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Does proof deny faith? No.

I received a pleasant email from someone who asserted that offering evidence for God’s existence somehow would nullify the Christian faith.

I read some of your comment on this blog…


pretty cool. most of the creationists I know can’t actually hold up a decent argument about their beliefs, but you held your corner pretty well. (granted, I don’t know that many creationists).

Its refreshing because I’m used to atheists throwing reason and evidence at them while they… just sort of try not to sin. 

and the other guy kept making spelling mistakes – (“grammer is actually grammar” hahaha). He didn’t really seem very tolerant. Lots of Ad “Hominium” as he put it, har har.

but then I went to this part of your blog


and i found something rather amusing…

you’ve probably read Douglas Adams, right?

Proof denies faith…

If the existence of God is proven (by whatever methods) then surely that makes religion redundant?

Isn’t the whole point of Christianity to accept or reject God’s love? On faith?

Being a Christian and trying to ascertain the existence of God sort of nullifies your faith doesn’t it? Regardless of whether you succeed, the very fact that you tried to do so undermines your faith, regardless of how strong THAT was.


The Christian disappears in puff of logic.

 Haha just kidding. Thoughts?

My response:

I haven’t read Douglas Adams, but Christianity heartily rejects the “proof denies faith” concept.  That is a common misunderstanding of the term faith, at least as it is used in the Bible.

As an example, read the book of Acts, which chronicles the early church.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented 13 times in various ways to various people.  It is never presented as “blind faith” or believing in spite of contrary evidence.  It is faith in something, or more particularly, someone – Jesus.  We have evidence and logic for the facts that Jesus really lived and died and that trusting in him is the only path to having our sins forgiven and receiving eternal life.

Consider this verse, where using reason and seeking validation is applauded: Acts 17:11 Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

Hope that helps, and hope you keep visiting!