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More sounds of silence

I was eager to see the pro-abortion bloggers rail against this murderer, but it hasn’t happened: Pro-abortion shooter murders two pro-lifers, pro-abortion groups silent « Wintery Knight Blog.  They boo-hoo’d over the death of their hero George Tiller, but are strangely silent on this one (except for the commenters who are rejoicing that a pro-lifer was murdered).  Doesn’t this lone gunman represent all the pro-choicers?  Didn’t their hateful rhetoric lead to this murder? 


These good “Christian” folks are too busy lamenting the “wackjob” citizens with only “hate and fear” to offer who had the nerve to exercise their First Amendment rights, unlike the universally peaceful Liberals making bomb threats

It is amusing watching the childish name calling by Liberals who will do and say almost anything to avoid talking about the content of the issues.

I’m really encouraged to see Obama uniting the country — though in ways he never dreamed of.  I didn’t even realize there was a big rally going on this weekend (contrary to what the Stereotype Land folks believe I don’t listen to Rush or watch Beck, though I have nothing against their shows).  Yet look how many attended.  The numbers are all over the place, but it was certainly a massive turnout.