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The State of Illinois refused to let citizens purchase the “Adopt — Choose life” license plate.  The case was appealed to the Supreme Court, which refused to hear it.  I don’t know the legal particulars, but I am disappointed at just how transparently pro-abortion the “pro-choice” groups are in Illinois.  If they are really pro-choice, why wouldn’t they be glad to see those license plates out there?  The license plates concede that there is a legal choice and simply encourage people to consider a choice other than abortion. 

More fossil marketing— “Ardi” is just (bad) capitalism in action.  The Ida fossil, while a truly spectacular find, turned out to be an overblown embarrassment with respect to the “missing link” schtick.  It had a very effective marketing approach that earned some people big $$ before everyone realized how over-hyped it was. 

Oh, and of course, macro-evolution is totally as well documented as gravity, even though they keep finding “missing” links (I didn’t know gravity had missing links, but hey, I’m not a scientist.).

“You know the old story about free milk and a cow? Make up your mind to keep the cow in the barn.”— a current and candid analysis of some always timely advice.

Absolutely amazing, even for the grossly biased mainstream media: CNN criticized SNL for a skit about Obama!  But hey, I remember them fact-checking all the Palin skits as well . . . or do I?  At least the White House was smart enough not to comment.

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