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When Liberals unwittingly apply conservative economic principles . . .

The principles of capitalism work and have raised more people from poverty than Communists and Socialists ever dreamed of.  And even though Liberals literally fail at basic economics, every now and then they accidentally get one right. See Official: NY tax breaks would apply to ‘Tonight’:

The bill expected to be voted into law in coming days would provide a 30 percent tax credit for a “relocated television production.” Past and current tax credits have gone to new productions starting in New York, such as “Law & Order.”

Hmmm . . . so if you lower taxes, a business will be more likely to come to your location. Shocking.  And it stands to reason that if you raise taxes then more will leave.

Are the NY officials being irrational by offering the tax break?  No, because they realize that luring the Tonight Show will have all sorts of other benefits.  Too bad they don’t apply that across the board.

When you consider how the same behavior applies to countries you can see why jobs get outsourced (it isn’t just the wages).

More on the law of unintended consequences

Marshall had a great link about the law of unintended consequences and how liberal policies break the law over and over.  One example of many:

Consider: with Obama, Reid and Pelosi screaming for the country to accept a ridiculous stimulus package to create jobs jobs jobs — liberals in Chicago are standing in the way of a Wal-Mart Super Center that would bring in construction and retail jobs to the messiah’s hometown.  By the way, liberals will also keep the lowest cost provider of food and clothes and home goods from being accessed by hurting Chicagans.

The reason? The liberal principle of protecting union jobs at all costs. Remember, behind every economic disaster is a powerful union. And sometimes a community organizer.

You don’t need a stimulus package to provide jobs in this case.  You just need government and union corruption to get out of the way! (And see the post below if you think Wal-Mart is bad for the economy.)

The “stimulus” bill is an absolute joke.  It is just a liberal free for all that will do more harm than good.  The capitalistic model is so superior to all other systems that it is amazingly resilient to stupid political actions, but not 100% so.  It is possible that the economy will naturally turn in a year or two and Obama will take credit despite having slowed the recovery.

I just wrote about the law of unintended consequences this week.  It isn’t that hard to overcome — provided that you can think a couple steps ahead.  Liberals are pretty one dimensional in that sense.

Liberals have had virtual monopolies over inner city schools and politics for over 50 years.  Anyone wanna take a field trip there and hang out for a few days?  Do they want to even try to convince me that things would be worse there if conservative principles had been in play?

What is most nauseating about the stimulus package is that if the roles were reversed (e.g., Bush proposals, conservative programs) then the Left would be going insane over the secrecy.

And how about the faux bi-partisanship of Obama & Co.?  In typical Lefty style they insisted that bi-partisanship was so, so important (even though McCain and Bush had actually demonstrated it, like it or not, and Obama hadn’t and still hasn’t).  But when Obama found that Republicans had the audacity to disagree with the king he decided that bi-partisanship isn’t important when the issue at hand is important.  Got that?  Bi-partisanship is important as long as the issue is not important. 

In addition to the unintended consequences there is a the gross hypocrisy.  Obama, a very rich man, had many years to demonstrate his charitable ideals yet his tax returns prove that he was cheap and greedy.  But now that he’s giving away taxpayer money he is “generous.”  Watch people gush over him as he promises to solve their problems — no questions asked! — with other people’s money.  People are such suckers.  They think that he’s being generous.  Once again, giving your own money away is charity, but giving away other people’s money at the point of a gun is anything but.

These are the people that elected Obama

This is very important to consider.  The point isn’t just finding people who were woefully uninformed.  That would be like shooting fish in a barrel and could be done with voters from either party. 

It was that they were completely uninformed about Obama, Reid, Pelosi, etc. while they knew lots about Sarah Palin – and generally not the truth, but rather the falsehoods and exaggerations communicated by the mainstream media.

Also, when asked questions about negative things (Obama and the 57 states, Bill Ayers, Biden and plagiarism, Obama and bankrupting the coal industry, etc.) they almost always attributed them to McCain or Palin.  The 18-to-1 bias against Palin by the Big 3 obviously had a big impact. 

The people interviewed were generally wrong across the board:

  • Ignorance of basic facts such as which party currently controls Congress
  • Believing lies about Republicans
  • Unaware of the truth about Obama / Biden

It was an ugly but very successful hat trick for the media.

See some statistics here, such as how 86.9 % of those polled thought that Palin said that she could see Russia from her “house,” even though came from Tina Fey, while “81.8% could NOT correctly say Joe Biden quit a previous campaign because of plagiarism (25% chance by guessing).”

It is funny and painful.  Watch it all.

P.S. Is it me, or is the Obama song really, really creepy?