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The Great Debate

If you haven’t listened to the “Great Debate” between Dr. Greg Bahnsen and Dr. Gordon Stein, check out the links below.  It will be a great use of your time.  Put it on your phone and listen on your commute or when you are doing chores or something.  But listen.  Per Robert from Facebook:

If you’ve never listened to it…it’s a must-listen. Should Christians be afraid to voice their beliefs for fear of not being able to convince another of the rationality of the Christian worldview? For fear of getting ridiculed?Listen to Dr. Bahnsen and Dr. Stein and notice that the Christian worldview is the most logical view to hold.

Audio (Right-click and select Save link as to download): http://www.sermonaudio.ca/bahnsen/BahnsenVsStein_TheGreatDebate-DoesGodExist.mp3

Here is the transcript: