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It’s a great time to brush up on your pro-life reasoning

With all the debate over the health care bill, abortion is back in the news.  Many people know it is wrong but don’t know how to present the case for life.  Please spend a little time getting educated and be ready to share the truth in love.  Lives are at stake.

Even if you are firmly pro-choice I urge you to review these resources.  The worst that could happen is that you learn more about your ideological enemy’s arguments.

If you only have time for one web site, go to Abort73.com.  They have a thorough, concise and easy to read site that takes you through all the major issues. 

Or go through the slides I use for training volunteers at CareNet.  And learn about what organizations like CareNet do for women in crisis pregnancies.  Or scan my posts in the Pro-life Reasoning category to the left.

Then see this fact based, winsome and reasoned defense of life by Kathy Ireland.  She went from pro-choice to pro-life after examining the scientific evidence.  Don’t just listen to the facts, note her compelling manner.

Then watch the O’Reilly interview with Abby Johnson, the Planned Parenthood Director who quit after participating in an ultrasound and seeing a human being lose its fight for life. 

Or search Stand to Reason for their many outstanding pro-life resources and articles.

Please take the time to get a little better informed.  You don’t have to know everything, but you can learn enough to easily defend the basics of the pro-life view.  Or you’ll at least have some resources to point people to.  And you can at least point out that while abortions may be legal it is a radical change to make pro-lifers fund them with taxes, and that the Democrats have consistently lied on this point.

P.S. Planned Parenthood hides statutory rape.  Why will the health care bill give them even more business?  Why haven’t they been de-funded already?  I’d rather fund ACORN than them.


Great testimony by Supermodel Kathy Ireland — This is a must-watch video on multiple levels.  Not only is she a winsome ambassador for Christ but she gave a great pro-life viewpoint based on science and reason.  Very thorough, clear and compelling.  Wow.  Major blessings to her for standing up for her faith and for life, even though it has cost her financially.

I’m not sure if Huckabee would make a great President but his talk show has been impressive the couple times I’ve caught it.

Hat tip: Stand to Reason

Let the Humane Society blog know that you appreciate them using Rush Limbaugh as a spokesman.  Sadly, some haters want you to boycott the Humane Society for using Rush.  These people are so vile and mean that they can’t even stand for an ideological opponent to support a cause they (allegedly) care about.  The irony of the intolerance of the “tolerant” is lost on them.

Wouldn’t they look at it as an opportunity to see the good in Rush (by their definition)?  I think theological liberals like that have an intellectually bankrupt worldview but if they stopped being pro-abortion, for example, I would be the first to welcome them to the side of good (at least on one topic).

It’s official: Obama’s socialism will lead to fascism — In Obama-land, this is how they see the world:

  • North Korea?  Not a threat.
  • Iran?  Not a threat.
  • Al Qaeda?  Not a threat. 
  • Pro-lifers?  Big threat.

The smug reactions of the media to the TEA parties are typified in the video below.  Media bias?  What media bias?  And you can see images of the violent and evil (eeevil!) TEA party participants here and here.  I didn’t know two of my favorite bloggers were high level Republican Party operatives. 

Yep, these gatherings were nothing like the family-friendly fare you get at your average gay event (warning: graphic). 

Then there’s the ironically extreme racism of people like Garafalo and Olbermann.  This is good news, in a way.  They are scared that we’re fighting back and must rationalize away the success of the TEA parties.