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Is it really a religion of peace?

The religion in question is Islam, of course, and the answer is no.  So why do so many false teachers say it is?  They are either ignorant useful idiots (bad) or knowingly malicious (worse).  As always, I thank God for disobedient Muslims who don’t do what the Quran says.

Via The violent Quran:

The Quran does not have a single verse encouraging love towards those outside of Islam. But there are 493 passages that either endorse violence or talk about the hatred of Allah for the infidels, meaning all non-Muslims. The Quran is a book mainly concerned with how Muslims are to think and act towards those outside of Islam; that is, either kill them or force them to live as second-class citizens and pay taxes (Jizya). More than half the contents of the Quran are texts despising or inciting against non-Muslims. This is what turns Islam into a religion of hate and violence, for which history carries much evidence.

Those criticizing Islam are branded with epithets such as “Islamophobe”, “racist” or “right-wing extremist”. A phobia is an unjustified fear of something. Criticizing Islam does not constitute a phobia, but rather a very much justified activity, bearing in mind the content of the above-mentioned scripture, as well as current events in Muslim countries as well as in the Western world. Islam is not merely a religion, it is also a totalitarian theological and political ideology, according to which everything has to be subject to the Quran and the Shariah. It denies fundamental human rights such as freedom of religion, freedom of expression and equal rights for women. The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam is a United Nations “Regional instrument” that may be applied as alternative to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This declaration, signed by all 57 members of the OIC, clearly stipulates that human rights are subject to Shariah and interpreted according to it.


Are you Islamaphobic? Yeah, me neither.

Islamaphobia is another made-up malady designed to put legitimate critics of Islam on the defensive.  After all, if you paint your ideological opponents as clinically crazy then you must be right, eh?  Sadly, as dishonest as it is it worked really well for the Left with the whole “homophobia” thing so this pattern won’t change anytime soon.

The irony is that the real “-phobes” on both issues are the ones doing the name-calling.  The real “homophobes” are not those who point out inconvenient facts like the biblical view of sex and parenting, the 46x higher rates of STDs for gays, the logical consequences of civil rights for sexual preferences being the teaching of 5 yr. olds about the “normalcy” of  gays, bisexuals and transgenders, and more.  No, the real homophobes are those so scared of the LGBTX lobby that they will deny God, the Bible and common sense rather than state the obvious.  I don’t think they are clinically crazy, just poorly informed and/or cowardly.

The same thing goes for “Islamophobia.”  The real Islamaphobes are the ones so scared of being politically incorrect or having a Fatwa issued on them that they reflexively chant “religion of peace” despite the contrary evidence.  Of course not all Muslims are violent.  That isn’t the claim.  The claim is that Islam is much more than a religion.  It is a pervasive ideology bent on world domination.  “Separation of church and state” is an oxymoron to them.

But do I fear individual Muslims?  Not at all.  One of my employees is Muslim.  He didn’t mention that during the interview process, but his name is Mohammad and he is from Pakistan.  So let’s just say it wasn’t a big stretch to infer it.  I treat him well, like I do all my employees.  But I would never patronize him and deny Christ by saying we both worship the same God.  We both know that isn’t true.

These two articles popped in my Google Reader at the same time and made an interesting comparison.

First, true teacher Wintery Knight had a follow up about how the Obama administration is trying to cover up the political correctness that led to Ft. Hood massacre

Indeed, even after the shootings, government officials worried more about the fate of “diversity” than about the lives of their troops:  “Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength,” Army Chief of Staff George Casey told NBC’s Meet the Press. “And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse,” Casey said.

He rightly asks, “Can you trust the Democrats on national security? I don’t see why.”

Second, false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie worried about Islamaphobia in the conservative movement, as if there aren’t legitimate concerns about creeping Sharia.  I don’t recall false teacher Chuck blogging about the suppression of religious freedoms in Deerborn, Michigan and how even the Liberal leaders in Europe are declaring multiculturalism a failure.   The same ghouls who falsely blamed Sarah Palin over the Arizona shootings before the bodies were even cold are quick to apologize for Islam before the facts were even in on the Ft. Hood shootings.

Chuck says, “There should be no room for religious bigotry in our politics,” but that is just an excuse to never have to examine the actions and plans of Islam.  He puts any analysis of Islam in that category.  How convenient.

The biggest irony of fake Christians like Chuck apologizing for Islam is that they are doing it out of fear and out of hatred for authentic Christianity.  If they thought one step ahead they’d realize that their “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” approach is going to blow up in their face one day (heh).  Does they think Islam is pro-abortion and pro-gay theology like he is?  Do you think they’ll look kindly on the gay pride parades Chuck takes his young daughters to?

You don’t have to fear all Muslims, but you should have a rational fear of Islam and an understanding for how they are executing their plan.  Our leaders often can’t think 100 minutes into the future, where Islam looks ahead 100 years.  Ask the people in Europe.

Whatever you do, don’t listen to false teachers who know even less about Islam than they do about Christianity.  And don’t fear the name callers.