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Practical and important ways to show love to your family. Even when you are dead.

I recently suggested that the two best ways to love your family and save a ton of money are to keep yourself fit and work on your marriage.

There are a couple other simple ways you can show love to your family, especially in a time of grief: Have your will, medical directives and financial records in order and ensure you have money or insurance for your funeral and burial.

As Pastor D.L. Foster asked:

If you were to die today, would your family, loved ones go into debt attempting to funeralize and bury you? Would they have to get on TV and beg strangers for money? Would they have to delay grieving because they have no money to handle the business of your death? If yes, why haven’t you gotten an insurance plan so that they can grieve without the extra heavy burden of money issues?

It doesn’t take that much to get organized.  If you won’t be leaving enough cash for a funeral, then get some insurance.  You can get a simple will done online.  Same thing for power of attorney forms and medical directives.  Make a list of your accounts, insurance policies, etc. then put it with any notes you want for your loved ones.  Then put a reminder on your calendar to update it once a year.  Don’t hold to silly superstitions. Your are going to die whether or not you prepare.

Will you be there to get kudos from your family for helping them out?  No, but getting credit isn’t what love is about.  With just a few hours time you will have made the life of your loved ones much, much easier.

Oh, and be sure to repent and believe in Jesus if you haven’t already.  He is the only way to salvation, and eternity is a mighty long time.

A few money-saving tips

I’m a big fan of living below your means and the reduced stress and peace that come with it.  I’m also a big fan of saving money and making the most of what we’ve been blessed with.

How to save at Target — If my family misses a week at Target they send us get well cards.  You can get their “Red Card” credit card and save 5% on everything in the store and online.  You also get free shipping, which makes it handy for sending gifts.  And you can have 1% go to a school of your choice.  And if you use eBates you can get an extra 3% off online — so that is 8% off online purchases plus free shipping.

How to save on Amazon — Get the Amazon VISA and you get 3% off Amazon purchases and 1% on everything else you use it for (the credits are applied to your Amazon account so they are nearly as good as cash).  Also be sure to use the “Subscribe and save” feature where you can. You get 15% off on things you buy regularly, such as batteries, and they deliver them every X months. You get to pick the delivery schedule, it is easy to skip shipments if you don’t need them and easy to cancel.  We use Amazon a lot so the Prime membership (free two-day shipping on almost everything) is a great value.

Bing travel – I have found that their price indicators (guidance on whether prices are likely to increase or decrease) have been accurate.

Credit cards: Have the full balance paid from your checking account if you can (Chase and  Target do, for example).  That way you are never late and you don’t have to spend money on checks and stamps.

Note: Captain Obvious says that the suggestions on credit cards only work if you don’t buy anything you weren’t going to buy already.

A lot of people would like to have your problems. And mine.

A friend was once mentioning some problems with a house he was building, then caught himself and said, “A lot of people would like to have my problems.”  He meant it in a humble “maybe I should stop whining” way.

I often recall that when I start to grumble about things that aren’t that important – such as, hypothetically, a dishwasher that appears to be broken only it turns out it wasn’t but in the mean time you wasted hours trying to buy a new one and cracked the copper tube while investigating it so you had to fix that and spent waaaaay too much time on the whole thing.  Being blessed to have a dishwasher, dishes to put in it, food to put on the dishes, a house to put it all in, and so much more should put me in a constant state of gratitude.

So we should all remember that on most days there are about 6.5 billion people who would love to trade places with us.

P.S. Little known fact: Home builders pour a foundation, then set a dishwasher down, then build the house around it.  At least that’s what it seems like when you go to pull one out.

Good and bad news about that evil richest 1%

Good news: They sure are evil, and it is fun to covet their wealth and blame them for all the problems in society (even though they do pay loads of taxes and provide countless jobs).

Bad news: If you consider the whole world and not just the U.S., then you’re probably part of that 1%. (What makes you think you only get to look at the top 1% in the U.S.? That seems rather arbitrary, especially for open border social justice types.) Anyone making $47,500 or more is in the richest 1% of the world. If you believe in wealth redistribution and truly want to be average then give away everything except $850 per year.

Go visit the Global Rich List site to see where you fit in (be sure to update the currency to whatever you use — the default is pounds).

99% of the people on the planet think you are rich. They could take half of what you make, live within their means and be completely debt free while still improving their standard of living by more than 10 times.

I hope you are feeling a bit richer now. I think we should all give generously. I just don’t think that asking the government to take from my definition of the rich to give to my definition of the poor qualifies as charity on my part.

He who lays up treasures on earth spends his life backing away from his treasures. To him, death is loss. He who lays up treasures in heaven looks forward to eternity; he’s moving daily toward his treasures. To him, death is gain. He who spends his life moving away from his treasures has reason to despair. He who spends his life moving toward his treasures has reason to rejoice.

Randy Alcorn – The Treasure Principle

P.S. In case you couldn’t tell, the first line was sarcasm. Yes, there are evil rich people. And evil middle class people. And evil poor people.


25 rich and famous athletes who went broke — bad advisors, greed and bad decisions happen to non-athletes as well.  Lots of lessons there.

Taking back the schools — Now teachers are getting fired just for being conservative. 

The Left’s stranglehold on education is going almost completely unchallenged, which is one of the Right’s greatest failings, and nothing less than a dereliction of duty by federal, state, and local Republican parties. No attempt to truly advance conservative ideas or repair the damage the Left has done to this country will be complete without a full-blown offensive to restore integrity, accuracy, and fair-mindedness to the schools. Millions of children are being taught to accept at face value false premises about our form of government, historical falsehoods presented as fact, a laundry list of supposed sins tarnishing the image of their country, and other core tenets of liberalism.

A transcript from a presentation by a GLSEN group (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) —  Warning: Very graphic (though I can’t miss the irony that I reflexively warn adult readers of how gross this link is while at the same time these GLSEN leaders thought the conversations were completely appropriate for your kids).  They claim to be all about preventing bullying, but read this link then know for certain what a despicable lie that is.

These clubs are revolting and have no use in schools. They use the Trojan Horse of being anti-bullying to get them in. But why have sex clubs just for that? All you need is a simple and thoroughly enforced anti-bullying policy: If you physically or verbally harass other students on or off school grounds you will have swift and serious consequences. It doesn’t matter if you are bullying because they are gay/straight/fat/thin/smart/dumb/pretty/ugly/etc., or if it is just because you are a mean jerk.

I defy Joanne and the other GLSEN defenders to go through every word of that link then come back here with a straight face and defend it and tell me again why I should believe that these groups are just about bullying.  Then again, when people support perversions like this why should we be surprised when they lie about it?

You know you’ve won a debate on abortion when the pro-abort resorts to the worst kind of moral relativism and religious bigotry. When another commenter asked if the author accepted any intrinsic difference in the values of a calf fetus and a human fetus, the blogger replied:

There are two differences: Biologically, obviously a calf fetus is structurally different to a human fetus. And socially, the majority conventionally view humans as being of more value than animals.

But fundamentally, the way I see it is that we derive the social difference from our ability to relate to these different species. And we all have different views on the matter. For instance, monotheistic religious people tend to see humans as basically superior to all other lifeforms. Personally I have a far more complex view than that. Some people, such as vegans, don’t see any ethical difference at all between killing humans and killing animals.

What is even more sad is that the blogger was pretending to be taking the abortion debate seriously.  It is amazing what people will say to justify the unjustifiable.  They pretend to be pro-science but go into non sequitor mode as soon as you remind them of the scientific fact that a new human life begins at conception.


Contrary to the conventional wisdom, violence hasn’t primarily stemmed from religion but against religion (the Roman Empire, Russia, China, etc.).  Read about the incredible violence in France in 1793.

Is it OK for Christians to marry non-Christians? — Short answer: No.  Click the link for a great story and conclusion:

The level of influence of a significant other in a non-platonic relationship greatly impacts your ability to achieve the vocational task that the Lord has set for you. My recommendation is to avoid engaging in any romantic relationship in which self-sacrificial service to the Lord is not the main focus. And remember, physical contact greatly reduces your ability to make objective evaluations.

Today, Christians treat the Christian life as a hobby that we engage in for our benefit. And this includes romantic relationships. One way of screening prospective mates is by assessing how well prepared they are to defend the Lord’s reputation, when it is called into question. An authentic Christian should care enough to have prepared to defend God’s existence and character in public.

The Folks At The Dallas Tea Party Are A Bunch Of Racist Whites! — Uh, except that they were not.  CNN and Janeane Garafalo must not have heard about this gathering.  Oh, they dislike President Obama, but because of his awful policies and not his skin color. 

Managing money in a financial crisis: Great advice from Randy Alcorn and others.

What abortions are really about

If abortions weren’t related to sex then there is no way they’d be legal.  Everyone would oppose them and we wouldn’t be having this discussion.  There would be no philosophical “personhood” arguments and no debates about whether the unborn are human beings (a well-proven scientific fact). 

However, abortions are the birth control of choice for millions – or at least the fallback solution – so that is why the Planned Parenthood types fight so strenuously for them.  It is just a facet of the sexual revolution.  Oh, and of course there is the money: Hundreds of millions of dollars per year.  Planned Parenthood alone netted over one billion dollars last year, with at least $349 million of that coming from taxpayers like you.  The pro-aborts fight for that every step of the way.

It isn’t about women’s rights, or the pro-aborts would protest the fact that virtually all gender selection abortions are done to unborn females, such as the literally tens of millions done in China

If it is morally neutral to destroy a human being at 20 weeks for being unwanted, potentially gay, having Down Syndrome, pressures from family or the father, education, career, or whatever, why would it be even 1% immoral if the motive were her “wrong” gender?

It is all about money and a God-mocking view of human sexuality.

As always, remember that forgiveness and healing are possible for those who have participated in the abortion process.


money.jpgMan, I am so lucky.  My wife informed me that she actually prefers e-cards over the paper kind.  She thinks they are funnier and prefers that I not pay the $4-5 the regular ones cost.  I am thrilled.  I hate standing around looking at cards, trying to find something that isn’t too lame.  This will save time, stress and money.  It is eco-friendly, too.

I use Hallmark e-cards.  They have lots of free ones to choose from.  The Hoops and Yo-Yo cards are funny.

The best part is that you can have the cards delivered at any date in the future, so you can sit down at your PC and do your cards for a whole year.

I love technology (sometimes).