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Soul mates? Apparently not.

MomLovesBeingAtHome has a great post (Adultery – it leads to disaster) that reminded me of one of my least favorite terms: Soul mates.  Go read her post about the warning signs.  It is important to know that you can cross the line long before a relationship gets physical. 

I’ve heard people rationalize divorce and remarriage because they supposedly found their soul mate or true love.  That handy bit of rationalization conveniently ignores the concept of commitment and is wildly irrational.  After all, if they haven’t screened all the people on the planet then how do they know there isn’t an even better soul mate around the corner?

As she notes, those who do marry the “forbidden lover” get divorced again quite often.  I actually feel sad for them: One day they’ll wake up and realize they married someone who left their last spouse when things got difficult or dull — forgetting that they did the same thing. 

We know a woman who did just that, leaving a long term marriage with three children to marry a guy who abandoned his wife of 18 years.  A few years later they are getting divorced, leading to more carnage for everyone involved.  Turns out they weren’t soul mates after all.

As always, forgiveness and healing is possible in Jesus.  This isn’t to pick on people who have made mistakes, but to provide a warning against highly destructive behaviors.  Heed the signs and stay committed for life.  It is a great formula.

And be sure to read MLBH’s follow up, How to reduce the risk of adultery.