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From the “you can’t be a hypocrite if you don’t have standards” category

I’ve tried to ignore the whole Weiner-gate thing (sort of like the mainstream media wanted to, but those evil Republican pajama-bloggers wouldn’t let it go*), but his press conference was on the TV in front of me when riding the exercise bike at the gym yesterday.  So here are some thoughts I must purge . . .

Prediction: Representative Weiner will win re-election next year, and it will say more about the voters and the Democratic Party than it will about him.  [Update: I hate being right.  The scandal is as fresh as could be and the “resign” vs. “don’t resign” polling is just 46% to 41%]Anyone suckered by his faux-pology today deserves what they get.  Just watch the video at Creepy must-see flashback: Weiner lies shamelessly to ABC about what happened and watch him lecture the media for daring to ask him questions about this, then ask yourself if you should believe his speech.

But what you really need to do is read Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Elin Nordegren, Elizabeth Edwards and Maria Shriver to see how Andrew Klavan and the Wintery Knight isolate the problem: Of course the guys were all 100% responsible for their actions, but these women should not have been surprised with what they got.  Schwarzenegger, for example, had a very creepy past.  What made Maria think he was going to straighten up and fly right for her?  WK offers a great series of questions that women should ask before marriage, then offers this:

Basically, instead of relying on feelings and peer approval to choose a man, women need to ask men questions and be willing to reject them if they give the wrong answers. It seems that today, a well-grounded Christian worldview, based on closely-argued conclusions and empirical evidence, is regarded as superfluous to marital stability. I guess people think that fidelity is basically random – that Bill Clinton is as likely to be a faithful spouse as James Dobson. And I think the problem there is that women are so inundated with celebrities, that they no longer believe that there is a way to judge men’s character based on what men know and can demonstrate that they know. After all, if women abdicate the responsibility to judge men, because “men are unpredictable”, then they can set themselves up as helpless victims and avoid all the work of having to evaluate a man while keeping him at arms length. Making him prove himself capable of being a man, in other words.

Character and knowledge count. Just because a man can put on a show for you, it doesn’t mean that he is capable of producing the results of a thoughtful Christian worldview.

What does Dr. Laura say about marriage?

“Commitment to marriage and child rearing was once viewed as the pinnacle of adulthood identity, so that women looked carefully for the “right” man for the job, and parents were consulted for opinions and blessings.”
Source: Dr. Laura Schlessinger, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, page 53.

Please read the whole thing.

* Also see Breitbart’s Vindication, where we see once again where the mainstream media was an epic FAIL and others are filling in the gaps.  He was right all along.