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money2.jpgThe tax exempt cabinet— first Geithner, now Daschle.  The timeline is even more damning to their cases than I had been led to believe.

I can’t believe the media is letting them get away with this. Oh, wait, I can believe it.  I forgot their mantra: Elect and protect Obama.

Geithner and Daschle should have been laughed off the stage. Obama hasn’t been in office two weeks and we’ve seen one thing like this after another, and his supporters don’t seem to care.

At an absolute minimum this should lead to radical simplification of our tax code.  Even if Obama and his appointees were such blatant liars it would still point out that if these experts can’t do their taxes right then who can?

UPDATE: Great video link supplied by Bill showing Daschle’s “tough on tax cheats” attitude.

Where are FEMA and Obama now?  Where is CNN? — comparing Katrina and the recent ice storm leaving 1,000,000 without power.

James White debated Bart Ehrman, an expert textual critic who nonetheless draws rather odd conclusions about the Bible — namely that if we don’t have the original writings then the Bible can’t have been inspired by God.  Interestingly, if you keep Ehrman talking long enough he concedes all sorts of important points about orthodox views on the Bible.  Read the recap.  Sounds like White did a great job in pointing out Eherman’s errors.

Some beautiful thoughts by Ms. Green on why she worships God.

Smorgasbord theology, its problems and solutions — I’m speaking to a few dozen folks at church tonight about world religions, but the foundation will be how Jesus is the only way and how other religions do not lead to God. I’ll be sharing some key differences between Christianity and major cults and religions as well as how to navigate in conversations with others to share the Gospel accurately and productively.

This should be a “duh” viewpoint on my part but I know that some of these people have been duped by the “all religions lead to God” lie.

Please pray for me!