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Five times the Internet speed, for free. Because capitalism.


Why did my Internet get so fast for the same price?  I’m really not sure.  Well, Google Fiber is coming to town.  And in a completely unrelated event [cough, cough], Time Warner Cable decided to dramatically increase access speeds with zero price increases.

You do NOT get this with Socialism or Communism.  And Crapitalism is only marginally better than those.  Regional monopolies sound better than country-wide monopolies, but for the end user they are still monopolies.  You need real free-market competition to optimize things for everyone.

That is all.

Yea for capitalism: “Time Warner Cable Boosts Internet Speed In Charlotte: Why? Google Fiber”

You don’t get huge improvements in service from monopolies — including government monopolies.  Yet you do get them when companies must compete.  Time Warner could have done this long ago, but didn’t.  Why are they doing it?  To keep customers from leaving them.

Competition works, people.  Yes, Utopian wimps fear it, but it is great for the rest of us (and even for them, even though they don’t know or appreciate it).  Via Time Warner Cable Boosts Internet Speed In Charlotte: Why? Google Fiber:

Time Warner has confirmed that it is updating their subscribers’ network connection site in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dubbed “TWC Maxx,” the upgrade promises to bring increased speeds by up to six times.

The decision to upgrade comes after Google said it is bringing its own Fiber networking service to Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham; 18 cities in Georgia; and the Nashville metro area. As a way to keep their current residential customers, Time Warner has devised at least three tiers of Internet boosts, all at no added charge.

. . .

Along with the increased Internet speeds, Time Warner also announced that it is enhancing its TV service. This includes an increased storage of up to 1TB for recorded programs, which is twice the previous amount.

Google intended to serve around 3 million people with Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Such speed is said to be over 100 times faster than the current national average. In other words, Google plans to bring high-speed Internet service to the masses.

Time Warner is not the only company that has responded to the threat brought on by Google. In February, AT&T said it will enhance its Internet speeds in Kansas City, including the suburbs, in order to match what Google offers.