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About those claiming Jesus was just a good teacher . . .

Have you read all of what He said lately? Do you believe He is divine as He claimed to be? If not, how could He be a good teacher? If so, then He is the author of all scripture, including Paul’s letters.  As C.S. Lewis noted, if you claim to believe what He is quoted as saying in the Gospels then He must be a liar, a lunatic or the Lord.

Do you believe his teachings that:

  • Unrighteousness anger leads to Hell?
  • False beliefs about God and his word should be rebuked?
  • Lust = adultery?
  • He is the only way to salvation?
  • He is divine?
  • That marriage is the union of a man and a woman?
  • We should stop judging based on mere appearances and make right judgments?
  • The Old Testament turned out just as God wanted it to? (He unapologetically referred to all of it, including currently controversial passages such as Adam and Eve as historical figures, Noah, Sodom and Jonah.)
  • Hell is real (He taught on it more than He did on Heaven), with eight references to weeping and gnashing of teeth, etc.
  • You should give your money rather than petitioning “Caesar” to take from your neighbors at the point of a gun to “give” on your behalf?
  • Other religious teachings are wrong? (leaven / Pharisees / Sadducees)

Jesus was very blunt in his name-calling. Was He being a good teacher then?  A few examples: Jesus called Pharisees “wicked,” “adulterous,” “sons of hell” (Matt. 23:15), “blind guides,” “blind men,” “white-washed tombs,” and even “snakes.” For those who didn’t believe Him, Jesus said they were “foolish” and that they were “of their father the devil (John 8:44).”

I encourage you to read the Bible carefully and place your trust in the real Jesus, not the one of popular culture and the wolves of the “Christian” Left.  Making a god in your own image will never work.


Consistency isn’t his strong suit

I haven’t fisked a post of unrepentent liar “Reverend” Chuck Currie lately, so here goes:

Our nation’s fringe lunatic right-wing is fighting mad and charging the address is part of some massive socialist plot on the part of the White House. They should shut up.

Too funny.  He says they should shut up, even while he’s complaining about them not wanting to have Obama’s propoganda plan played out.  (Again, I have no issues with the President speaking to students, it is the content, the accompanying materials and the lockstep reinforcement by liberal teachers that disturbs me).

And of course, there is the usual name calling by Chuck.  How pathetic.  When I refer to Liberals I usually say something like, “Liberals.”  I don’t say, “Baby-killing, God-hating, Gun-confiscating, First Amendment-mocking, radical, lunatic, bat-sh** crazy, Commie, etc., etc.  Liberals.”   But maybe I should.  After all, if you call your ideological opponent enough names you must be correct — and Christian, too!

But the funniest thing is to contrast his “shut up” command with his closing comment:

Democracy only works when we are willing to listen.

Got that?  According to Chuck, people who oppose Obama need to shut up because Democracy only works when we are willing to listen.

The problem for Obama & Co. is that we listen too much.  We actually listened to what Van Jones said.  Either Obama didn’t know what Jones was about, which would have been bad, or Obama knew and didn’t care, which would be really bad.  Given that he threw Jones under the bus even though the MSM largely ignored the issue, I suspect that Obama knew Jones’ issues.

We listen carefully and we draw conclusions.  But Chuck wants us to shut up with those conclusions.  How Democratic.

More fun stuff in bold:

Students ought to be able to hear their president speak without interference of reactionary political activists and right-wing radio talk show hosts who see plots behind every corner. And frankly, whoever the president is – Democrat or Republican – they deserve more respect.

I fought hard to keep George W. Bush out of the White House in 2000 (when Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the Supreme Court decision) and in 2004. I fought even harder against his disastrous policies that have left America weakened economically and more at risk of terrorist attack.

Seems that Chuck isn’t much of a student of history.  Bush left us more at risk of a terrorist attack?!  Heh.  Oh, and Al Gore lost the electoral vote, any way you count it, and we don’t elect Presidents based on the popular vote.  But Chuck wouldn’t let those pesky facts get in the way of a  good personal attack.