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Why are there so few gas stations on one side of a state’s border and so many on the other side?

Because economics.  Some states have lower tax rates than others and — spoiler alert! — that changes people’s behavior.

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I won’t drive out of my way to save $0.05 per gallon, but I will to save $0.45 per gallon.  And that’s what I did this afternoon.  It was worth over $5 total to drive a couple extra miles.  No, wait, it was fun because I love to save money like that.

Our state’s tax rates have a huge impact on behavior around the border, and for good reason.  It is simple economics (“the science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, or the material welfare of humankind”).

But here’s the problem: Leftists literally fail at basic economics.  That leads them to make all sorts of bad decisions, whether out of ignorance (e.g., low information voters, big-hearted people who don’t think critically, etc.) or out of malice (e.g., Obama, Clinton, etc.).

For example, they don’t realize that our high corporate tax rates send lots of jobs — and the taxes those employees would have paid — to other countries and divert valuable resources away from productive activities to exercises in finding loopholes. And worse yet, they encourage lobbyists who buy off politicians to create those loopholes.

Leftists think that high tax rates yield more money, but even President Kennedy knew that was wrong.  Obama infamously noted that even if lower capital gains tax rates yielded higher revenues (and they most certainly do) that he would oppose them out of fairness.  That’s Leftist logic, and it is terrible for this country.

About those gas prices . . .

This is not that complicated.

1. The relatively modest increases in the past were considered fair game for Democrats to use against Republicans, so why are they pulling up the drawbridge now and claiming it is just political to expect the President to be able to influence it?

2. More importantly, Obama kept his promise to raise gas prices.  Don’t let people forget that. The Greens want higher fuel prices, and they are getting them.

Via Right Klik: Mission Accomplished:

3. There are at least 10 Ways Obama Could Reduce Gasoline Prices Now.  You can’t drill today and have oil tomorrow, but policy changes have a remarkably quick impact on oil prices.  OPEC knows what short attention spans people have.  If they lower prices temporarily everyone will move to some other topic that the DNC-orchestrated mainstream media tells them to (e.g., “the Republicans want to take away your birth control!!).  That keeps us from making wise strategic moves and keeps us dependent on foreign oil and those who set the prices.

Via Stop the ACLU:

Weekly roundup

cross1.jpgNow here’s a good evangelism idea – give out CD’s with your favorite sermon(s) containing the Gospel.  CDs are cheap – what are they, like 10 cents each these days?  Burn a bunch and put ’em in your trunk.  Also check out the Pocket Testament League where you can get free Gospel of John tracts to pass out.

This seemed like a good idea at the time.  After hearing a show on Apologetics.com about Saint Augustine I figured I should read City of God.  It is a mega-classic Christian book by the most influential Christian outside of the Bible.  Just one little problemo: It is 1,091 pages.  D’oh!

Exxon ain’t so bad – at least they aren’t politically correct.  I used to work for a Fortune 50 company and they bowed down to the GLBTQ lobby.

Intellectuals lie, the powerless die – non-violence is a great route for individuals to take in most situations.  It rarely stops evil regimes.  Lots of liberal ink has been spilled without success in solving pre-war Iraq’s violence and that of Zimbabwe, Darfur, Tibet and the recently released hostages.

Know of any good “end times” blogs or websites?  Leave a comment.  Total Transformation was looking for them.  I know of some bad ones.  Seriously, I haven’t written much on that or researched it much lately.  I did do one piece on The Book of Revelation in 5 easy minutes.

If the Book of Mormon contains the “fulness of the everlasting gospel,” why doesn’t it say anything about so many important teachings such as eternal progression, celestial marriage, the Word of Wisdom, the plurality of Gods, the pre-existence of man, our mother in heaven, baptism for the dead, etc?

Click here for the answer.

Cry Out To Jesus by Third Day – I love this song.  I enjoy playing it on iTunes and strumming along with my guitar.  It makes me think of those who believe Satan’s lies and think they can’t be saved.

Weekly roundup

Good summary of the counterproductive futility of the Democrats on fuel prices – Pelosi & Reid: The Drill Nothing Congress

In November of 2006, House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi issued a press release touting the Democrats’ “common-sense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices.”

She accused the oil companies of “price gouging.”

The average price of regular gas crept over the $4-per-gallon barrier over the weekend . . . That represents a more than 75% increase in the retail price of a gallon of gasoline on Pelosi’s watch. Call it the “Pelosi premium” we’re all now paying.

The myth of Galileo – this is one of those things that never seems to go away.  Sadly, it helps perpetuate the religion vs. science false dichotomy. 

Nice summary of how the Global Warming hoax got started and perpetuated.  If only this could be taught to all the kids forced to watch Gore’s propoganda film.

Sadly, even the pro-legalized abortion leaders don’t listen carefully to pro-life arguments . . . or is it deliberate?  The head of the ACLU kept using the straw-man argument that pro-lifers are trying to force their religious views on others, even though she was the only person in the debate who brought up religion. 

Yes, our pro-life views happen to be in concert with our religious views (“don’t murder”), but we don’t need the Bible to argue the pro-life ethic (or pro-traditional marriage for that matter).  And the pro-legalized-abortionists never seem to object to the apostate religious organizations who aren’t pro-life, even though they are presumably “forcing” their religious views on others as well. 

Nice summary of the differences between Catholics and Protestants on salvation.  Also see Does the Catholic church teach a true Gospel?

There are more ways than one to rob people – great little video of real life issues hospitals face with illegal aliens.  Your insurance $$ at work.

Woo-hoo!  I Can Plainly See is back. 

Thorough explanation of the problems with the book of Mormon changing to accomodate the Civil Rights movement

More hypocrisy from Al Gore – his already significant energy consumption goes up 10%