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Good news from the Middle East

We spent a few hours in the Dubai airport a couple years ago on our way to and from Kenya, but didn’t go out into the city.  It was a huge and wildly busy airport 24 hours a day.  Even from the airport windows the city looked beautiful.  I assumed it was as restrictive about Christianity as other Muslim nations, but apparently not.  Via Dubai: Amazing and Strategic City – Desiring God.

Proselytizing is against the law in the UAE. But what that means in essence is: You can’t pay someone to convert (as if that were possible) or unduly coerce them to change religions. But speaking the gospel of Jesus Christ abounds.

There are many Christian churches, and the ruler of the emirate is favorable to them for the sake of the expatriates. Only about 13% of Dubai’s local population is local Emirati people. The other 87% are expatriates, half of whom are of Indian descent. Thousands of these are Christians.

Therefore, the gospel sounds forth weekly in Dubai. And on the university campuses, there are organizations that aggressively seek to speak to students about what the Bible really teaches.

That is the best possible definition of proselytizing.  By definition, authentic Christian faith can’t be bought or coerced.  I hope and pray that this situation lasts and that the Gospel spreads from there to the rest of the region.

Some solutions are simple: End the drilling moratorium to increase employment, reduce the deficit, help the hungry and cut gas prices

Unemployment has a compounding effect in either direction: More unemployed means less people paying taxes and less people with spending power, which leads to more unemployment.  The reverse is true as well: Ending the drilling moratorium would increase jobs, reduce the tax burdens for supporting the unemployed, give those people more money to spend, and increase employment for those providing goods and services to those employees.

It would also lower gas prices very quickly, and not just because of the increased supply.  The Middle East plays us like the (collective) fools we are.  If we get serious about drilling, prices will go down.

High fuel prices have all sorts of unintended adverse consequences.  They are very inflationary because the cost of nearly everything else goes up.  The poor suffer because what used to be used as food is now sometimes used as fuel (my wife was just reading about how this is happening in Kenyan slums).

But that isn’t happening: See Good News! Obama To Authorize Tons Of Drilling Permits To Lower Gas Prices : Stop The ACLU (the title is being sarcastic, of course).

Drill now, and see benefits now and later.  If you want to help the poor, reduce unemployment, reduce the deficit and cut gas prices, then drill now.

Abortion lies spread worldwide

Apparently abortion is now less taboo in the Middle East, meaning those cultures are stepping backwards.

“If access to contraceptives was widely and freely available, abortion wouldn’t be necessary,” said an official at a Western family planning organization in Yemen. 

Abortion, she said, is “a last resort.”

Uh, yeah, birth control has virtually eliminated unplanned pregancies in the West.  Abortions hardly ever happen – only 3,500 per day or so in the U.S.  What a liar.  Despite decades of massive funding and communications, birth control programs are failures.

Sadly, they will learn that there are remarkably few problem situations in life that are improved by destroying innocent human beings.

Unmarried and pregnant, Ranya gathered up her courage and confided to a friend that she was considering a drastic step: an illegal abortion.

She braced for criticism. But to her surprise, her friend disclosed that she had had one too.

Ranya asked another friend, who also said she’d had an abortion. And another gave her the phone number of a doctor in Beirut who would perform the procedure. The doctor used no anesthetic. The pain lingered for days, but the guilt engulfed her weeks later.

“It doesn’t make me feel guilty because of Islam,” said Ranya, 29, a short, brown-haired artist, struggling with her words. “It’s a very complicated guilt to explain. I tend to philosophize things. I feel guilty in a weird way. It crosses my mind all the time.”

Tragically, millions of women in the Middle East and their unborn children are about to learn what tens of millions of women in the West already have.  Regardless of the satanic rationalizations and spin doctoring, you reap what you sow.

Galatians 6:7-8 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.