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Why did Leftist “evangelical” Jim Wallis lie about taking money from pro-abortion atheist George Soros?

If you want to get banned from any Sojourners sites, just ask about Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis hiding donations from extreme Leftist George Soros.  See Liberal evangelical Jim Wallis admits to $$ from pro-abort billionaire George Soros.

Wallis has posed as a centrist but aligns himself with extreme Leftist causes: Obamacare — including its taxpayer-funded abortion, same-sex marriage (he just “happened” to switch sides when it profited him the most), race-baiting, etc.

He initially said he didn’t know about Soros’ contribution, but that is a lie.  There is no way you don’t know if someone is giving that much money to your organization.

Why does the “Christian” Left pretend that only the Koch brothers donate to political causes?

Institute for Religion and Democracy President Mark Tooley commented:


Wallis’ initial denials and then ultimate confirmation of Soros funding for Sojourners is a revealing turning point for the evangelical left.

Long insisting he represents a mysterious Christian ‘third way’ more enlightened than the old Religious Right, Wallis now stands exposed as what he always was: a man of the political left. From his days 40 years ago as a radical Students for Democratic Society activist, to his championing of the Marxist Sandinistas in 1980s’ Nicaragua, Wallis has always allied himself with secular leftist groups hostile to the historic Church.

Religious leftists may freely tout their views no less than religious conservatives. But Wallis and his Sojourners, as Soros-funded religious leftists, should heed truth in advertising.

Oddly, I haven’t seen a good explanation on Wallis’ blog.  Then again, why would you expect someone like him to tell the truth?

Pro-abortion religionists use Soros money to protest Guantanamo

Via Soros-Funded Religious Left Group Targets Gitmo.  This is typical of Leftist false teachers.

The chief torturer of Sudan’s Islamist regime is soon to visit the U.S., igniting not a peep of concern from left-leaning church officials ostensibly very concerned about “torture.”  Instead, a long list of prominent church honchos is instead demanding President Obama close Guantanamo Bay detention center because of its reputed history of “torture.”  Their letter was organized by the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, which has received over $1 million from George Soros.

“Guantanamo Bay is a place where our government tortured prisoners, and it continues to be a place where many are detained indefinitely without trial,” the church activists wrote Obama.  “We believe that our government has a moral obligation to close the prison at Guantanamo. We hope that you share this belief and that you will act expeditiously to close Guantanamo.”

The letter was signed by old-line Protestant officials with groups like the National Council of Churches and United Methodist Board of Church and Society, with old leftist Catholic lobbies like Pax Christi and Sister Simone Campbell’s “Nuns on the Bus” NETWORK, plus the Islamic Society of North America of course.
They ignore severe persecution of Christians around the world but pretend that we have nothing to fear from terrorists.  It is the ultimate in victim-blaming.
And these people are all pro-abortion, yet they complain of alleged torture.  Torture is wrong, of course, but all things in war are not torture.

Good news about the National Council of (apostate) Churches

Time for some sweet, sweet schadenfreude: By good news about the NCC I mean bad news for them: NCC Nears Financial Collapse?

The once influential National Council of Churches (NCC) may again be approaching possible financial collapse.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Presiding Bishop told the NCC’s September board meeting: “We have 18 months sustainability.” All voting NCC board members were scrambling for “immediate sustainability,” mostly behind closed doors as they discussed the NCC’s audit and budget. Further highlighting the crisis was an interruption of the meeting by placard waving union employees distressed over benefit cuts to NCC staffers.

That is great: Union employees — which the NCC no doubt supports — are interrupting them when they are trying to survive.  Maybe the NCC will realize that the unions would rather the NCC fold than cut benefits to union employees, and that the union demands are part of the reason they are failing.  No, they probably won’t get it.

. . .

NCC member denominations, many of them losing members, like the United Methodists and Presbyterian Church (USA), continue to reduce their contributions. For instance, the UMC reduced from giving $543,265 last year to offering $ 442,404 this year. Some members like the Greek Orthodox Church and historic black denominations continue to give nothing or token amounts. The Orthodox Church in America, for example, contributed a mere $1,000 to the ECF Fund. Now, private donors are reducing contributions too.

Maybe it will occur to them that if their donors are having to make big cuts that perhaps they also don’t have more money to pay in taxes.  No, they probably won’t get that, either.  They’ll keep pushing Caesar to confiscate money from neighbor A to “give” to neighbor B.

 . . . Trimming staff is proving to be one of the most painful experiences for the ecumenical movement.

Welcome to the real world, folks!  Businesses make tough decisions like that all the time.

Eventually, some important information rose to the surface as NCC President Rev. Peg Chemberlin and Women’s Ministry director Rev. Ann Tiemeyer both mentioned losing a million-dollar donor. Since last year’s budget was around $4 million, this cut is quite significant. Even the Aetna Corporation’s starter grant of $25,000 offered little encouragement.

Yes, even though the NCC is mainly politics disguised as religion so that false teachers like Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie can quote them as authorities, they get contributions from non-religious groups as well.  The NCC hides that information, of course.  That reminds me of how deceptive  Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis was in denying the large contributions to Sojourner made by atheist George Soros.  Why do these atheists care to prop up these leftist “religious” organizations?

At one point, the board broke up into small table groups to propose solutions to these besetting toils. One table, headed up by Bishop Mark Hanson and United Methodism’s Betty Gamble, even recommended the NCC take a “jubilee.” Under this plan, the NCC would withdraw from public activities and focus on fundraising. Many delegates pointed out that such a recess would negate any reasons for donors to contribute.

Please stop and  meditate on that.  These leaders, who probably have zero business experience, thought they should stop fulfilling their charter so they can spend a year asking for more money?!  Can you imagine a business doing that?  “Dear customer: I’ve run my organization into the ground, so please send me money for a year while I stop providing goods and services to you.”

Accentuating the tension was an interruption by the NCC staffers’ union, the Association of Ecumenical Employees, which marched into the board meeting waving placards. Ironically, the pro-union NCC has been trying to reduce retirees’ health benefits with its own union. It seems that contract negotiations have lasted nearly eight months, prompting distressed unionists to conduct their silent interruption, after which they quietly marched out.

I love it.

Amid the troubled finances, both Kinnamon and Hanson advocated the NCC rediscover its theological identity. As NCC President-elect Kathryn Lohre suggested, “It would be wise to see if we’re going through some kind of purification for the greater good.” But there were no talks about sin and salvation. Instead, most voices emphasized traditional NCC liberal political themes. Staffer Jordan Blevins, for instance, led a peace litany that read, “We pray our children pursue peace-vocations.” Also, a Children’s Defense Fund’s representative met agreement when she urged members to “make sure the rich and powerful contribute their fair share.”

It wouldn’t be an NCC meeting without a healthy dose of coveting and zero mention of sin and salvation!

In similar turn, female board members touted feminist activism while minority voices emphasized affirmative action.

Feminist activism = the right to destroy innocent yet unwanted human beings.  And this group claims to be Christian.

Kinnamon and Hanson want the NCC to focus on poverty issues (i.e. mostly touting government programs) for the moment. Hanson observed; “You can talk abstractly about ecumenism or you can join with those causes that are furthering the kingdom of God now” like Sojourners and the “Circle of Protection” protest against government welfare and entitlement spending limits. Kinnamon went on to say that the “Circle” is “not a matter on which we can be divided or silent.” At the conclusion of the frayed and frustrated gathering, a Quaker representative exclaimed: “Some new thing was trying to birth among us today…the new fire is not just for the young people. It’s among us and it just needs to be captured.”

They oppose corporate welfare?  Like what Obama gives GM, GE, Solyndra and so many others as political paybacks?

As senior NCC officials try to rally around traditional liberal political causes, many traditional Christians may ask what is so unique about such stances. If only offering a narrow set of political and economic policies, the NCC is merely slapping religious terms on liberal initiatives. Would the NCC’s removal from America’s religious landscape have any major consequence?

Short answer: No.


Divorce and bullying and childhood obesity

In a national study of nearly 2,500 Norwegian boys and girls ages 12 to 15 published in the November issue of European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, researchers found a substantial statistical correlation between both victims and aggressors of bullying and parental divorce.

Given that both victims and aggressors of bullying, relative to their noninvolved peers, were also found to experience more psychological problems, the parental-divorce link should not be surprising.

The distress of parental breakup, the Norwegian researchers claim, leaves adolescents emotionally vulnerable and therefore easy targets for bullies among their peers.

At the same time, parental divorce incubates bullying by leaving adolescents, according to study, with “less monitoring, often fewer adults to confide in, and sometimes increased aggression because of feelings of loss.”

From my other blog, The UCC’s lead marketing tool: Encouraging sin.

It is so repulsive to see their blasphemy in claiming to speak for God in contradiction to his revealed word.  And to make their tagline into a gay pride flag is even worse.

. . .

Is it any surprise that the UCC keeps shrinking?  They work so hard to conform to the world, but the world just chalks that up as a victory and ignores them.  Why join a group that just tells you what you already “know?”

Planned Parenthood of IL tries to scrub claim that mandatory child sex abuse reporting would overtax the system – It is bad enough that they tried to fight this reporting.  But consider their underlying claim: They concede that there is a huge amount of child sex abuse that needs to be reported!  This is a vile organization that should not receive taxpayer funding.

Also see how 100% of Illinois Planned Parenthood clinics were willing to hide statutory rape.

So George Soros has funded NPR for years.  Shocking, eh?  Reminds me of how Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistributionWallis lied about saying that he didn’t know Soros had given his group hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One of the ways Darwin is defended:

… many members of the militant atheist set will often write “canned” reviews of a book with either minimal reading or no reading whatsoever. Most actual users of Amazon will give such “reviews” a negative vote. However, the goal of these writers is not so much to provide their particular slant on the book as it is to try to crowd out serious or thoughtful reviews on a topic they dislike. To further this end, they post a link to their reviews on various “science” (read materialist) and atheist websites asking for what Amazon calls “campaign” votes. If one of these negative reviews gets enough votes, it is then featured on the Amazon page as “Spotlight” review. To hold all the spotlight review positions effectively crowds out the thoughtful reviews (which then appear in abbreviated form on the side margin) and the militant set achieves their goal.

How charming.  And dishonest.  I suppose they haven’t evolved to seeing how honesty benefits humanity yet.

The shame is unbearable – a warning to those considering abortion, and hope for those who have had them.  Despite the lies of the pro-legalized abortionists, post-abortion trauma is real.  There is hope and healing available in Jesus.

Prayers for the persecuted – Christian persecution continues around the world.


Are Tea party conservatives more racist than liberal socialist Democrats? Short answer: No.  Read it all.

Thus, in 2008 Republicans who believe that the government in Washington does too much have 10 times higher odds of not expressing racist views on the in-born ability question than the rest of the population (79-to-1 odds v. 7.9-to-1 odds).

Don’t donate money to Japan – Some provocative points about wise giving.  If discernment isn’t used then funds accumulate in the wrong places and can’t be spent on greater needs.  Organizations like World Vision do a great job of getting to tragedies right away with help, but they can do that because they had the money ahead of time.  I think it is better to give funds to organizations you trust and let them decide where to spend it.  Otherwise you end up with people just giving based on emotions, such as with 9/11, and it causes problems.

Pro-lifers / Christians who support Obama really disappoint me.  As I noted on a Facebook thread, Obama is the most pro-abortion President ever. He is pro-legalized abortion, pro-legalized partial-birth abortion, pro-legalized-if-the-baby-survives-the-abortion-it-is-OK-to-let-her-die and even pro-taxpayer-funded abortion (so pro-lifers will have no choice but to pay for abortions). Christians should oppose every one of those positions.

Why Does Mainstream Media Leave George Soros Alone? – I see lots of protests about the Koch brothers, whom I’d never heard of until recently.  But nothing in the MSM about Soros.  Soros even contributes to false teachers Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistributionWallis, though Wallis pretended he didn’t know about it.  Yeah, most leaders aren’t aware of multi-hundred thousand dollar donations to their organizations.

Wisconsin’s battle over the union label continues to resonate nationwide. Lefties complain about conservative funders David and Charles Koch in often obscene fashion, making juvenile plays on their last name and prank calls like troublesome children. The so-called mainstream media are heavily invested in that strategy, calling the Koch brothers some of the “biggest bankrollers” for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

It’s a theme that almost defies reason. The Kochs openly support things they believe in – especially free markets and limited government. To media types, those beliefs are suspect or even audacious. To the left, they’re criminal or anti-American. Both groups claim to question everything.

Everything, that is, except who funds the left. When that gets mentioned, there is either complete silence or cries of conspiracy at the mere mention of the name George Soros. Yet Soros has given billions around the globe for decades to push his own beliefs. His impact on liberal politics here in the U.S. is unparalleled.

CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) bulbs are good for some applications, such as outdoor lights that stay on a long time.  But they don’t save nearly as much energy if you have turn them on and off often.  And they are costly and potentially very dangerous.  The instructions for cleaning up after a break are ridiculous.  I doubt that anyone will follow them.

So why is the government forcing us to convert to them?  If they are so much better, why not trust the market to meet the needs of informed consumers?  Why kill jobs at plants making the regular light bulbs?

Michael Behe Hasn’t Been Refuted on the Flagellum – It is hard to believe that those who study the workings of the bacterial flagellum in detail still insist that it evolved.

Planned Parenthood helped abort my siblings: Pro-life video contest winner

I didn’t realize that disgraced womanizer Bob Packwood was an abortion rights champion.  How sad that the pro-legalized abortion women don’t see how people like Packwood use them.  If they can’t see that he cared about himself and not women, they are blind.

A good response to the “Intelligent Design is just religion in disguise” claim:

ID theory posits that some observations are best explained as the result of the acts of an intelligent agent.  The theory does not posit any particular agent and the agent need not be a deity.  It could, for example, be the aliens Dawkins speculated about in his interview with Ben Stein.

To be sure, many ID proponents believe the intelligent agent is God.  But that is a possible implication of the theory, not part of the theory itself.

Neo-Darwinian evolution (NDE) posits that unguided material forces are sufficient to produce all that we see and thus there is no need for a designer.  The obvious implication of the theory is that atheism is a valid scientific conclusion.  Again, Dawkins:  “Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.”

Many proponents of NDE are atheists.  But atheism is a possible implication of the theory, not part of the theory itself.

You ask if we can declare ID to be religious because some people take ID and run with its implications in theological directions.  Well, a lot of people take NDE and run with its implications in theological directions.  (Atheism is nothing if not a “religous” position)

Tell you what, I am happy to call ID religious if you will also call NDE religious to the same extent.  Deal?

Jim Wallis of Sojourners: Hypocrite. Race Baiter. False teacher.

1. Hypocrite: Wallis accuses others of lacking civility at the same time he says others want to “religiously assassinate” Barack Obama.  Can’t you just feel the love and tenderness?

An evangelical pastor described as Barack Obama’s spiritual adviser has accused Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News network of launching a calculated attempt to “religiously assassinate” the president.

Rev Jim Wallis, who has known the president for a decade, said some of the views expressed on the network made no attempt to stick to “truth and civility”. He also warned the opinions expressed on the channel were the reason nearly one in five Americans believed President Obama was a Muslim.

via Murdoch vs the President – Fox accused of faith slur campaign – Americas, World – The Independent.

Also, Wallis claims to be pro-life but takes donations from pro-abortion atheist George Soros and supports the most pro-abortion President ever.

2. Race baiter: As if we’d have all gone along with these ridiculous policies even if Hillary had been elected . . . race baiters like Wallis remind me of the Saturday Night Live skit where Eddie Murphy plays a white man who goes to a bank and “discovers” that white people give each money for free, but only charge interest to blacks.

He added that the right-wing Tea Party movement, whose support has snowballed since Obama entered the White House, only existed because the president was black.

Hey Jim, a couple questions:

– What is the rate of abortions in the black community with respect to the white community?  (Hint: It is three times as high)

– Will taxpayer-funded abortions, which Obama and you supported via the Stupak-less health care bill, increase or decrease that ratio?  (Hint: Increase)

– Couldn’t policies that result in many extra dead black human beings be considered . . . I don’t know . . . kinda racist?

3. False teacher: Wallis is on record for saying the Gospel is “all about” wealth redistribution.  That may be his “gospel” but it isn’t the Gospel of the Bible.

Another NCC self-parody

See Fighting Poverty With Faith Mobilization Concludes with Capitol Hill Briefing by false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie.

The National Council of Churches (NCC) calls this “Fighting Poverty with Faith,” but virtually all their actions are political.  It is like saying, “I’m going to show my faith in God by appealing to Caesar.”

This effort is too large for any single church or religion, which is why the member communions of the National Council of Churches are so pleased to join with the Jewish Council on Public Affairs and Catholic Charities in Fighting Poverty with Faith.

Note how weak their faith is: Their “god” (apparently not the one of the Bible) is so impotent that they need other religions to help out.

If they really wanted to help, they’d go teach Junior Achievement classes.

Or they’d just encourage kids to finish high school and not have sex before marriage.  If you do that you are very, very unlikely to end up poor.  But the fakes are too busy pushing Planned Parenthood-style “have sex whenever you are ready — and you get to decide when you are ready!” programs.

Does anyone know where the NCC funding breakout is?  My understanding is that as churches give less they have turned to Liberal political groups for funding, sort of like pro-abortion atheist George Soros helps fund false teacher Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis.

Shocking: Soros-funded Sojourners defends Soros

See Glenn Beck’s Offensive Attacks on George Soros – Valerie Elverton Dixon – God’s Politics Blog.

Then see Why did Liberal evangelical Jim Wallis lie about taking money from pro-abort atheist George Soros?

Then it will all make sense.  Hey, give me a few hundred thousand dollars and I might defend you.

Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis is a false teacher.

If George Soros likes and funds your evangelical Christian organization, it probably isn’t a real evangelical Christian organization.

Why did Liberal evangelical Jim Wallis lie about taking money from pro-abort atheist George Soros?

Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis has been caught.  See Liberal evangelical Jim Wallis admits to $$ from pro-abort billionaire George Soros :: :: ProLifeBlogs.

Institute for Religion and Democracy President Mark Tooley commented:

Wallis’ initial denials and then ultimate confirmation of Soros funding for Sojourners is a revealing turning point for the evangelical left.

Long insisting he represents a mysterious Christian ‘third way’ more enlightened than the old Religious Right, Wallis now stands exposed as what he always was: a man of the political left. From his days 40 years ago as a radical Students for Democratic Society activist, to his championing of the Marxist Sandinistas in 1980s’ Nicaragua, Wallis has always allied himself with secular leftist groups hostile to the historic Church.

Religious leftists may freely tout their views no less than religious conservatives. But Wallis and his Sojourners, as Soros-funded religious leftists, should heed truth in advertising.

Oddly, I haven’t seen a good explanation on Wallis’ blog.