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Watch how Akin’s comments are treated versus similar gaffes

Senate candidate Todd Akin said some garbled and erroneous things about rape and abortion and has since clarified them.  It appears that he was trying to distinguish between statutory rape and the more violent form, but he used the unfortunate and false term of “legitimate” to describe the latter.  He obviously wasn’t trying to say that some rapes were legitimate in the sense of being acceptable, but that isn’t how the media and the Left are playing it.  If anything, he was implying that statutory rapes were less severe.

His broader point of defending the children of rapists from death and destruction was lost.

While Romney and Ryan were quick to do the politically expedient thing in distancing themselves from Akin, I’m disappointed that their response was an endorsement of abortion in the case of rape.  I would have preferred the following:

We disagree with Akin’s botched descriptions of “legitimate rape,” of course, because he knows and we know there is no such thing.

But we agree that as awful as any type of rape is, it is never a justification for killing the innocent human being who was conceived by the rape.  Killing the unborn does not undo the rape.

We also want to note that statutory rape is still rape, and that Planned Parenthood has a long and detailed history of systemically hiding those atrocities.  If elected, one of our first acts will be to investigate them and defund them so that victims of statutory rape and sex trafficking will be protected and that your tax dollars will not support the protection of their abusers.

If we had journalists who were even remotely unbiased, they’d do the following:

  1. Report on the statutory rape and sex trafficking cover-ups at Planned Parenthood.
  2. Give more attention to the FRC shooting, where a pro-gay person — apparently fueled by the ironic hate speech of the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Left in general — planned to shoot those who hold the same views about marriage that Barrack Obama did until a few months ago.  They were barely reporting on this story as it was.  Now it will disappear completely.
  3. Note that Akin is obviously not pro-rape.  He just misspoke in a very bad way.
  4. The current President defended infanticide.
  5. Note that the gaffes of Biden weren’t mistakes (reporting on that will disappear today as well

When this topic comes up I hope that pro-lifers will be quick to point out that all rapes are evil and that killing the children conceived in rapes is also wrong.  Ask pro-choicers if they oppose all rapes, and if so, why aren’t they alarmed that Planned Parenthood doesn’t just misspeak about rapes, as Akin did, but they systematically cover them up?

Fake Christian Chuck Currie sheds crocodile tears about FRC shooting

False teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie took a break from taking little girls to gay pride parades to pretend to be upset about the shooting at the Family Research Council.  If you read the post you’ll see that it he just fakes concern so he can advance his anti-gun agenda and pile on Bible-believing Christians as haters — Shooting At Family Research Council Must Be Condemned; Shows Need For New Gun Controls.

He called FRC a hate group because someone else has called them a hate group.  Golly, that’s good logic!

He claimed the shooter’s motives weren’t known, but that is false.

And he subtly blames the FRC for the shooting, noting that they didn’t call for prayers for the Colorado or Sikh temple shootings.  Yeah, Chuck, the FRC guard really got what he deserved!  Maybe they really prayed about it as individuals and didn’t just pretend to care like you do.  Your lack of sincerity on this shooting is indicative of your lack of sincerity in your calls to prayer (and you pray to Satan, anyway!).

And isn’t it obvious, using Liberal Logic, that Chuck & Co. are to blame for this?  They have perpetually demonized real Christians as haters, and then they act surprised when their words have incited violence.

I’m always tempted to say Chuck has hit a new, but that would be an exaggeration.  He just stays low.