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World’s most famous Italian Greyhounds! Probably!

Admittedly it is a niche category, but I’ve got the evidence to back up my claim.  My all-time favorite picture of my dogs was used on a t-shirt sold by Aerie (a girls’ clothing chain owned by American Eagle).  Now they are all over North America!  My daughters were excited when the salespeople said it was their favorite shirt (without knowing it was our dogs).

Click the picture for a larger view.  A shot of the t-shirt is in the upper-right.  Wishbone and Xannie are in the back.

It was one of those rare shots where they actually look posed (seeing the other shots from that day will tell you that it was a random event to have them looking the same direction and to be positioned like that).  We just had the patio put in so it is perfectly white, and the lighting was just right.

They did turn Wishbone into a girl on the t-shirt, but he hasn’t noticed and I don’t plan on telling him.   Shhhhh . . .

P.S. Here’s another secret: We don’t think Xannie is all Italian Greyhound.  We think she is part stuffed animal or possibly part skunk.


Evangelical atheists try to get equal time for their views in state holiday display – These folks need to understand that the term “holidays” is a contraction of “holy” and “days.”  It just doesn’t apply to them.

That said, we shouldn’t get up in arms over this.  We should just ignore them.  They try to infringe on our free speech rights, but let’s not stoop to their level.

Dan Barker is a self parody.  Yeah, Christmas celebrations “stole” the holiday.  How amusing to see him make a moral claim that he thinks we should care about.

“Gay Bible” to be published – Hey, I’m just glad that they know that the real Bible clearly teaches that homosexual behavior is a sin and that the only way around that is to create a God in your own image.  Too bad so many false-teaching Christians can’t understand the real Bible like the authors of this fake version.   Hope the theological liberals catch that part.  And I hope that the “translators” are convicted as they read the real text and realize that forgiveness is possible through Christ. 

And as the link asks, “Where’s the Gay Koran…oh wait, nevermind…..”

UK bishops demand Muslim prayer rooms in Catholic schools – the closing comment says it all:

Winston Churchill was right:

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

Why did the terrorists pick Mumbai, India?  Lax gun control was probably part of the rationale. 

Censorship masquerading as protection – University of Calgary forces changes to pro-life demonstration because it might trigger violence against them.  I wonder if they are so protective of protestors that align with their worldview?