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I told you to drink whole milk!


Mainly because it tastes better, but also for health reasons.

First, let’s see what Ron Swanson has to say about skim milk:

If you didn’t find that persuasive enough, read this at the Fooducate blog: Reduced Fat Milk Contributing to Obesity ?!?

1. Very little data exists showing that skim milk helps weight loss

2. Since reduced or non fat dairy might not be as filling as the whole version, it could lead to people consuming more. As a result, overall calorie consumption may be the same or higher than the whole version.

Here are some numbers for you to contemplate:

  • A full fat glass of milk has 150 calories, 8 grams of fat, 5 of them are saturated fat.
  • A glass of skim milk has 90 calories, and no fat.
  • A glass of skim chocolate milk has 160 calories, no fat, but 3-4 teaspoons worth of added sugar!

Maybe children today are drinking skim chocolate milk, whereas a generation ago kids were fine with full fat whole milk, unflavored? Overall, the calories are similar.

The scientists conclude that the recommendation for 3 servings of low fat dairy per day needs to be reconsidered.

By the way, another interesting point with respect to nonfat milk is nutrient bioavailability. The vitamins A, D, E, and K are a wonderful part of milk. But, they are fat soluble, which means they can only be absorbed by the digestive system in the presence of fat. If you drink skim milk, there won’t be any fat for these nutrients to get absorbed with.

Once again, it is best to keep things simple.  The vast majority of things in the grocery store are processed beyond recognition and not good for you. I’m not saying to never eat them.  But make sure you have a foundation of basics that aren’t processed: Fruits, vegetables, dairy, whole grain cereals, etc.  They will give you nutrition and fill you up.  If you eat the processed stuff first your body will crave more because it hasn’t received the nutrition it needs.

Oh, and the real stuff tastes better!

How about if the government tried to solve some real problems first?

So they Feds have done nothing to curb the illegal immigration problem for the last few decades and Attorney General Eric Holder hasn’t even read the law he has been criticizing, but they think they should spend tax dollars so Big Government can Monitor How Much Your Kids Weigh?

And what are they doing to prevent terrorist attacks on our soil?  They glossed over the military base murders and the mainstream media acts as if it never happened.  We got lucky with the eunuch-bomber and the Times Square bomber but that will run out soon.

(Oh, and by the politically correct definition, isn’t it “hate speech” for Michelle Obama to keep picking on kids who are fat?  Is she liable if her inflammatory rhetoric causes kids to pick on those who are overweight?)

How many other serious problems can you think of that the Federal Government should be solving but isn’t, even while branching out into more areas beyond its charter?

Weight loss, fitness and improved health: The title is the book

If I were to write a book about weight loss the content would be the same as the title — just twelve words.

Eat a little healthier and a little less.  Exercise a little more.

If people would follow that, using whatever definitions they liked for “little,” “healthier” and “excercise,” I think they see sustained results, more energy and better health.

But I don’t think I’d sell many copies.