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Arizona update and the danger of false teachers

Not surprisingly, we got this update today: Judge: Ariz. shooting suspect mentally incompetent.  The guy was in no way influenced by Sarah Palin or any right-wing “extremists.”  He was a psycho that should have been institutionalized.  He loved the anti-Christian Zeitgeist movie.

But do you remember the reactions of the ghouls on the Left?  The bodies weren’t even cold but they read from the “we hate and fear Sarah Palin so she must be destroyed” playbook and blamed her.  They were completely unrepentant.  And ever since they have ignored countless examples of hate and violence from the Left.  Such consistency from the love and tolerance crowd!  Even when it was obvious that this guy wasn’t conservative, CNN and others still debated the issue as if Palin had some impact.

I wrote this at the time:

Waiting on retraction from false teacher on Giffords shooting . . .

Yeah, I know I’ll be waiting a long time, but technically it could happen.  Will false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie retract his attacks on Sarah Palin in light of the facts that the shooter was most decidedly not a TEA partier?   See U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shot In Arizona; Supporter Of Health Care Reform (UPDATED) for the original ghoulish political opportunism, where the bodies weren’t even cold before the “reverend” used the deaths as a hit piece on Palin.

It turns out that the shooter was a liberal who doesn’t believe Jesus is the only way to salvation.  Hey, he’s got the same worldview as Chuck!

P.S. Will Chuck point out how the Daily Kos had a “target” piece on Giffords as well?  Of course not, as that wouldn’t fit in with his “we all need to be nicer — but mainly the Republicans” theme.

The shooter was a liberal whose fixation on Giffords appears to pre-date Palin’s arrival on the national scene.  Chuck must be so disappointed.

Still waiting . . .

Civility and silence

See Wisconsin Democrat makes death threat against Republican Assemblywoman « Wintery Knight.

Despite the following report from the Northwestern at 12:53 PM Monday, no major media outlet other than Fox News has covered this disgusting story:

Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh, called Rep. Michelle Litjens, R-Winneconne, Monday morning to apologize for his comments that Litjens described as containing an obscenity and the words “you’re dead.” Last week, he accepted responsibility for being issued an ordinance violation for visiting a massage parlor in Appleton that was the subject of a prostitution sting.

In this post-Gabrielle Giffords world, with calls for a new civility, a man that was just busted in the middle of a prostitution sting says “You are f–king dead” to a woman on the floor of the Wisconsin assembly, and America’s media couldn’t care less.

Despite this being reported no later than 10:43 AM, a Google news search identified that apart from Wisconsin outlets, only Fox and conservative websites thought this was at all newsworthy.

After the Arizona shootings, false teachers* cried about civility and immediately blamed Sarah Palin, even though their savior, Barak Obama, even had to admit that TEA partiers et al had nothing to do with the Left wing atheist nut who did the shooting.

But when we have story after story of union goons getting violent and actual “You are fucking dead” threats, they and their media accomplices are silent.

If these fakes want to keep pretending that they care about anything besides advancing extreme Left-wing politics they need to at least pretend to care about real, live threats from their side.


*False teachers include people like Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistributionWallis and race-baiting Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie


Such hypocrisy

See Arizona Republic’s SCATHING smackdown of Sheriff Clarence Dupnik « HillBuzz.org.

Q. Why are false teachers like the National Council of (apostate) Churches and race-baiting false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie ignoring the violent words of their messiah and why are they shamelessly exploiting a tragedy to score cheap political points?  Why do they ignore the incompetence of Sheriff Dupnik and quote him as some sort of sage, when he’s on record for proudly mocking his responsibility to up hold the law and failed to protect people from the crazy shooter?

A. Uh, because they are shameless, race-baiting false teachers.

They are also ignoring this map.  Eeek!! Targets!!

Pro-abortion false teachers politicize tragedy by trying to restrict freedoms

Never ones to miss an opportunity to profit from tragedy, the NCC and false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie are trying to restrict your 2nd Amendment rights.  The thing is, though that they are pro-abortion.  Over 3,000 innocent human beings were destroyed today and Chuck and the NCC are fine with that.

“Death and suffering from guns — legally and illegally attained — is virtually a daily occurrence in the cities and villages of this country,” Kinnamon said. “This latest tragedy in Tucson is just the latest reason we should reexamine how guns are so easily attained

“Ending Gun Violence: A Resolution and Call to Action by the National Council of Churches,” by is asking its members to add to note the number of rounds this weapon could hold. The organization has added to its Prevent Gun Violence Resolution a call for action to “decrease the firepower available to civilians by prohibiting high capacity ammunition magazines of more than 10 rounds.”

via National Council of Churches Renews Its Call For Control Of Guns and For Non Violent Discourse.

But why are the NCC and UCC mouthpiece Chuck Currie pretending to care about violence?  Abortion is far more violent than gunfire.  The victims died much more peacefully than the unborn who literally have their skulls crushed and limbs ripped off, all with the blessing of Chuck and the NCC.

The pro-aborts at Sojourner’s missed the point as well.