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Play False Teacher Bingo with false teacher Chuck Currie!

Fisking the posts of  false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie and similar Democratic shills gets repetitive, so I thought I’d make a handy list of bingo-type items to make it more fun.  You better pay attention, though, because there will usually be a winner before you get past the first paragraph.

The politics-disguised-as-religion of false teacher Chuck and others is pretty predictable.  Here’s a sample from his latest post — Jon Huntsman’s Crazy Tweet.

1. Faux attempt at agreeability: Check

There is a lot you can disagree with GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman on.  After all, debate is what campaigns are all about.

Of course, Huntsman is from the Obama team and is as much of a true conservative as Chuck is a true Christian.  And Chuck usually prattles about civility before making vicious and unfounded attacks.

2. Straw man about Christians being anti-science: Check

But I appreciated his “crazy” tweet this week for two reasons:  he embraced science (while the rest of the GOP field seems to be afraid of science and the role it plays in society) and he demonstrated that there are issues on which Republicans and Democrats can and should find common ground.


Of course, he shouldn’t blindly trust scientists on global warming or anything else.  If Chuck knew about original sin he’d realize that everyone is capable of putting their interests over the truth.  Sort of how Chuck is a serial, unrepentant liar himself.

And of course, everyone believes in some form of evolution.  It is part of the Leftist game to act like we don’t realize that micro-evolution exists.  That is a real tip-off to whether your opponent is being disingenuous like Chuck and Huntsman.

And do Chuck and Huntsman trust the scientists worried about how global warming will tip of space aliens?  Now that seems crazy to me.  I keep thinking that must be fromThe Onion, but apparently not.

3. Pretend that Republicans only care about themselves and not the country, while slamming those who question Obama’s patriotism: Check.

 You’ll remember that the GOP’s Senate leader was asked after the 2010 election what his party’s #1 priority was:  beating President Obama in 2012, he replied.  He didn’t say fixing the economy or creating jobs.

Did Chuck miss where Obama’s economic counsel noted that he needed to do something about jobs so he could get re-elected but not because they should actually do something about jobs?

4. Ridiculous hyperbole:  Check.

The only goal the Republicans have is defeating President Obama and in the debate over the debt ceiling they proved they were willing to drive the country over a cliff to do so – no matter what happened to the American people.

Pointing out that spending 60+% over what you take in is bad for the health of the nation is not “driving the country over a cliff.”  Spending 60% more than what you take in is driving the country over a cliff — and saying it is all Jesus’ idea is just blasphemy on the part of the religious Left.

5. Repeat the “Tea Party downgrade” sound bite like a good little fake reverend political shill: Check

And thus we received the Tea Party downgrade of our credit rating as a nation.  All because of politics.

Oh, yes, because people like Chuck are never just about politics!  And the S&P documents were clear in saying that a $4 trillion reduction would have saving the rating.  And who had the $4 trillion reduction in the plan?  The Tea Party.  But Chuck is just reading from his script.

6. Pretend that the Republicans should pick the candidate that the Democrats and the mainstream media (a redundancy, I know) like best: Check.

Huntsman is running a campaign that seems to be based on the idea that the country is more important than any one election or political party.

This is like E.J. Dionne’s article this morning fawning over Mitt Romney and bashing Rick Perry.  Uh, isn’t Dionne a serious Liberal?  If he likes a Republican candidate that much shouldn’t I be a bit wary?  Same thing with Chuck pushing Huntsman.

But hey, letting the Left pick McCain in 2008 sure turned out well, didn’t it?

7. Work in the “hate”/ “homophobe” theme: Check

The Tea Party GOP might hate him for it and he might drop out before a single vote is cast but it will be to their lasting regret.

OK, that wasn’t Chuck’s typical abuse of the “hate” card, but most of his posts have it.  He typically plays the Liberal game of quoting some group that has classified another group as a “hate organization.”  How do they define hate?  Merely stating that homosexual behavior is a sin or that Islam is a false religion (so technically they think all authentic Christians — and Jesus, of course — are haters).  But Chuck & Co. never offer real evidence, they just quote the 3rd party as being authoritative.

And of course, those like Chuck are the real homophobes, as they are so scared of the LGBTQ lobby that they’ll deny their (alleged) God, holy book and common sense to please them.

8.Work in terms like extremist, radical right, etc. – preferably multiple times: Check

Huntsman is a conservative, no question about it, but he is a principled American first and a candidate like that could win a general election (maybe not against President Obama, who is also a principled man) but the GOP today doesn’t seem as interested in principle as they do extremism.

Chuck was lazy today, but he usually works in the “extremist” theme several times.

Seems to me that the extremists would be those who think that:

  • it is OK to crush and dismember innocent but unwanted human beings
  • marriage should be redefined to include men marrying men and women marrying women.
  • you should tell the government to take from neighbor A by force to “give” to neighbor B and call it charity on your part.
  • you can call yourself a  Christian reverend but teach that Jesus is not the only way to salvation, you can’t trust the Bible, and that Christians have as much to learn from Islam and other religions as they do from us.
  • it is good parenting to take 6 yr. old girls to gay pride parades.

9. Play the race card: Whoa — he forgot one of his favorites!  Maybe he’ll update the post later.  If you’ve seen Chuck at his blog or when he posts elsewhere, he has a little routine where as quickly as possible he makes some sort of KKK or other racist reference.  My favorite example of his race-baiting was when he didn’t realize that the pastor he was criticizing was black and and he accused him of being a racist.  Oops!

Here’s your list.  What am I missing?

1. Faux attempt at agreeability

2. Straw man about Christians being anti-science

3. Pretend that Republicans only care about themselves and not the country, while slamming those who question Obama’s patriotism

4. Ridiculous hyperbole

5. Repeat the “Tea Party downgrade” sound bite

6. Pretend that the Republicans should pick the candidate that the Democrats and the mainstream media (a redundancy, I know) like best

7. Work in the “hate” /”homophobe” theme

8. Work in terms like extremist, radical right, etc. – preferably multiple times

9. Work the race card


Ann Coulter files hate speech claim against Canadian university —  where you can speak your mind as long as no one (on the Left) gets offended.  Coming soon to a country near you!

Hillary Clinton is OK with abortions, just not gender-selection abortions — but if they don’t kill innocent human beings, why does the motive count?  (hat tip: Chance)

Great summary on the health care debacle by Marshall.

I should be overjoyed at ACORN calling it quits, but they are obviously just changing their names and reorganizing.  They won’t go far, and they’ll still get their funding.

Bart Stupak and the myth of the “pro-life Democrat” — I can’t tell you how many “pro-life Democrats” I know who voted for Obama, the most pro-abortion President ever.

False teacher considers taxpayer-funded abortions to being part of a “beloved community” — no surprise there.

Did everyone sign the health care bill? You know I did!

Seriously,  I will grant that Obama & Co. do a much better job of influencing people than the Republicans.  It is proven — though not that well known — that even getting people to do small gestures like signing a document or donating $5 dramatically increases their commitment to a candidate or program (even a horrible, horrible candidate/program like this one).