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Can recreational sex turn a selfish, irresponsible man into a marriage-minded provider?  Sadly, for far too many that isn’t a rhetorical question.  The entire piece should be required reading in any “comprehensive” sex education class and a copy given out with every service Planned Parenthood provides.  Here’s an excerpt.

Evidently, the liberal woman is capable of the most severe form of psychological denial known to humankind.  Certain that one of the men with whom she has copulated without strings will suddenly morph into a faithfully monogamous creature the minute she can convince one of them to say “I do” in front of a few witnesses, the liberal woman marches blindly down the aisle towards near-certain, adulterous doom.  Yet, no amount of honest reason can dissuade liberal women from this self-destructive, moral myopia.

What other term but “morally schizoid” could possibly describe this blatantly contradictory tendency among liberal women?

Having spent their youth casually throwing their own sexual morality to the winds of fairytale “liberation,” these liberal women still steadfastly cling to the faithfully monogamous ideal for that sometime-later moment when they actually do desire all the traditional things — the husband, the kids, the white picket fence — those pesky female-nature embedded longings, which coincidentally ensure the continuation of the human race.

But these liberal women somehow — in perfect schizoid manner — convince themselves that once married, they will be the gratuitous beneficiaries of the monogamous respect they still desire, but have never once demanded or deserved.

Good lessons here: Why You Can’t See Your Biggest Flaws

… the 18th-century pastor John Newton, who showed us that most Christians live with obvious character flaws that ruin both their joy and also their Christian witness. But why do so many Christians live this way?

Our natural virtues, which come from inborn temperament and family nurture—such as our talents, aptitudes, and strengths—are good things. But each has a “dark side.” . . .

Pay close attention to how the Left and the squishy Right already hate and fear Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  That is a good sign that he is a great leader.  If you don’t support people with the guts to stand up for what is right, then don’t be surprised with what you get.  Also see Ted Cruz at Hillsdale: “Economic freedom and the prosperity it generates reduces poverty like nothing else”

This is sad: Even a conservative school like Texas A&M makes professors sign a climate orthodoxy loyalty oath on faculty in its climate science department.  See Science, free speech and climate change.

Putting asunder what God has joined — A good list of church responsibilities with respect to divorce.

What is the responsibility of the church? The church’s responsibility is (1) to train its youth according to the Biblical teaching regarding sexuality and marriage; (2) to do everything possible to strengthen the marriages of its members; (3) to uphold Biblical standards regarding the grounds for divorce; (4) to approach every troubled couple with love, understanding, and help with the goal of restoring the relationship; (5) to support the party who does not cause the divorce*; (6) to minister to the needs of children for whom divorce is almost always destructive; (7) to seek pastorally, with humility and showing grace, to help the erring party to repent and find forgiveness, according to his/her profession; and (8) as a last resort to use the Bible’s disciplinary process (Matthew 18:15-20; 1 Corinthians 5:1-13; Galatians 6:1) to uphold the honor of Christ, to protect the purity of the church, and to reclaim the person who (it is be hoped) had temporarily gone astray.

After Gosnell: Proposed law would allow federal gov’t to regulate speech of… pregnancy resource centers — That’s right, because another abortionist was caught killing babies after birth the pro-aborts need to attack the non-profit groups that help women for free.

C.S. Lewis had a lot to offer, but I agree with this article noting Lewis’ errors on substitutionary atonement and inclusivism.

Ridiculous toy/pretend gun overreaction of the week: 6 Year Old Given Detention And Forced To Apologize After “Traumatizing” Other Kids With Gun.  A toy gun, that is.  The size of a quarter.  The Liberals causing this real trauma to the 6 yr. old boy are the same ones who are radically pro-abortion.  Think about it.

This is what happens when weak leaders make unnecessary compromises on core issues just because they are bullied by politically correct nonsense.  Why give an inch to the groups that want to destroy you?

The face — and body — of unions.  Seriously.

Union Boss Sleeping On The Job

“Oh, it was just stabbings? Never mind.”

There was a recent set of stabbings at a local community college that just happens to be a few miles from us.  Mercifully, no one was killed or permanently injured.  My youngest daughter used to take classes there and some friends currently attend there.

The TV sound was off when I first saw the news in the locker room at 24 Hour Fitness over my lunch hour, so I assumed it was gun-related.  Fortunately the weapon of choice for the evil person was a knife and not a gun.

But why didn’t this continue to be newsworthy?  Where are the calls for bans on knives?  Oops — guns, knives and even clubs are already banned there!  Where are the calls for knife registrations and knife purchase background checks?  We all know that if guns had been used that the Leftist gun-grabbing ghouls and false teachers would have been trying to gut the 2nd Amendment before the bodies were cold.

Once again the students were set up to be victims because the law-abiding citizens were left unarmed.  Some heroes stepped in to stop the bad guy, but if they had been armed there might have been less injuries.  And if the bad guy had used a gun then many lives could have been lost because no one could have stopped him.

If your preferred media didn’t report this, you need to find some new sources

Another in our series about the importance of having broad media consumption habits.  In my experience, most Liberals read lots of Liberal news — though they think it is mainstream and balanced.  Conservatives, however, tend to consume the spectrum of news (it is impossible to avoid the Leftist news, but we also read conservative analysis).

I’m not trying to prove that the mainstream media is biased.  That is like shooting fish in a barrel.  I’m challenging people to broaden their horizons and to read both sides.

So here is today’s test: How much have your news sources told you about the “Fast and Furious” debacle?  And how much would you have heard about it had a Republican administration been behind it?

Operation Fast and Furious was the name of an illegal gun trafficking sting run by the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) between 2009 and 2010 as part of the Project Gunrunner. The stated purpose of the sting was to permit otherwise-suspected straw purchasers to complete the weapon’s purchase and transit to Mexico, in order to build a bigger case against Mexican criminal organizations who were suspected of being the ultimate buyer.[1] The operation started in the fall of 2009 and ended in late 2010 shortly after the death of Brian Terry, a US Border Patrol Agent and has since become the subject of controversy and a U.S. congressional investigation. During the operation, at least 2,000 guns were released and tracked by ATF agents into Mexico, many of which have been linked to at least 150 shootings. Of the 2,000 guns knowingly released by ATF agents, only 600 have been recovered by officials. The remaining 1,400 guns have not been recovered and possibly remain in the hands of drug gangs.

See The Obama Administration’s ‘Fast and Furious’ Stonewalling for lots more.

Update: Here’s a great list of questions from commenter Cylar:

– What did Eric Holder know, and when did he know it? Is he willing to testify under oath before Congress? Why does he still have his job? ATF ultimately answers to the Atty General – that’s Holder.
– Assuming the plan had worked as intended (guns traced to heads of cartels) exactly what was ATF planning to do about drug gangs operating on the soil of a foreign country?
– Why are so many of us suspicious that the endgame was not finding drug cartel leaders at all, but rather about building a phony case for additional gun control in the US (“Look all these guns walking across the border. Time to crack down on gun sales in border states.”)
– Why is DOJ stonewalling the Congressional investigation? What do they have to hide?
– What exactly do Rep Issa and Sen Grassely (the members of Congress who are leading the investigation) plan to do with their findings? Are there sufficient grounds to force Holder to step down?
– Why did it take the death of a Border Patrol agent to make ATF realize this was a bad idea?
– Who thought it would be a good idea to arm Mexican drug gangs in the first place?
– Why were ATF agents who protested this…ignored?
– Why were gun store owners who protested this…ignored?
– Can Obama be impeached if he refuses to fire Holder?

UPDATE — Detroit: The petri dish of Liberal politics, education and unions

UPDATE: As you probably read recently, Detroit has a 47% illiteracy rate.  Forty-seven percent!

Ideas have consequences.  Please watch Steven Crowder’s analysis of Detroit and how the policies that ruined it are spreading to the rest of the country.  Democrats have had a virtual monopoly on inner city politics, education and unions for over 50 years and today’s Detroit is the result.  I think that all Liberal members of Congress should have to live there for a year — with the same un-Constitutional gun control laws they want to force on others.