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So many conservative principles being proved true!

As if you didn’t have enough evidence already, Conservatism is vastly superior to Leftism.  This pandemic made that painfully clear.

  1. We need to have guns.  The police in some cities quit responding to certain crimes and were setting prisoners free.  And if there would have been food shortages then things would have gotten even uglier.  One of the great bits of news I’ve seen is how some Leftists are getting mugged by reality when trying to buy a gun for themselves: Virus-Panicked Liberal Gun Buyers Are Getting Angry When They Discover Their Own Gun Control Laws.  Hopefully lots of people are re-thinking their stereotypes about guns, gun owners and gun laws – among other Leftist thoughts!  This should be a great campaign issue for Republicans.
  2. Borders count!  You already had to be malicious or ignorant to be for open borders, but now even Leftists have a tough time pushing for those with a straight face.
  3. Maybe people should spend less and tats, partying, clothes, iPhones, etc. and save some money for emergencies!
  4. A totalitarian Communist government caused the most expensive and deadly crisis in history and exacerbated it with their predictable lies and destruction of dissenters.  Capitalistic countries helped solve it.
  5. On balance, conservatives have been much more respectful towards professions like truckers and grocers.  Now the Left realizes you need them more than you do celebrities and sports stars (not that they should be paid the same . . . supply and demand still rules).  I hope that change lasts.
  6. Public schools are outdated and full of time-wasting activities and Leftist propaganda.  I was surprised at some of the people noting how little of their children’s days are spent actually learning in school.
  7. Now that we have real problems, micro-aggressions are being exposed for the nonsense that they are.  Hey, they even told us in the name that they are micro.  So why did anyone ever take them seriously?
  8. The free market solved the toilet paper situation quickly.  We should share that example often and remind people of how it works in Venezuela.
  9. Globalism is not a winning strategy.
  10. You need limited government.  It didn’t take long for governments to trample basic rights, fining people for things like parking their car by the beach while ignoring unsafe encounters at farmer’s markets and such.

To be continued . . .

And enjoy this list:

By the time the pandemic is over, everyone will be convinced that…

  1. Open borders are a menace.

  2. Globalization is a menace.

  3. Public transportation is a menace, while private cars keep families safe.

  4. Public schools are a menace.

  5. Homeschooling is great.

  6. Gun owners have fewer anxieties to deal with during a crisis.

  7. Hollywood is a bunch of nincompoops.

  8. The mainstream media is a useless menace.

  9. Communists can’t be trusted and are a menace.

  10. Capitalist enterprise reacts to emergencies faster and more efficiently, while the obstructionist bureaucracy is a menace.

  11. All essentials must be manufactured within our own borders.

  12. A businessman makes a better president than a career politician.

Various lessons from the Chinese virus crisis

The past few weeks have been like a bad movie made by 2nd graders, but you are chained to the chair and can’t stop watching.

As I like to say on good days and bad, it is a great day to be a Christian.  But it is especially great during a personal or societal crisis.  We know that our Redeemer lives.  Our #1 problem in life – being rebellious sinners against an omnipotent and perfectly holy God — was solved by our Savior.  If we focus on him we can continue to live with joy.

Empty shelves and hoarding were newsworthy because they were such an anomaly in our great capitalistic country. But that’s daily life with socialism and communism.

Will people learn to save more for emergencies or will the government “giving” them money reinforce the fiction that all your big problems will be solved by them?

Leftists think Trump is Hitler 2.0 and they criticize him 24×7 in the most vicious terms while the real despots are in Socialist / Communist countries: Chinese tycoon vanishes after calling Xi a ‘clown,’ slamming government’s handling of COVID-19.  Short of making death threats, no one has been arrested in the U.S. for hating on Trump.

Predictably, the Left has exploited the virus to harm Trump, but all you need to know is that Biden criticized Trump for banning travel from China.  That foolish move alone shows that he is incompetent and malicious.  The same goes for anyone else on the Left: If they ever accused Trump of overreacting with the China travel ban or anything else, they need to shut up.

We must be less reliant on other countries for our basic needs. Why would you source over 90% of key medicines from a sworn enemy?

We must protect our borders, and anyone who still opposes that Is doing it from malice. Before it might have been from ignorance, but no longer.

I don’t mind the government making suggestions, but I don’t like the fact that they can mandate against our right to free assembly. That’s a bad habit to get into.  I appreciate churches erring on the side of safety, but I don’t want the government telling me I can’t assemble however I like.  Just say no to more government power in this pandemic:

Let’s not give the government more power to dictate our lives, even during a pandemic. Common sense isn’t a government-forced lockdown of life. It is reducing regulations so companies can get a vaccine out quicker to the general populace and not telling private labs to stop testing if they have found a way to detect the virus.

We don’t need to embrace socialism or a top-heavy approach to fighting a pandemic, temporary or not. ‘Temporary’ tends to become long-term in the hands of the government.

And does anyone think these government leaders shared in the suffering for any shortages?

Oh, then there’s this: Illinois Mayor Grants Herself Power to Ban Guns During Coronavirus Pandemic.  Leftists would never abuse that, would they?

Hopefully people find some new and long-lasting habits.  Maybe they’ll realize that they don’t need to spend so much time tracking the exploits of athletes and celebrities and watching various sportsball events.  Hopefully they’ll use the time to exercise themselves.  Or that time with their kids can be fun and helpful to them.

I had to go on Facebook to watch our church’s live streaming (I borrow my wife’s account) and noticed many people sharing links to their church’s streaming services.  Hopefully some people who don’t otherwise attend church will check them out.  My Mom is a very committed Bible believer but is in a denomination that has drifted, so I was encouraged when she really enjoyed a link to our church’s site (45 minutes of outstanding expository preaching!).  Downside: More people probably watched Joel Osteen and the like [shudders].

I really hope people don’t cut back on their giving just because they aren’t attending in person.  This is not the time to shortchange God!

Hopefully more people will consider getting out of government schools!  Parents Worried They’ll Have To Raise Their Own Children As Government Schools Shut Down | The Babylon Bee

And maybe it will make more people reconsider traditional colleges.  Who needs wildly expensive campus experiences, where there is more debauchery than learning?  Just go online for a fraction of the cost.  The “greens” should be wild about online textbooks instead of paper, and they should be less expensive.  They can use recorded videos for most things and save lots of $$.

The company I work for had all non assembly/shipping/sales people work from home for now.  I’ve been working from home for years, so this wasn’t much of a change for me.  Half my team travels a lot and half is at our corporate offices, so the latter are getting used to working from home for a stretch.  Saving the time and stress of commuting is great!  I challenged them all with a simple mission: Be safe, innovative and productive.  So far, so good.

If the Leftist “green” movement was not hypocritical and haters of humanity, wouldn’t they be pushing aggressively for more work-at-home and home schooling options?  Look how much less traffic there is!  Home schoolers don’t sit outside schools with their engines idling mornings and afternoons dropping off and waiting for kids.  The Left should be thrilled with this, but they aren’t.   Because hypocrisy.

Yes, the Leftist / Deep State really are cheering this.

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Finally, just remember that extended family time worked out great in The Shining.  Our kids are out of the house and Mrs. Eternity Matters is used to me working at home.  But here are some ideas if you have young ones: Activities While Being “Stuck” at Home

Whether good times or bad, always make the best of everything.  Enjoy the time.  Read the Bible and pray more.  Memorize Bible verses.  Exercise.  Make new good habits.

Be blessed!