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Those “fake” death panels

Hey, I checked my stats and saw two whole hits coming from the site of a well documented fraud.  Welcome!  I’m glad you are reading a site that professes authentic Christianity and not the fake, girlie-man, passive-aggressive, postmodern, intellectually bankrupt, “In your face, God!” tripe put out by Liberal theologians. 

Here’s a news clip about an Oregon woman who was told that her chemo wouldn’t be covered but her physician-assisted suicide would be:

But the death panels aren’t real, you lying conservative haters!  Which is why we took them out of the bill!  Where do you come up with these things?!


Hat tip: Duane’s Mind (via Facebook)


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Great fact-filled piece by Ann Coulter about the Professor Gates affair

Senate drops “death panel” provision — you know, the death panel that didn’t exist.

Barack, I know Abe Lincoln, and you ain’t Abe Lincoln

Another one of President Obama’s deceptions about his plans for abortion funding.  Here’s part of what he said two years ago:

Obama responded quite clearly he planned for abortion not only to be part of taxpayer-funded health care but also forcibly covered by private insurers. He added he thought it “important” for the United States’ largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, to be part of his plan.

“Well, look, in my mind reproductive care is essential care. It is basic care. And so it is at the center and at the heart of the plan that I propose. Essentially … we’re gonna set up a public plan … that will provide all essential services, including reproductive services.We also will subsidize those who prefer to stay in the private insurance market – except the insurers are going to have to abide by the same rules in terms of providing comprehensive care, including reproductive care.”

William Dembski answers the top 3 objections to intelligent design

The MP3 file is here.

Here are the objections he addressed:

  1. Just because something is unlikely doesn’t mean that it was designed because improbable things occur all the time.
  2. You can’t infer design if the object is sub-optimally designed, or exhibits evil
  3. But intelligent design is just re-packaged creationism