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‘Can I have my money back?’ Father confronts Elizabeth Warren over student loan forgiveness — This is such a great campaign issue for Republicans.  Even Leftists who paid off their loans (or didn’t take out loans) won’t want to pay off the loans of anyone else, especially those who got Lesbian Astrology degrees.  Just another example of shameless vote-buying by the Communists.  The sense of entitlement in this country is already staggering.  Letting special interest groups force others to pay off their loans would make things even worse.

So brave: Woman’s act of resistance is to take up the best parking spaces at Masterpiece Cakeshop — “Christian” Leftist walking freak show Nadia-Bolz Weber (BFF of Rachel Held Evans, of course) is the woman in question.  She bravely deleted her Tweet when people started pointing her hypocrisy of doing this while posing as a Christian pastor.  And note how her act was extra-stupid and hateful: She wasn’t harming the owner, she was inconveniencing his customers (then again, she probably hates them as well for supporting a guy with Christian standards).  So she’s petty, evil and not a very clear thinker.  So typical of the “Christian” Left.

Longtime Willow Creek Member Accuses Bill Hybel’s Mentor, Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian, of Clergy Sexual Abuse — Willow Creep Church was a sham on many levels, yet Hybels is still celebrated by many.

Transsexual Called “Bravest Athlete in History” for Beating Up Woman — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.

It may have been fun to snigger at obsequious media apparatchiks obediently pretending that Bruce Jenner is a woman, but the transsexual front in progressives’ war against civilization and sanity stops being funny when the conversation turns to Fallon Fox.

As mentioned earlier (see here and here), Fallon Fox is a mixed martial arts fighter who beats up women in public and gets paid for it.

For engaging in behavior that would result in felony charges in any sane society, Mr Fox has been christened “the bravest athlete in history.”

The Cyprus Rape Liar — What really happened? — Girl behaves like complete slut then tries to destroy the lives of many guys by claiming she was raped.  She should be in jail for as long as they would have been if they had really raped her.

I’ve used Dashlane for years to store passwords, addresses (including old ones), personal information like Social Security and license numbers, and much more.  You just need one robust overall password and the rest is automated. It gives you much stronger passwords and you don’t have to remember them.  It saves me time every day, but if you ever move or have to change default credit card numbers it will really save you time.  Just one click will populate address forms and such.

And when my Dad died in 2017 it saved me countless hours, as I was able to export his passwords from a different password app (very glad that my 89 year old dad was tech-savvy enough to do that!) and import them to Dashlane.  I was constantly logging into various accounts for months and Dashlane let me do it automatically.

For your master password, I recommend taking a regular (but odd) word and combining it with an abbreviation of a Bible passage, because that is easy to remember and has upper and lower case letters, numbers, a colon and a dash yet is still easy to remember.

Dashlane makes your life a million times easier. Get started with these three steps and you’ll be up and running.

First: Get the app on your phone and computer. That way your passwords will go wherever you do. 

Second: Install the extension on your favorite browser, and stay logged into Dashlane when you’re on your computer. The extension will save all your passwords and logins as you browse. 

Third: Turn off any other autofill or password tools like Chrome or Keychain, otherwise they’ll just get in the way of Dashlane doing its thing. AKA filling in your passwords. 

Get started with these three steps, and you can always check back here for more tips.

President proclaims Wednesday ‘National Sanctity of Human Life Day,’ will appear at March for Life — Good for him!

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