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Questions to ask the Occupy Wall Street crowd

Wow, these people are the gift that keeps on giving!  The contrasts to the Tea Party couldn’t be more glaring.  We could run these 24×7 for the next year.

And here’s another set of . . . uh . . . well-informed critics who are not sure if Al Qaeda is Worse than Evangelical Christians.

Then there are these jewels about Communism.

In a better world the mainstream media would ask these fairly obvious questions.

1. What percentage of total income tax receipts should the top 1% of earners pay?  Now, they might say something silly like 100%, because their overriding motive seems to be coveting.  But it would be interesting to see if they would say a figure higher than 38% (the actual amount).

2. Did you know that Barack Obama got 20% of his record 2008 contributions from Wall Street?  Did you know that he is the largest recipient of Wall Street donations ever?  Did you vote for him?  Will you vote for him again?

3. Do you approve of violent means to make the top 1% pay their “fair share” and/or to overturn capitalism?

Dear OWS folks: Please, please, please don’t go away.  The more attention we get on you the better.  Nothing could advance conservatism faster than people learning more about you.

A great list of reasons for home schooling

See the entire list at Encouragements From the Piper’s Wife: The Beauty of Home Education.  I would add that is also gave my daughter great time management skills.  She learned how to plan and prioritize and doesn’t need a bell going off every 50 minutes to tell her what to do.  The transition to college will be smooth.  I just wish we had started earlier and done it with both girls.

Gym class: no stress

Extracurricular activities: use your imagination; the sky is the limit!

Calmness at home: worth more than pure gold

Father’s work schedule: schooling and family time can make a better fit

No deprograming time: you will notice the difference!

Spending as much time as possible on what counts

Great field trips to interesting places anytime of the year

. . .

The family pet sits with you while you do your work

My daughter loved having the dogs hang out with her all day!

. . .

No government indoctrination

That one gets more important every year.

Vacations anytime of the year

. . .

Go read ’em all!

If you haven’t considered home schooling I encourage you to give it some thought.  Even just doing it for a couple years made a big difference.  It was really more of “flexible schooling” for us, as she took some classes at a local home school group (sort of like private school with very small classes), some online courses with Texas Tech and some dual credit classes at the local junior college (very inexpensive and it gave her a semester head start in college).

Not mmmmm . . . Frog Soup

When I was in Taipei, Taiwan on business years ago, we were served Frog Fat Soup (among several other things that I still suspect were part of an elaborate practical joke, but that’s another topic).  Apparently it is a delicacy made with the fat of frogs from a cold climate.  I’m a somewhat picky eater, but when traveling internationally I try to be a good sport and sample the local cuisine.  Let’s just say that one spoonful was plenty for me.

That reminds me of a different kind of Frog Soup: A metaphor a friend and I use to describe our culture.  It is based on the popular example about how frogs will jump out of hot water if you toss them in it, but if you put them in cold water and slowly turn it up they’ll stay in it until they die.  Just like with the frogs, our culture has slowly deteriorated to where it accepts all kinds of things that would have landed people in jail just a few decades ago.

Hence, this culture is a massive bowl of Frog Soup.  We’re drowning in it.  I’m not referring to the random freaks we see but the mainstreaming of perversions.

We permit the legal destruction of 3,000+ unwanted human beings each day because they get in the way of the myth of sex-without-consequences.

As I predicted earlier in the last decade, schools are beginning to teach kids as young as 5 how “normal” homosexual, bisexual and transgender behaviors are.  Too many people fail to ask why the government has a mandate to teach such things.  They’ll try to say that parents may not teach it at home (good for those parents!), but they can’t explain why anyone should teach it.

If you oppose the oxymoron that is “same-sex marriage,” you are considered a hater.

We do nothing about the massive amounts of pornography in our culture.

We not only tolerate but fund organizations like Planned Parenthood that, in addition to being the top destroyer of human life in the country, systematically hide statutory rape and sex trafficking (when not teaching your kids to ignore the perspectives on human sexuality that you and your religion hold).

Planned Parenthood even has their tentacles in the Girl Scouts organization.  (Hat tip: An Un-civil War)

Check out Glenn’s Sanity in an Upside Down World for many more examples, or add your own in the comments section.

Frog Soup is disgusting.  Throw it out.  Vote your values.  Prepare yourself, then stand up for the truth.  Stop fearing man and the future.  We can’t just blame non-Christians, they are just (generally) doing and permitting what is in their job description.  We need to be the light to the world and agents of change.  There is a better way, and it starts with God.

Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.


What happens when the government pays people to have babies out-of-wedlock? – This is going to come as a big shock, but you get more of them.  Please read the Wintery Knight’s account and commentary about a man in England who is soon to have fathered 15 children out-of-wedlock with many women, and the taxpayers will be paying for all of them.  How tragic that these children will grow up without a father.  Yet the “loving” government welfare policies are the root cause.

The cycle is vicious and interwoven: Higher taxes make it harder for people to raise families themselves, incentives to stay unmarried drive up illegitimacy, a lack of fathers in the home to screen suitors and offer discipline and protection exacerbate the problem, and on and on.

People need to use some discernment and abandon these counterproductive policies.  How much more evidence do they need?

Then here’s more from Roxanne in The Cost of Single Parenthood, Continued

I’ve blogged many times on the social and psychological costs of illegitimacy – the six-fold chance of living in poverty, the nine-fold increase in the chance of being molested by a mother’s boyfriend or a stepfather than by one’s own father, the reduced chance of graduating from high school, going to college, and having a good life. 

Jazz Shaw posted an article by Angela Lash about similar problems in the polygamous Mormon community.  Physically, psychologically, and economically, polygamy is a disaster for women and children.  The economics are straightforward: men who have multiple wives and children with all of their wives cannot afford to care for them all.  Those “families” most resemble single-parent families . . .

. . .

In case no one noticed, our bodies are not designed for this situation.  The sixth-grade “birds and bees” discussion should have made it clear that there’s something about the union of exactly one man and exactly one woman that produces human life, and that union provides the best basis for raising children.  Deviating from that causes problems for children, problems for society, problems for women, and problems for every person involved except for men.  It’s almost like traditional Western values and Judeo-Christian norms provide the best protection for the weakest in our society, rather than being oppressive – in direct contradistinction to what feminists, progressives, and leftists would say.


What’s the Message of the Bible in One Sentence? – 25 scholars and pastors weighed in.  I didn’t give it much extra thought, but I did think of a note I put in all my hand written notes to prison ministry participants:

God adopts, completely forgives and eternally blesses everyone who repents and trusts in Jesus.

New peer-reviewed article argues for irreducible complexity in birds

Let’s take a step back and ask what counts as evidence for evolution for people who actually care about evidence.

Here’s what counts as evidence:

  1. A smooth sequence of fossils showing the gradual emergence of different body body features across a wide spectrum of body plans.Not just horses and whales, not just micro-evolution. Major changes in body structure, which properly dated fossils, from a wide range of body plans.
  2. A lab experiment that derives a new organ type or body plan from an unmodified organism, like the Lenski experiments tried to do on a smaller scale.
  3. A computer simulation that shows a string of mutations that occur on one organism that would give it a new feature or organ within a reasonable amount of time (less than 4 billion years). The mutations must be probable, and the organism must have improved functionality at each stage of its development. And a calculation would have to be done to show that each beneficial mutation would spread to the rest of the population and survive in the next generation, which is a separate question.

Do we have that evidence in the case of bird evolution (feathers and lungs)? Of course not.

Do we have that evidence in the case of evolution as a whole? Of course not.

People who embrace evolution embrace it on the basis of non-rational, non-evidence factors.

Marxist Democrat Cringes As Russian Immigrants Compare Communism to…Democrats! – The State Senator tries to rationalize it away, but you can’t deny the Russian’s awareness of the links.

Glenn on drafting women – excellent analysis on the inevitable problems.  Do you want your daughters to get drafted?  Because that is the logical conclusion of this.

Evil Health Insurance Corporations Love ObamaCare – Seems like one of the main reasons people wanted health care reform was to get back out those evil insurers – you know, the same ones who contributed to both parties and helped craft the bill.  What a shocker that they like it.  If you ran a business wouldn’t you like it if the government forced people to buy your products and services?

“Eggsploitation” nominated for Best Documentary in California Film Festival

I’ve written before about the physical harm of egg harvesting to women, not to mentionconcerns over exploitation of women as human hens. Even liberal feminists are apprehensive. So the film’s growing publicity and affirmation is welcome news.

15 Reasons the Abortion Industry is Losing Its Support – Hat tip: Robert from Facebook

Funny and effective video about pastors who twist scripture then twist it some more when called on it.  You might have to click again to watch it on YouTube (sometimes the embedding doesn’t work). Hat tip: Touch ya Neighbor Ministries

Reducing poverty

How can we win the war on poverty? This is a very important and not-that-complicated lesson.  The greatest and saddest irony is that those most vocal about injustice and reducing poverty are the ones who caused the problem to begin with: The theological liberals like false teachers Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistributionWallis and race-baiting Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie.  They continually advance programs that make the problems worse.  They teach the opposite of what God’s word said on human sexuality and we see the devastating consequences every day.

And it isn’t just poverty.  I see the impacts of this in prison ministry and pregnancy center ministries as well.  The liberal policies increase the number of victims and are the opposite of “social justice.”

What could be the problem? Well, think of welfare as a cash payment given to women who have have babies with men who they chose knowing that those men were not interested in becoming fathers or husbands. Women are having sex with men and having babies with men who have not married them and have no intention of marrying them. And the government is paying them to do this. The government is paying them to oppose chastity. The government is paying them to avoid courting. The government is paying them to avoid chivalry. The government is paying them to avoid marriage.

Illegal immigration = the ultimate outsourcing

Think about it.  The real objection to companies shifting jobs to other countries isn’t the location of the jobs, it is the move from U.S. citizens*  to non-U.S. citizens.  If the jobs went overseas to U.S. citizens I doubt people would object.

So what happens with illegal immigration?  Non-U.S. citizens take the jobs of U.S. citizens and consume far more resources than they contribute.  At least the Indian guy on the support desk isn’t demanding that you fund the medical and education costs for him and his family, and he isn’t committing crimes in this country.

The great irony is that open border Leftists like Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis are the ones who claim to care about the poor.  But the illegal immigrants drive down the wages of the poor in this country and take many of their jobs.  What kind of “social justice” is that?

If anyone objects to outsourcing of U.S. jobs – and most people seem to — do a consistency check and ask them their views on illegal immigration.  Be sure to gently point out any inconsistencies.

*or guests in the U.S. — i.e., people who have the proper immigration approvals

Another waste of taxpayer funds by people who don’t understand business

Government employees who have little, if any, business experience are bound to come up with wasteful ideas.  Here’s another one:

Via Obama Announces $33 Billion Hiring Tax Credit for Jobs – ABC News.

Under the president’s proposed tax credit, businesses would receive a $5,000 tax credit for every net new employee that they employ in 2010. The total amount of credit will be capped at $500,000 per firm to ensure that the majority of the benefit goes to small businesses.

This is simple: While a few companies might hire employees they otherwise wouldn’t have due to these incentives, the vast majority of businesses fall into one of two categories:

  1. Business that don’t have demand for their goods and services and don’t need to hire.  Even with a $5,000 incentive, hiring new employees means they’ll be paying more for wages than necessary.   They won’t use this program.
  2. Businesses that were going to hire anyway.  They had demand for goods and services but didn’t need the additional incentives.  Sure, they’ll cash the checks, but what’s the point?

Leave the $$ with the taxpayers and let them spend it how they like.  That will stimulate demand and lead to real hiring.  Don’t give it to an inefficient government that will take its cut then waste the rest by giving it to companies that were going to hire people anyway.