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Beware of “Christians” who don’t attend church.

People like Donald Miller: via I Don’t Worship God by Singing. I Connect With Him Elsewhere.

So, do I attend church? Not often, to be honest.

Like I said, it’s not how I learn.

But I also believe the church is all around us, not to be confined by a specific tribe. (tweet this)

I’m fine with where I’ve landed and finally experiencing some forward momentum in my faith. I worship God every day through my work. It’s a blast.

So are you an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner? And if visual or kinesthetic, how do you connect with God?

He knows so little about the Bible that he thinks we only go to church to learn.  He rationalizes his disobedience with various excuses.  But in the end he deliberately checks out because he doesn’t love Christ’s bride.

P.S. And he is putting on a conference with Anne Lamott, a pro-abortion New Ager posing as a Christian.

“It is a moral necessity that we not be forced to bring children into the world for whom we cannot be responsible and adoring and present,” she writes. “We must not inflict life on children who will be resented; we must not inflict unwanted children on society.”

Note to Anne: Those children are already in the world.  Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  And you don’t “inflict life” on anyone, but you can sure inflict death on them via abortion.



Why the decline in church attendance?

See Why I don’t want to come to your church.  The money slide:

Presbyterian study – why people stay in church: In our study, the single best predictor of church participation turned out to be belief – orthodox Christian belief, and especially the teaching that a person can be saved only through Jesus Christ.

Virtually all our baby boomers who believe this are active members of a church.

That’s one reason I focus so much on the exclusivity of Jesus and blast the false teachers who deny this.  The only good news is that the fakes will keep shrinking.

There are 100+ passages in the New Testament that state directly or indirectly that Jesus is the only way to salvation (I submit that the NT doesn’t make sense outside that idea).

And of course the Old Testament has nearly continuous reminders not to worship other gods.  Of course, repeating things a lot isn’t what makes them true.  We trust in the truth of Christianity because we believe that Jesus really rose from the dead.

But the abundance and clarity of those passages means that anyone claiming the name of Christ should hold those views.  Anyone denying them is either a false teacher or is saved and very, very confused.

The key is to preach the truth of God all day, every day.  If we really believe in God then that should be obvious.  Church attendance will then take care of itself.  The churches playing the bait-and-switch game – and worse yet, forgetting to switch – mock the cross.