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Ann Coulter on adoption

See Casey Anthony: Single Mom of the Year! for some important statistics and points about adoption.  I didn’t realize how much adoptions had decreased in the last few decades.  This cries out for more of a focus on abstinence until marriage and emphasizing adoption.

The statistics are so jaw-dropping that not giving up an illegitimate child for adoption ought to be considered child abuse.

Various studies have shown that children raised by a single mother comprise about 70 percent of juvenile murderers, delinquents, teenaged mothers, drug abusers, dropouts, suicides and runaways. Imagine an America with 70 percent fewer of these social disorders and you will see what liberals’ destruction of marriage has wrought.

A 1990 study by the (liberal) Progressive Policy Institute showed that, after controlling for single motherhood, the difference in black and white crime rates disappeared.

Meanwhile, adopted kids, on average, turn out better than even biological kids raised in two-parent families.

Of course, there aren’t a lot of studies of adopted children because they aren’t constantly mugging us. They’re too busy running Oracle (Larry Ellison), the District of Columbia (Anthony Williams), or fantastic political websites, like “Big Government” (Andrew Breitbart).

And, much less famously, this blogger.

One four-year study by the Search Institute in Minnesota found that adopted teenagers had greater empathy, higher self-esteem and more close friends than non-adopted teenagers in public schools, and were also less likely to engage in high-risk behavior, such as stealing and excessive drinking. In all, they scored higher than the control group on 16 indicators of well-being.

They were as strongly attached to their parents as their non-adopted siblings. Indeed, contrary to Hollywood movies portraying adopted kids mystically driven to find their biological parents, the majority of adopted teenagers rarely thought about the fact that they were adopted. (Apple’s Steve Jobs has shown little interest in his biological father and corrects people who refer to his “adoptive parents,” saying, “They were my parents.”)

We could wipe out chronic poverty in America tomorrow — and the new iPad would be even more awesome, if such a thing were possible! — if only women would get married before having children or give up their illegitimate kids for adoption.

And yet, between 1979 and 2003, we went from about 600,000 babies being born out of wedlock, with about a quarter of them put up for adoption, to 1.5 million illegitimate births with fewer than 1 percent of them (14,000) given up for adoption. That’s why Angelina Jolie and Madonna are constantly having to break up tribal wars to adopt Third World children.

Did you catch that? We went from 25% of out-of-wedlock children being given up for adoption to 1%.  Thank-you, third-wave feminists.

A 2008 study led by Georgia State University economist Benjamin Scafidi conservatively estimated that single mothers cost the U.S. taxpayer $112 billion every year — in addition to asking the rest of us to keep an eye on their kids while they go clubbing.

We could have had two Iraq wars — Obama could have “saved or created” half a million stimulus jobs — at that price.

. . .

The plague of single motherhood isn’t an inevitable decay brought on by stupid choices of the underclass. Destroying the family is the active social policy of liberals. They enjoy experimenting with other people’s lives and leaving the taxpayer with the bill.

The mainstream media and Hollywood studios are constantly issuing propaganda about the joys and triumphs of single mothers.

Thus, for example, the noted scientific periodical Us Weekly celebrated single motherhood with an article titled “The New Single Moms and How They Do It,” which delusionally proclaimed that the “sisters are doing it for themselves.”

No, they’re not. They’re “doing it” at an enormous and unasked-for cost to every man, woman and child in America. They’re doing it at incalculable cost to the children themselves, such as helpless, innocent Caylee.

Read it all.

Loving your enemies

Alternate title, read like a grumbling Homer Simpson: “Stupid John MacArthur sermons making me feel guilty about not loving my stupid enemies.”

Seriously, I just listened to a series by MacArthur about loving our enemies (I’m 4 months behind on Podcasts, for you MacArthur fans wondering if you missed something).  He made some powerful points about how loving the seemingly un-lovable and those hostile to us helps them see God, because that is exactly what God did for us.  We’re saved by his grace and not because we had anything to offer him or did anything for which He owes us.  We rebelled against him as enemies, yet He loved us and saved us.

Putting that into practice in the blog world is a challenge.  While my SuperFans (TM) are a regular fixture on my iPhone prayer list app, I don’t think that engaging them personally is productive.  I prefer to pray that while they are going through the Bible to abuse it to support their false teachings that God will open their eyes to the truth of his word.  True biblical love is having a person’s long-term best interests at heart.  Their ultimate good rests in being reconciled to the one true God.

As Jesus pointed out, it is easy to love those who are good to us.  It takes more effort to love those who can do nothing for us, but it isn’t nearly as hard to do as loving my enemies.  Once I focus on people in, say, prison ministry, I find it easy to love them.  Then again, I wasn’t their victim.  That is when things get tough: Loving those who seek the worst for you.

It is also hard with pro-legalized abortionists — especially those claiming the name of Christ — because it isn’t just their hatred of you that you are dealing with but your desire to protect the victims of their satanic ideology.

The same thing goes with pro-gay theologians, who claim the name of Christ while teaching falsehoods about him and advancing policies that will be very harmful to children.

I try to remember what one preacher said when asked why he didn’t lash out at some gay activists who burst into his church in protest and threw condoms at the pulpit: “I don’t get mad if a blind person steps on my foot.”

Our enemies are just doing what is in their job description.  I’ve been convicted and reminded that loving them — in the biblical sense — is in our job description.  Praying for them and not reacting in the same manner they use is a start.

Yes, it is hard to love our enemies, but I often think of a woman in Kenya who is one of the most amazing Christians I’ve ever met.  Her husband went nuts and hacked her with a machete, cutting off her hands and almost cutting off one of her legs.  He left her for dead, but she survived and was helped at the hospital we support there.  She instantly forgave him because Jesus said to.  If she can forgive something that severe . . .


I’m experimenting with Dropbox, a free file sharing utility.  If you store anything in your Dropbox folder on your c: drive it will be copied to the web for access from any computer.  2GB for free, plus an extra 250 MB for signing up through that link.  Very easy to use.  Handy for sharing files with others or accessing files from remote computers.

Envision Jesus with His disciples. If you cannot picture Him teasing them and laughing with them, you need to reevaluate your understanding of the Incarnation. We need a biblical theology of humor that prepares us for an eternity of celebration and spontaneous laughter.
—Randy Alcorn, from his award-winning book “Heaven”, on whether we will laugh on the New Earth

Hat tip: David

Pro-aborts will really, really hate Pampers’ “Hello baby” iPad app.

Great piece on the 50th anniversary of The Pill by the Other McCain.  Other than the bad health side effects, the rampant increase in venereal diseases and their impact on romance and reproductive capabilities, the increased odds of marrying a loser, missing out on your most fertile years, etc., it was a terrific invention.  Read it all.

Can atheists trust the truth-detecting ability of their own minds? — Not if naturalism is true, because it prizes survival value over truth value.

Reason #87 government should not be trusted with more, let alone what it has: The DMV charges $1 extra if you mail in your registration or $3 extra for doing it online.   Sure, it is much better to drive to the DMW and wait for an hour to be treated by surly employees.  Isn’t that kinda anti-Green of the government to promote more driving?  Any remotely efficient enterprise would encourage online transactions.

Arizona native Stan on illegal immigration — this isn’t as complicated as the ill-informed open borders folks make it out to be.

Great response to the “Los Suns” (Phoenix Suns) who were pandering to the illegal alien / open borders crowd: On May 11th, everyone demand free admittance and free food at the Arizona Suns game.

How would the Arizona Suns react if everyone decided to behave like illegal aliens — and demand everything from the Suns for free.

Do the Suns enforce proper admission procedures at their basketball games?

If so, then they are racists.  They’re Nazis — according to what the illegal aliens and Leftists say.

If the Suns are enforcing their admission policies, and are requiring people to complete paperwork, stand in line, wait their turn, and produce documentation allowing them entry into the stadium, then the Suns are racists…the Suns’ management are Nazis.

How dare they refuse entry to anyone who wants to come in?

How dare they not give free food and beverages to the hungry and thirsty?

Net neutrality is a horrible idea — typical marketing spin by those trying to eliminate competition and increase government control

NYC premiere of movie exposing abortion industry canceled allegedly due to threats — Pro-choicer want the choice to kill innocent human beings but don’t want you to have the choice of what movies to watch.  Please watch this trailer — it is a great overview of the abortion industry.