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Obama’s Social Security blackmail may backfire

There are a few possible upsides to Obama’s threat that Social Security checks won’t go out if Congress doesn’t increase the debt ceiling.

1. The President’s Remarks Prove Social Security Trust Fund is a Hoax on the Public — As I noted in my piece about how Social Security is basically a Ponzi Scheme, there is no “trust fund.”  There never has been a trust fund.  They have always spent all the excess Social Security money on other projects.  Yet I’ll bet if you surveyed the average voter — and especially the average Social Security recipient — they’d claim otherwise.

But if there is a trust fund, how could the budget debate have any impact on Social Security payments, especially short term ones?  Hmmmm . . . maybe there isn’t a trust fund after all!

2. If our country’s financial status is so precarious — and it is — then perhaps the Left should be taking the whole “spend less / borrow less” themes more seriously.  Obama’s threat that we’re that low on funds is more proof that we need to do something significant about our finances.

3. Hopefully the independent voters will realize what a pathetic scare tactic it is and be further turned off by Obama.

Bad news for teachers’ unions and racists in Washington D.C.: House reinstates voucher program and advances desegration

See House GOP desegregates DC school system. | RedState.  Turns out the Democrats aren’t as pro-choice as they claim.  Pro-choice to destroy innocent human life?  No problem for them.  Pro-choice for minorities to attend better schools?  Eek!  Can’t have that.

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program — which provides low-income District students with federal money to attend private schools — is a top priority of Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). The program was closed to new entrants by Democrats in 2009, but Boehner has sought to revive and expand the program. The House passed a Boehner-authored bill last month — the SOAR Act — to reauthorize the program for five more years, and that bill will be included in the final spending deal and signed into law by Obama.

. . .  The [Obama] administration was surprisingly unequivocal in its opposition to “the creation or expansion of private school voucher programs that are authorized by this bill,” probably because poor minority kids don’t contribute to Democratic slush funds to the extent that the NEA does.  Killing the DC voucher program has been a priority for Democrats since they took full control of the government in 2009 . . .

An adult approach to the Federal budget

This should be big news tomorrow: New at WSJ: Paul Ryan announces that GOP’s 2012 budget would cut $6.2 trillion in spending over 10 years « Hot Air.  The Democratic proposals on the table would destroy the country.  I say that without hyperbole.  Don’t believe me?  Try borrowing 40% of your spending year after year and see how that works out for you.

I keep hoping against hope that The One will gradually realize that signing on to this plan, or some version of it, is actually in his interest politically. There’s literally nothing he could do to alienate the left to the point where they won’t vote for him — most of them trust his judgment more than they trust their own, an unforeseen side effect of Hopenchange messianism — so he could win over independents by coopting Ryan’s plan and have nothing to fear about losing liberals in the general election. There’d be nothing much to fear from seniors, either: I think Ryan and Boehner are so sincere about tackling this problem that they’ll give O whatever bipartisan cover he needs to get this done. (Boehner has promised as much.)


This is sweet.  We need more politics like this.  Enjoy John Boehner’s response to Harry Reid’s advice.

Senators Reid, Durbin, Schumer, Murray and Stabenow:

Thank you for reminding us – and the American people – of the backroom deal that you struck behind closed doors with ‘Big Pharma,’ resulting in bigger profits for the drug companies, and higher prescription drug costs for33 million seniors enrolled in Medicare Part D, at a cost to the taxpayers of $42.6 billion.

The House is going to pass legislation to repeal that now.  You’re welcome.

Vestigial Arguments – Begging the Question for Darwin – thorough response to the bad reasoning Darwinists have used regarding allegedly vestigial organs

A summary of Dr. Laura’s Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands – good stuff!

The lies of T.D. Jakes… – so sad when they twist the word of God for their own benefits.

In Europe, the Government Owns Your Future – coming soon to a country near you.  Seriously, Democrats will eventually want to tap into your 401k accounts and more.

The title says it all: National debt increased 60% under Speaker Pelosi

Why is the Tea Party Targeting the Methodist Church? – OK with me.

Reading the Methodist social justice manifesto is like reading a socialist wish list.  They want amnesty, they want ‘economic justice’, they opposed ‘global climate change’ (earth to the Methodists, man isn’t doing it), fighting global poverty (here is another hint, most poverty is caused by a lack of freedom and lack of a free enterprise system).  Not shockingly, the Methodists side with the Islamists against Israel, and of course oppose America in Iraq.

Just overheard on the BBC World TV: “Iraq’s dwindling Christian population…”

Dwindling population?
Why would the Iraqi Christian population be dwindling?
Because Muslims are killing them.
The latest attack follows the October massacre which killed over 50.
If 50+ homosexuals had been slaughtered the world would have been outraged.
But, it’s just Christians.
While Christ weeps the West sleeps.