most private-equity money in 2008? — So if he is too critical of Romney & Bain he looks more like a hypocrite and risks losing their donations this time.