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2nd breakfast — the 3rd most important meal of the day

Or it’s corollary, “3:00 – the 2nd most important snack time of the day.”

Important diet tip: Eat often.  Seriously.  If I eat often I eat much healthier.  I only crave things like McDonald’s if I’ve gone too long between meals.

If you eat often it is easier to eat smaller portions, because you won’t be starving.

Skipping meals = bad and counterproductive.

Eat often, but with smaller and healthier portions.  Try it.

P.S. I often eat a 2nd breakfast.  I’ll have my health shake on the way out the door around 5:45 then some cereal and/or yogurt around 9:00.  Mmmmmmm.

Will the race-baiters recant now?

See Media Admission: Tea Party Not Racist | Verum Serum — will race-baiting false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie and the like recant now?  Of course not.  They knew all along that the smears were lies.  Honesty isn’t their strong suit.

It is so morbidly ironic for them to play the race card when they support the abortion industry that kill blacks at a rate three times that of whites and Hispanics at a rate double that of whites. That’s real racism.

And while they support the right of blacks to be destroyed at such a high rate they don’t support the right of those that survive the womb to have school choice.  That’s more racism, but they love teachers’ unions more than blacks. And if blacks succeed, where will the Liberal voting base be?

Pro-abortion violence against the unborn AND the born

See The FBI Seems to be Missing the Story on Abortion Clinic Violence | Verum Serum — looks like all that “hate speech” by pro-aborts against pro-lifers is the cause for all these examples of pro-abortion violence.  People like false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie, who is pro-legalized abortion and wants taxpayer-funded abortions but hypocritically mentions Jesus’ concern for the “least of these” in many of his posts, are the culprits here and should be held accountable for their hate speech.

Oh, and don’t forget the violence committed 3,000+ times per day against the unborn.  Their hate speech is also responsible for that river of blood and must be prohibited by the force of law, even if it silences their “pro-abortion Christian” religious speech.

I’m being sarcastic, of course.  I respect Chuck’s free speech rights to be a fake Christian and a pro-abortionist.  I’m just pointing out his hypocrisy in playing the hate card with those he disagrees with instead of using facts and logic.

Wallis’ definition of “social justice” ignores abortion

See Personal but Never Private | LeadershipJournal.net, where Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis prattles on and on about “social justice” but is silent on abortion.

Destroying human beings because they are unwanted is by far the biggest social injustice in the country.

Also consider Jim’s concerns about racism in light of the 3-to-1 ratio of abortion in the black community relative to whites.  That is the ultimate racism.

To make it worse, Wallis & Co. supported the health care bill when it had taxpayer-funded abortions and they didn’t support the Stupak Amendment.  They were willing to risk the whole bill over the abortion coverage that would increase the ratio of black abortions.

Wallis is just like false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie, who is pro-legalized abortion and wants taxpayer-funded abortions.  They both mention Matthew 25 as often as possible but miss the point on multiple levels.   They mentions Jesus’ concern for the “least of these” but miss the obvious point that the unborn certainly fit that category as well as any other human beings.

Hat tip: Mark

This is from the Onion, right?

Leave it to pro-abort false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie, who is pro-legalized abortion and wants taxpayer-funded abortions but mentions Jesus’ concern for the “least of these” in many of his posts, to outdo himself on the self-parody meter in “Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Maternal Mortality and Reproductive Justice”.

While using the abortion code words of “reproductive health” – because saying “crushing and dismembering innocent human beings” just doesn’t have the same ring –  he hides behind caring about maternal deaths (duh) while advocating deaths of the least of these.  What a moral freak.

P90X: The “X” stands for, “Wow, this is really quite difficult.”

I’m almost halfway through the 13 week P90X fitness routine and wanted to share some thoughts on it.  I’ve exercised regularly for 30+ years, almost all just self-training — mostly lifting plus jogging/exercise bike type stuff.  When I see “As seen on TV” I take it as a reason not to buy the product in question.  But I heard of several people at work and on Facebook who used P90X and liked it so I decided to give it a try.

My philosophy on fitness is that God has numbered our days but that our choices make a big difference in how we live those days.  Narcissism and excessive exercise aren’t good, but letting ourselves go doesn’t optimize our work for the Kingdom either.  Illness can strike anyone, but I want to accomplish as much as I can with whatever days I have left and I want to minimize any burdens on my family.  I like to stay on the giving side of the giving/receiving equation as much as possible.  Exercise is also a great stress relief.  Therefore, I strive to stay fit.


Overall, I’ve been thrilled with it. It was sort of like having a personal trainer / class to participate in, but on my schedule and at a fraction of the cost.  I love the challenge.

Lots and lots of push-ups and pull-ups (many varieties of each), though you can use a chair to help on the pull-ups or use exercise bands.

Great variety of exercises: Lifting, stretching, plyometrics, yoga (just the stretches / moves with no religious stuff and actually a nice bit of humor — I wish they’d give it another name), core training and more.

The big theme is “muscle confusion,” where the routines change often and there is a lot of variety in the routines.

You need to be in shape to do this.  Seems counter-intuitive, eh?  But it is very demanding.  It isn’t just the exercises, it is the pace.  Those warnings in the beginning of the DVDs are no joke.  You do not want to dive straight into this.

Hardest routine for me: Legs and back.  One-legged squats followed by another thigh exercise followed by chin-ups will leave you breathless, especially when you do many cycles like that with little rest.  Honorable mention: Plyometrics.  Lots and lots of jumps.  Took me a while to be able to get through it without pausing.

Easiest – er, uh, I mean least difficult — Kenbo kick boxing.  Lots of variety and challenging, but at a fairly even pace.  Truly a fun workout.

You need to put your ego on the shelf and just do what you can in the beginning.  Follow the exercise, but do less repetitions or with less intensity.  Hit the pause button.  The people in the videos have been through the routines so of course they can do them better than you.  But you’ll make progress quickly.

Compete against yourself, not those in the video.  If you have to hit the pause button 10 times the first week and only 8 times the second, then you are winning.

The cost is reasonable — $140 for the program with 12 DVDs plus whatever you spend on bands / dumbbells, etc.  Not cheap, but way cheaper than a personal trainer.

I put the audio onto my iPhone so I can use it at the gym or if I travel.  Once you have watched the DVDs enough you know how the technique works.  I obviously can’t travel with dumbbells but the bands will suffice.  One of my employees did this while traveling, but apparently the person on the floor below didn’t appreciate him doing plyometrics (hence the call from the front desk)

The instructor (Tony Horton) He does a good job of explaining the technique and repeating it.

The warm-up and cool down periods are very thorough.

If you are just beginning I recommend skimming through the workout DVDs before you start.  It takes some of the mystery out of it and helps you get ready.

Their website and Facebook page have lots of good tips.  They try to sell supplements but I mainly go with my Veggie Boy smoothies.  I did try their protein bars — tasty, but on the expensive side.

I generally eat pretty well but I’ve taken it up a notch.  It wasn’t by design, more of just a thought that if I’m doing all this extra work I might as well do everything else I can.

It does take more time than I’d normally set aside for fitness.  The routines are 60-75 minutes and you do them 6 days a week.  But I definitely have more energy every day, so the investment pays off.

I really appreciate their philosophy: No gimmicks, no silly promises of quick weight loss with no effort, no fad diets, etc.  Just hard, consistent work and good eating.  And it works.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page!