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I read this morning that people in the U.S. spend over $1B per year on Botox.  Wow.  One bank will even give you a loan for this all important procedure of injecting poison into your head to temporarily reduce your wrinkles.

I was getting a haircut once and a lady who was waiting recounted her most recent Botox experience:

  • Spending hundreds of dollars plus time to get the treatment
  • 3 days of painful headaches
  • Less than stellar results, in my opinion – her forehead was as smooth as glass but rather incongruous with the rest of her face

After all that she still gave no indication of stopping future treatments.  Weird and sad.

I know we can all spend money frivolously sometimes, but when in doubt I often think of the cost of sponsoring a child with a group like World Vision ($28/month).  The cost of a Botox treatment could feed, clothe and educate a child for a year, not to mention send her a message of hope and love.