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Voddie Baucham on why Calvinists evangelize and pray

See Mark’s review on Tactics – A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions

This book was not only extremely informative about defending the Christian worldview by utilizing a sound and skillful argument, but it was quite convicting to me personally. . . . If you get frustrated or angry at those who argue for irrational conclusions, built around an argument entrenched in poor logic and indefensible conclusions disguised as science or secular philosophy, this book will change your entire approach. Paul reasoned and argued with anyone he could find at the synagogues, he did not call them names or dismiss them as simply “morons” – my favorite name calling tactic . . . Koukl’s book reminded me, I as a believer – must be obedient to God and that calls us to be ambassadors for Christ, not ambassadors of our own personal likes and dislikes. We must remember, our arguments and positions are not built on a foundation of personal opinions, but rather God’s eternal word. Science, reason, and logic are all on God’s side.

The chances of getting a functional protein by chance — for you non-math types, we have another name for “1 in 10^125.  We call it zero

Oh, and that’s just for one protein, and it still doesn’t explain where the source materials came from. 

The final probability of getting a functional protein composed of 100 amino acids is 1 in 10^125. Even if you fill the universe with pre-biotic soup, and react amino acids at Planck time (very fast!) for 14 billion years, you are probably not going to get even 1 such protein. And you need at least 100 of them for minimal life functions, plus DNA and RNA.

Watch the video at the link.

New pro-abortion website — “45 Million Voices” — supposedly it will document the positive stories of women who have aborted.  Try not to drown in the irony of what a site with the same name could document from the perspective of the human beings destroyed in those abortions.