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No, this is not a commercial: How to save on home & auto insurance

I really don’t like shopping for insurance, but after my current vendor raised my homeowner’s insurance by $1,200 I figured it was time.  The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (Motto: “As boring as it sounds!”) has various affinity programs so I checked them out and found Liberty Mutual.  I’m really glad I did.

I saved $540 from what I was paying for home & auto and $1,660 from what I was about to be paying, with lower deductibles.  I also got much simpler billing and “first accident free forgiveness” as well.

If you are in the market, call Rizwan Jaffer at Liberty at 877-750-3033.  He was very helpful.  They have other discounts besides the AICPA one that I used.  Note: It won’t benefit me in any way.  I just like to see people save money and I like to reward good businesses and employees.

One friend said he has been very happy with Liberty, especially when he had a claim after hurricane Ike.  And another friend just switched to Liberty and saved a lot.

Massive vandalism and threats from unions. How much attention from the mainstream media?

The Leftist media pretends to care about tolerance, civility and non-violence but turns a blind eye to the thuggery of unions.  See In Spite of Vandalism & Shooting, Union Wants Replacement Workers’ Addresses for just one example.  Then ask yourself how much you hear about these things in the mainstream media.

In this case, however, with reports of vandalism and more than 100 flattened tires, the employer is raising concerns about turning those names and addresses over to the union.

. . .

“There is a vast amount of evidence of replacement workers being subjected to property damage, assault, intrusions into their homes and personal property, damage to their tires, projectiles around their property,” Radelet said, noting there is tangible evidence of the incidents.

“This past weekend, bullets were shot into the residence of a replacement worker … and residue poured onto his truck, damaging the truck,” he continued.