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Methodist pastor fired for teaching false doctrines. Yea!

“The people at my church are good, decent people,” he told FoxNews.com. “They’re simply feeling a little threatened by a pastor who is asking questions that they don’t want to ask right now. I hope some seeds are planted and that God will bring some good about it.”

Here’s another angle, sport: These good, decent people aren’t stupid.  They aren’t threatened by your lack of belief in God, they just want a pastor who actually worships the one true God who inspired the original texts of the Bible.  God already did bring some good about it: He got rid of a false teacher.

I pray that many other churches will follow suit.  It would be better to be led by some authentic lay people than a false teacher with a seminary degree.

“We do these somersaults to justify the monster god we believe in,” he said. “But confronting my own sinfulness, that’s when things started to topple for me. Am I really going to be saved just because I believe something, when all these good people in the world aren’t?”

Gee, the “pastor” called the God of a the Bible a monster.  How could someone like that possibly offend the authentic Christians paying his salary?  And his assessment that all these other people are “good” (on God’s terms) is further proof of his bad theology.

Obama’s favorite CEO gets GE out from paying any U.S taxes – hope and change, baby!

A review of company filings and Congressional records shows that one of the most striking advantages of General Electric is its ability to lobby for, win and take advantage of tax breaks.

Over the last decade, G.E. has spent tens of millions of dollars to push for changes in tax law, from more generous depreciation schedules on jet engines to “green energy” credits for its wind turbines. But the most lucrative of these measures allows G.E. to operate a vast leasing and lending business abroad with profits that face little foreign taxes and no American taxes as long as the money remains overseas.

Apple Pulls Ex-’Gay’ iPhone App after Lobbying Campaign by Hateful Homosexual Activists – Yet they leave the Grindr gay hook-up app.  Considering that the rate of syphilis and HIV for gays is more than forty times the rest of us, it seems like the truly hateful thing would be giving people tools to indulge their fix of anonymous sex.

They are “grinding,” the latest verb in the gay lexicon, which refers to the new gay dating app for the iPhone called Grindr. A revolutionary way to meet gay men, Grindr has eliminated the need for “gay-dar”; it uses GPS technology to download hundreds of pictures of available men within walking distance.

Alex and Sean can click on a man’s picture to start a text conversation, send pictures and, if they so desire, make arrangements for a rendezvous. There’s a number on each man’s photo, indicating how many feet away they are at that instant.

Keep Grindr in mind when the mainstream media is telling you how most gays just want to have “traditional” marriages.

Apples’s rejection of Christian apps like the Manhattan Declaration and the Ex-Gay app is just another example of how thin-skinned the LGBTQ lobby is.  Deep down they know they are wrong, so they have to fight to silence every last criticism of their worldview.  But it still won’t work.

Another thorough review of Rob Bell’s false teachings on Hell in his book “Love Wins” – An Open Letter to Rob Bell – after noting the hypocrisy of Bell’s defenders, he explains how Bell cheats in saying the New Testament “only” mentions Hell 14 times.  Bell was being a literalist in only including passages where the word is mentioned while ignoring it when it was clearly described.

He wants a Weiner waiver (to Obamacare) – Could someone be more hypocritical than to take responsibility for the Obamacare debacle and then ask for a waiver to it?

An open letter to Brian McLaren (a Rob Bell-type false teacher)

Arizona Republicans ban race-selection and sex-selection abortions – Yea!  Elections count, people.  Abortions kill innocent but “unwanted” human beings and are a moral evil.  We need a three-pronged approach on the pro-life issue:

  1. Support Pregnancy Resource Centers – volunteer at, pray for or donate to them to help save lives today and for eternity.  They help women and families in their time of need, all for free.
  2. Educate people in the art of pro-life reasoning.
  3. Elect pro-life politicians who will reduce abortions, protect women and children (i.e., parental notification laws) and ultimately make them illegal.

Great – and accurate – send up of Liberal hypocrisy on Libya.  Hat tip: Ironic Surrealism