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Hey Harris County area Christians: If you’ve ever considered trying prison ministry . . .

. . . now is a great time.  I’ll be leading a Kairos Prison Ministry weekend this October 11-13.  If you have any interest please contact me for more information.  It is a highly effective and rewarding ministry.  There are roles for men inside and outside the prison and roles for women outside (and everyone gets to go inside the prison chapel for the closing ceremony to hear how the weekend went).

And as a bonus, the first 10 people to sign up get a free prison tattoo!  Just kidding!  Probably!

Do you want to go to prison?

Just for a visit, of course.  Leave a comment if you want an application to attend the October 14 Kairos Prison Ministry weekend closing ceremony described below.  The application is due October 2, so you need to act quickly.

Attending a Kairos Closing is truly a rewarding experience.  You will be privileged to witness persons whose lives have been changed by the Holy Spirit as shared through the Kairos weekend team.

Closing dates and their Closing Application dates are as follows:

Closing Date                                     Application due Date

October 14, 2012                            October 2, 2012

March 10, 2013                                February 27, 2013

June 9, 2013                                      May 25, 2013

October 13, 2013                             September 29, 2013

Closings are held on Sunday afternoon of the Kairos Weekend from 4:30pm to 7:30pm.  To attend a closing:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You cannot be on an inmate’s visitation list for the carol Vance unit
  • You cannot be a friend or relative to an inmate at the Carol Vance unit

To apply to attend a Kairos closing, fill out and submit an Application Form by the due date listed above. After the application is received, a confirmation will be sent to you that it has been received via email. You will be notified if you were approved. The week before the Closing, an email will be sent to you with a map and other instructions concerning your visit.

Prison ministry visits

We had our monthly visit to the prison to follow up with the guys who have been on Kairos Prison Ministry weekends.  It was the usual routine of donuts, singing, small group sharing and testimonies.

A few testimonies stuck out, as usual.  One was from a guy who was a gang leader both outside and then inside prison.  I wish you could have seen his demeanor.  He is a truly changed man since his Kairos weekend.  Complete peace.  For him, the Kairos weekend was the greatest time of his life.  He admitted he just went for the food, but that changed halfway through the weekend.  He forgot about all the things that used to consume him: Drugs, money, women and generating fear in others.  As you can imagine, vulnerability is not winning strategy in prison.  But he is so Christ-focused now that he can authentically say he isn’t worried about trying to make people fear or respect him anymore.  He is just looking for ways to love people.  He is focused on continuing to transform so he can be a great father and break the cycle.

Another man spoke of his childhood and extensive abuse at the hands of his family.  He had a major breakthrough during the forgiveness exercises of the weekend and said he regained the innocence that was stolen from him in his youth.

Yet another spoke of going from being a major drug dealer to getting “high” on singing in the prison choir.  His daughter visits and can’t believe he is the same person she used to know.

It is like that every month.  If you’ve ever thought about getting involved in prison ministry in some way, I urge you to follow through.  There are lots of great ministries out there, and this is one of them.  God uses it to changes lives for eternity.  I never get tired of seeing lives changed by the Holy Spirit.  God ordains the ends and the means, and one of his means is using his followers as bearers of his love.  Over and over I’ve seen God use that as the catalyst, along with the other things they’ve learned, to radically transform people for eternity.

Apologetics in prison ministry

Kairos Prison Ministry is designed to bring Christ’s love and forgiveness to incarcerated individuals and their families and to assist the incarcerated in becoming productive citizens.  It is a highly effective ministry that dramatically reduces the recidivism rate and generates significant and lasting changes in the participants.  I’ve met countless prisoners who still cite Kairos experiences from years ago as major catalysts for their Christianity.

I was pleased to see that one of the many lessons during the course of a Kairos prison ministry weekend is on apologetics (a reasoned defense of the Christian faith).  They basically use a minimal facts approach, noting how these are facts of history and that our faith is grounded in evidence.

The people who created and refined this course did a great job in covering a lot of theological bases.  I’m disappointed that most churches are very weak on apologetics, so I was encouraged that it was highlighted in the midst of lessons on choices, forgiveness, study, service, etc.

The inmates will even note that there is a lot of bad theology in prison just like there is in the outside world.  One of the themes I try to get across when giving a talk during the weekend is the importance of daily Bible reading and prayer.  They are receptive to sound teaching.  At the last weekend I worked I gave them my usual “Do you want to hear from God” bit and it resonated so well that one table mentioned it in the closing ceremony.

I ask, “How many of you would like to hear from God?”  They all say yes or raise their hands.  Then I say, “OK, read the Bible.”  They chuckle.

Then I ask, “Oh, you meant you want to hear from God out loud.  OK, how many of you would like to hear audibly from God?”  Again, they respond affirmatively.  Then I say, “OK, read the Bible out loud.”  More chuckles, then I explain my point.

God could speak to you audibly, but it isn’t common and He doesn’t do it on demand.  How about if we nail down the 31,173 verses He gave us before expect personalized revelations?  If He does speak to you out loud, it will be unmistakably clear, just like in the Bible.  It won’t be some sort of nudge or hint.

When we do our monthly follow up visits I’m encouraged by how much many of these guys read the Bible.  Seriously, they put many Christians to shame with how much they read, understand and try to live out.

Please pray for this ministry and consider getting involved yourself.  There are all sorts of opportunities both inside and outside the prison.


The next closing ceremony for the Kairos Prison Ministry weekend at the Carol Vance prison in Sugarland, Texas is Sunday, October 10th from 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm.  If you and/or your friends would like to attend, please let me know.  It is a truly unique experience.  If you want to know a little more about prison ministry it is a great way to learn.

A Man from Heaven: How would he spend his money? – Classic thoughts from Spurgeon via Randy Alcorn.  If you are a Christian then your true citizenship is in Heaven.  Does your wallet reflect that?

Suppose any one of you had come from Heaven…Some would be curious to see what his bodily form would be like. They would expect to be dazzled by the radiance of his countenance.

However, we will let that pass. We want to see how he would live. Coming newly from Heaven, how would he act? Oh, sirs, if he came here to do the same as all men do on Earth, only after a heavenly sort, what a father he would be, what a husband, what a brother, what a friend! I would sit down and let him preach this morning, most assuredly; and when he had done preaching, I would go home with him, and have a chat.

I should be very careful to observe what he would do with his wealth. His first thought would be, if he had a shilling, to lay it out for God’s glory. “But,” says one, “I have necessities to buy with my shilling.” So be it, but when you go pray this: “Oh! Lord, help me to lay it out to your glory.” There should be as much piety in buying your necessaries as in going to a place of worship.

. . .

Now think, my brother, you will be in Heaven very soon. Since last year a great number have gone home: before next year many more will have ascended to glory. Sitting up in those celestial seats, how shall we wish that we had lived below?

It will not give any man in Heaven even a moment’s joy to think that he gratified himself while here. It will give him no reflections suitable to the place to remember how much he amassed, how much he left behind to be quarreled over after he was gone; he will say to himself, “I wish I had saved more of my capital by sending it on before me, for what I saved on Earth was lost, but what I spent for God was really laid up where thieves do not break through and steal.”

For the record: Extensive Timeline: Al Qaeda in Pre-War Iraq

Barack v The First Amendment, US 2010 – Don’t you dare criticize the government or health care reform or it will cost you dearly.  Hello?!  ACLU?!  Anybody home?!

Is Planned Parenthood overbilling state and local governments? — People who destroy innocent human beings for a living are capable of theft?  Shocking!  It reminds me of what I tell people when we investigate thefts at work: People who don’t mind stealing also don’t mind lying about stealing.

From my other blog: Terry Jones and theologically Liberal Christians: Birds of a feather? — Well, at least when they claim special revelation from God they are similar.

Oh, please. Planned Parenthood staff get counseling for dead infant found on doorstep? — the moral schizophrenia of pro-abortionists never ceases to amaze me.

. . . why in the world would staff need counseling in the death of a born baby when they routinely abort babies into the 2nd trimester and not to worry, “can still help” mothers pregnant beyond 16 weeks with abortion referrals?

So had the mother of this dead born baby come to the Winston-Salem PP only one day prior for an abortion, the same staff would have helped her get one.

The “counseling was being made available” was a line of bull. I’m confident in actuality PP does not want employees to explore their feelings about dead babies.

If you join the Dropbox file sharing utility (it is free) we both get 250 MB extra (I think that means a total of 2.25 GB for you).  It use this application a lot to share files between computers.  It is also an instant online backup.  Whatever files you save in your Dropbox folder are automatically saved to their server as well.

Progressive church – Hat tip: Biblical Christianity

Chevy Volt

funny pictures-Bad Idea: Agreeing to play a game of Monopoly with Basement Cat for your eternal soul.


Looks like the Kairos Prison Ministry weekend for October is a “go,” as they got enough volunteers.  Looking forward to the training starting this Saturday with the regulars plus some new volunteers!

I am not making this up: Be sure to subscribe to Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis‘ Sojourners magazine — you know, the “evangelical Christian” publication — so you can get a free copy of a Gandhi poster.  Yeah, Jesus was all about promoting other religions.  I suppose the bright side is that the fakes aren’t even trying hard to disguise themselves anymore.

False teacher fallacy-fest on Prop 8: Fake Christian Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie teaches the opposite of Jesus and the Bible at nearly every turn but really out does himself with his bit about how “Prop 8 Was Incompatible With Christianity; Court Decision A Victory For All God’s Children.”

The Wintery Knights says that Women should read The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands.  Anyone read it?  Comments?

How to kill a church, Episcopalian style – yep.  They followed this advice to the letter.  If your business lost 60% of market share (which is roughly what they did as they went apostate) then lots of people would get fired.

Wow, even the NY Times can see how un-scientific people like PZ Myers are.

MUST-READ: FBI records show Howard Zinn was a communist – yep.  And watch how many theological Liberals worshiped the guy.

47% of Gay Couples Have “Sex Agreements” – Only 45% Monogomous: Study – some tidbits:

SAN FRANCISCO, July 20, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Forty-seven percent of gay couples in a recently published study said that they had “sex agreements” with their partners, which clarify how often and in what circumstances they are permitted to have sex with others. Only 45% said that their relationships were monogamous, while another 8% disagreed about whether their relationship was “open” or exclusive, according to an ongoing study by the Center or Research on Gender & Sexuality at San Francisco State University.

The Gay Couples Study said that the couples interviewed typically put a positive spin on “open” relationships, with three out of four participants describing non-monogamous agreements as “positive” because it eliminates the need to lie to one’s partner.

Lying = bad, sex with other people = good.  Check.

The authors also claimed that, “we found that couples make sexual agreements because they want to build a strong relationship rather than for HIV protection.”

Yeah, nothing strengthens a relationship like having sex with others.

The study’s authors note that examining homosexual relationships is important because “previous research shows that gay and bisexual men in relationships engage in substantially higher rates of unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) with their primary partners than do single men with their casual partners.”

Anal intercourse and other forms of homosexual behavior are associated with a variety of diseases and syndromes, including high rates of sexually transmitted diseases such AIDS, syphilis, and hepatitis, which homosexuals suffer at rates many times higher than the general population.  It is also associated with damaged rectum linings and a variety of anal and intestinal diseases that were once known in the scientific literature as “gay bowel syndrome,” until the term was dropped following pressure from homosexual activists.

The New York Times, writing about the study in January, before its release, noted that the study tends to vindicate those who have warned that homosexual “marriage” will lead to a redefinition of the institution itself, destroying its traditional meaning.

The rate of HIV with gays is 44 times that of the rest of the population, and the syphilis rates are similar.  If this were any other sub-group the media would be all over it.  Instead, we get crickets chirping.  Political correctness can be deadly.

Normally I wouldn’t find this that amusing, but, for the first time in my life, I did this very thing the other day.

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