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Home schooling / flexible schooling

OK, it took some time for me to arrive at this position, but I am now a huge fan of flexible schooling.  We did it the last two years of youngest daughter’s high school and wish we would have started earlier.  Technically it is home schooling, but with the mix of online courses and Home School Association classes it is really more like flexible schooling.

A few benefits:

  • You get the kids out of the cesspools that many public schools have become
  • Incredible flexibility for study time, volunteer activities and extracurricular activities.
  • Very small class sizes — smaller than even private schools.
  • You don’t have the gang, drug, fighting and other activities that even good school districts have.
  • It is a bargain compared to private schools.
  • Opportunities to develop excellent time management skills.  College won’t be as big of a transition, as kids will be used to managing their time.
  • Dual credit high school classes that cover high school and college requirements are the ultimate bargain.  Our community college system is already 1/5 of what the state schools charge and if your child hasn’t graduated high school the cost is even less.  You’ll spend more on books than tuition.

You need to be very intentional about getting the education and the socializing down. We know of a couple home schooled kids who meet the stereotype of not being socialized well (though that may have had nothing to do with where they were schooled), but countless more who are phenomenally well adjusted . It is a running joke with home schooling about that. These kids are out and about doing all sorts of things.

I know that we pay 100% of our property taxes and 100% of the extra costs of home schooling, and many people do the same to send their kids to private schools. You can just scan the cost / student in many areas (over $10,000 per student to get the current results) and see that something has gone horribly wrong with how we administer education.

We could do so much more with flexibile schooling by utilizing best-of-the-best recorded lessons, computer training/testing and having teachers do more tutoring than trying to give one-size-fits-all lessons to over 20 kids at once.  It would save big $$$ and get better results.


Big roundup!  Grab a snack and read a while.  I was traveling last week (great visit to see my daughters!) and haven’t done much writing.


Why does God let us suffer? — An excellent response to one of the most common objections to Christianity.  Side note: Atheists tend to use this as a trump card against us while ignoring that all worldviews must account for suffering.  Our explanation is far better than their’s, because they can never ground suffering with any meaning.


False Teachings About Hearing Audible Words From God Taking Even Deeper Root in Today’s Church — this is such an important topic, as this destructive false teaching seems to be growing.  I was talking with an inmate during a prison ministry visit and he has been troubled for years because he thought he “heard” (not audibly) God tell him that he would be out “soon.”  He has stayed in longer than expected, so that obviously didn’t happen.  He is still a believer but it has damaged his walk.

As I always say, if you want to hear from God, read the Bible.  If you want to hear from God audibly, then read the Bible out loud.  If God speaks to you it will be unmistakable.  How can I know that?  Because every example in the Bible shows it that way!  The Bible quotes God roughly 3,000 times, and not once do the writers say they kinda sorta thought God might have told them something.

This topic is a good excuse to post this again:


Contraception use increases abortion rates, and even the NY Times admits it.


Tolerant leftists threaten to murder 14-year old girl for defending marriage — Can’t you just feel the love?  All she did was state the obvious — marriage is a union of one man and one woman — and people want to kill her.  Why wasn’t this front page news?


Angry Arminians — They aren’t the reason I switched to Reformed theology despite being in Arminian churches my whole life (for right or wrong it was all about the Bible), but they did make me wonder why they were so angry and made me want to dig deeper.


The most troubling modern trends — a great summary of where modern thinking has gone wrong: moral relativism, social nihilism, Constitutional interpretation and political correctness.


The problem with making the morning-after pill as easy to get as a candy bar — Yeah, what could go wrong?


Obama defends his record with a bunch of misquotes.  But the mainstream media already told you that, right?  Right?!

President Hayes, the TV flash in the pan, the horse is here to stay — they’re all at the Wikiquote page on “Incorrect Predictions.”

. . .

Christopher Columbus? Once upon a time, your average well-informed high-schooler, never mind the smartest president in history, understood that Columbus was laughed at not because everyone believed the world was round: Educated Europeans of his day accepted the earth was spherical and had since Aristotle’s time. They laughed because they thought he was taking the long way round to the East Indies. Which he was.

So let’s see. The president sneers at the ignorance of 15th century Spaniards, when in fact he is the one entirely ignorant of them.


Leftist fake Christian ghouls use Trayvon Martin death for their political agenda — These “Christians” would have been glad to have the government force you to pay Trayvon’s mom to abort him, but now they are glad to use his tragic death to advance their agenda.  Do they speak out against the New Black Panthers’ “Dead or alive” incentives to kill the Hispanic gunman?  Do they speak out against black-on-black violence?  What was their reaction to the black-on-white hate crime where a 13 year old boy was set on fire because he was white?


Another reason to like Santorum: The obligatory “Santorum ready to go after Internet porn as president” post.  There are many things Obama could be doing, but won’t.

America is suffering a pandemic of harm from pornography. A wealth of research is now available demonstrating that pornography causes profound brain changes in both children and adults, resulting in widespread negative consequences. Addiction to pornography is now common for adults and even for some children. The average age of first exposure to hard-core, Internet pornography is now 11. Pornography is toxic to marriages and relationships. It contributes to misogyny and violence against women. It is a contributing factor to prostitution and sex trafficking…


Jimmy Carter keeps embarrassing himself.  The latest is his use of the fallacious “Jesus never said anything about homosexuality” sound bite.  I used to want to like Jimmy for his Habitat work (even though he was a horrific President).  But alas, he keeps opening his mouth with his terrible theology.


I’m glad a former elder is speaking out against Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill church.  They  had potential to do good things but it looks like egos got in the way.


Pro-’Gay’ Liberals Dare Not Discuss This … Homosexual Health Risks — gruesome but true.


A great summary of home schooling.  I wish we would have done this for both girls and for much longer.  Hat tip: Debunking Atheists.

Homeschool Domination

A great list of reasons for home schooling

See the entire list at Encouragements From the Piper’s Wife: The Beauty of Home Education.  I would add that is also gave my daughter great time management skills.  She learned how to plan and prioritize and doesn’t need a bell going off every 50 minutes to tell her what to do.  The transition to college will be smooth.  I just wish we had started earlier and done it with both girls.

Gym class: no stress

Extracurricular activities: use your imagination; the sky is the limit!

Calmness at home: worth more than pure gold

Father’s work schedule: schooling and family time can make a better fit

No deprograming time: you will notice the difference!

Spending as much time as possible on what counts

Great field trips to interesting places anytime of the year

. . .

The family pet sits with you while you do your work

My daughter loved having the dogs hang out with her all day!

. . .

No government indoctrination

That one gets more important every year.

Vacations anytime of the year

. . .

Go read ’em all!

If you haven’t considered home schooling I encourage you to give it some thought.  Even just doing it for a couple years made a big difference.  It was really more of “flexible schooling” for us, as she took some classes at a local home school group (sort of like private school with very small classes), some online courses with Texas Tech and some dual credit classes at the local junior college (very inexpensive and it gave her a semester head start in college).

Founders’ Fables – a terrific book to pass along key principles to children

A good friend of mine illustrated the book Founders’ Fables (his sister wrote it).  With easy to follow stories and catchy pictures, it teaches important principles held dear by the Founding Fathers and explains the concept and importance of limited government.

I bought a copy and was very impressed.

It is only $10 and would make a great gift for any child.  It would be great to have in public schools and I especially encourage home schoolers to get it.

From the web site:

What do Joe the Monkey, Benjamin Franklin, Holly the Hippo,
and Thomas Jefferson have in common?

They have all come together in this book to help explain our most treasured American values, based on the principles of our Founding Fathers and the concept of limited government. Through the use of funny and memorable characters, ten simple fables address these American values, often believed too complicated for kids to comprehend. Stories are introduced with a supporting quote from one of our nation’s founding fathers. Each fable is followed by age-appropriate questions and a short art activity to inspire your child to an even deeper understanding. Fun and colorful illustrations accompany each fable, written to appeal to children five years old and up. Through familiar quotations and a short biography, children will also become familiar with famous historical figures who played significant roles in the birth and early development of the United States.

Families concerned with maintaining our country’s conservative roots will want to commit these stories to heart, relating current events to the fables they will come to know and love.

Issues addressed in Founders’ Fables include:
  • National Debt and Future Generations
  • Private Enterprise and Government Intervention
  • Pork/Earmarking
  • Socialism
  • Eminent Domain
  • Outsourcing of American Businesses
  • Self-Reliance and Welfare
  • Government Intervention in Private Lives
  • Fairness Doctrine and Free Speech
  • Independence and Self-Reliance

Each fable is written in rhyme to encourage recall of the stories, and to appeal to a young child’s sense of rhythm and fun. Parents and teachers will agree that children have a fascination with rhyming stories and love to shout out the final rhyming word of each stanza. Many of us still remember every word of the rhyming books from our own childhood, and now share them with our own children…repeating them from memory and sharing in the love of those easily-recalled children’s stories. We hope Founders’ Fables will become a treasured part of your family’s library and tradition as well.

It’s never too early to instill a love and passion for the ideals of our Founding Fathers.
Prepare our future generation.
Encourage self-reliance.

Help preserve our heritage.


Non-home school kids and parents cheat, so national math competition bans home schoolers — Everyone got that?

Why do women flock to movies like Switch and Eat, Pray, Love? — interesting analysis by the Wintry Knight.

Why Is Ground Zero Mosque Connection to Sharia Law Push Being Ignored? — In the rush to be “tolerant,” the extreme Left (which includes the MSM) is missing some rather obvious evidence.  Then again, journalism died in 2008.

Top 10 gay marriage false ‘facts’ – excellent summary by Frank Turek.  This should be a must read, especially for Christians and “Christians” who support oxymoronic same-sex marriage.

Et tu, Elizabeth? The View’s Hasselbeck Joins Pro-Gay-’Marriage’ Sellouts — She’s entitled to her views, but she should quit pretending to be the token conservative – especially being a waffler on the pro-life issue.

Dan on religions and the Mosque situation – great read —

How can it be that so many who are ardent enemies of religion are siding with those who want to build a Mosque near Ground Zero? Considering also that those who are the most outspoken defenders of this Mosque are also ardent defenders of abortion and homosexuality, and that the future inhabitants of that Mosque, should they ever gain an upper hand, would have every homosexual stoned and whose anti-choice stance for women go well beyond the womb, makes it all the more strange. Further, why would Muslims, who look forward to the implementation of Sharia Law, a law that reduces women to chattel, kills homosexuals, and outlaws abortion, ever find itself so allied, both concerning this Mosque and elsewhere, with a political party built upon these three pillows? And in reverse, why would that same political party ally itself conversely?

. . .

By helping Islam better establish itself in America liberalism hopes to achieve two goals. One, it hopes to show Islam it means it no harm, that it hates Christianity just as much, and so earn Islam’s alliance and favor. Two, place Islam in a lower box next to the other religions and subject to the rich liberal elite and in so doing further marginalize Christianity as just one of many religions.

This applies to my family.  Many a time we’ve debated breaking in on Sunday in and firing up the fryers. 




Germany Jails Eight Christian Fathers for Removing Children from Sex-Ed Class — the logical consequence of a nanny state.  Who are you to have any say about the perversions the government is pushing on your children? 

And if you don’t think that this is a swell reading list then you must be the one with the problem.

Hey Atheists, Leave Those Kids Alone (and parents such as myself, while you are at it), part 2 — excellent analysis of the hypocrisy of atheist groups who insist that you shouldn’t teach your children your own religion yet indoctrinate their own kids 24×7.  I respect their rights to express their logical fallacy-fest to their kids, but they get hot and bothered that we’d share the truth with ours.

Not Evil Just Wrong” — turns out that this anti-AGW hysteria site was mistaken.  The AGW movement is wrong AND evil, as shown by the massive fraud perpetrated by the scientists and the complicity of politicians and media working to ignore it and/or cover it up.

The Princess and the Frog is the most devastating assault on the Race Industry in our lifetime — interesting take on another movie I won’t see.  Glad to see these themes slipped past the race industry. 

Al Gore lies again — the AGW emails were not all 10 years old and were in context.


Yea!  The Post Office finally came out with stamps just for my family!  Oh, it’s those Simpsons . . . well, that’s still good.

Very cool idea that I hope grows and grows — Online schooling — sort of a home schooling hybrid.  I see huge benefits for the kids and the teachers.  We’ll be doing this in the Fall (unrelated to this program), as my youngest will do some online classes and some local home school classes.  We’re excited about the change.  The family of a friend from HP is in the video!

Mark Tooley is the new president of the Institute of Religion and Democracy.  He has done great work with the United Methodist Action group in trying to restore orthodoxy to the denomination.

Oh, great, AGW Legislation To Create More “Victims”and lots more lawsuits, and lots more money for lawyers.

An under-the-radar provision in a House climate bill would give plaintiffs who claim to be victims of global warming a way to sue the federal government or businesses, according to a report Friday in The Washington Times.

Why taxing the rich to grow government fails — I wish they would teach this in public schools!  It is basic economics and should be required reading for all voters.

Study finds that women who have abortions are twice as likely to argue with their partner and three times as likely to experience domestic violence  — I’m sure they mention this to you at Planned Parenthood.