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Another Darwinian tautology

A tautology is an essentially meaningless statement where all instances are true, such as, “It will rain today or it won’t.”  Much of Darwinian evolution “evidence” falls into this category.

Here’s the latest, via Don’t ask us how the most complex eyes appeared at the beginning. Instead, we offer to solve a tautology for you, about the yes of some Early Cambrian arthropods that predate other finds by 85 million years (i.e., they are very early fossils):

“The arrangement and size of the lenses indicate that these eyes belonged to an active predator that was capable of seeing in low light. The eyes are more complex than those known from contemporaneous trilobites and are as advanced as those of many living forms.”

. . .

They provide further evidence that the Cambrian explosion involved rapid innovation in fine-scale anatomy as well as gross morphology, and are consistent with the concept that the development of advanced vision helped to drive this great evolutionary event.

Did you catch that?  If you were a high school student who trusted your teachers, you’d think they had evidence for this unbelievably rapid amount of highly complex change.  But they merely assume that it evolved, so it “had” to have been a great evolutionary event and another example of “rapid innovation.”


A baby escaped death at Planned Parenthood in Sunnyside, WA, today — always know the address and phone number of your local Care Net or other crisis pregnancy center!!  You could be saving lives now and for eternity.

Michael Medved’s “The 5 Big Lies About American Business” — loved this quote, as well as his take on why Starbucks gives better service than the DMV.

If you believe that when the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, then you believe that creating wealth causes poverty. And……..you’re an idiot.

TLC Singer Chilli Describes Abortion Grief: ‘I Cried Almost Every Day for 9 Years’ — Don’t believe the pro-choice lies and think that abortion will solve your problem.  It was only make matters worse.  If you are thinking about having one, don’t.  If you had one, forgiveness and healing in Jesus is possible.  Get help.

If you fly on Continental much, consider a Chase Continental Mastercard.  This is the only time I’ve ever paid an annual fee for a VISA / Mastercard, but it is worth it.  For $85 you get 25,000 miles for signing up and adding another card holder (that’s one free trip).  Also, you get the fees waived for the first piece of luggage on every flight.  If two people take one bag per trip that’s $100.

Pregnant mom to be charged with killing her preborn baby if DUI — All her lawyer needs to do is say that she was on her way to get an abortion.  Because that would mean the unborn child was unwanted and therefore without value, right?

Breaking, new Gallup poll: “The new normal on abortion: Americans more ‘pro-life'” — the pro-aborts are squirming, because every group except Democrats is trending pro-life, including the youth.

More about evolutionists’ changing their story on the alleged flaws of the human eye — they are shameless.

One bit of data evolutionists have used to challenge the idea that the universe is designed is the way human eyes are constructed.  The backwards structure of the retina seems on appearance to be a mistake, a work around to adapt to a bad evolutionary development.  Why, the evolutionists have ask, would designer plan a flawed structure?

A new study reveals that this structure actually is advantageous, providing better sight and protection for the eye.  It might be said to be ingeniously designed.  Now that the data has change, though, evolutionists aren’t reexamining their conclusion; they’re just reasserting their conclusion.

How the gay lobby threatens corporations to get funding — unethical, but effective.  I saw this happen over and over at HP.  One “Diversity” group funded by the corporation had a team-building event at a drag queen show.  It was advertised on the company Intranet.  HP leaders were scared to death of not having a 100% GLBT rating.