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Be sure to check out the new blog by Duane and Mathew, The Aristophrenium.  I’m not sure what the title means, as Dictionary.com not only didn’t recognize the word but wondered if I really meant to search for “iris diaphragm.”  Uh, yeah, that’s what I meant to type . . .

Seriously, these guys are great and their blog is off to a good start.

I’m pretty sure some pigs flew today.  Even the NY Times realized that the opposition to the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad by NOW, NARAL and other pro-abortion organizations is misguided.

Back to reality: Dem. Senators Spent Weekend with Bank, Energy, Tobacco Lobbyists — That can’t be right.  I thought only Republicans did that sort of thing.

Many of Obama’s religioius supporters are jumping ship — they seem to have figured out that they were being used.  But many were fakes, anyway, as they were just politicians masquerading as Christians.