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Candid pastoral thoughts on depression and drugs — I highly recommend this piece by Dan Phillips.  It has wise advice and terrific balance on an important and complex subject.  Here is his closing advice, though I hope you read it all:

Ask your doctor:

  1. Do you think my problem is a sheerly-physical problem?
  2. Is there a test that has shown, or can show, whether my problem is a sheerly-physical problem?
  3. How long do you intend me to take these pills? That is, when will I stop?
  4. How will we know when I can stop taking these pills?
Even answers to just those four questions would be so helpful in a counseling situation.
After all, I hope we’re all agreed to hold three specific stances:
  1. Our goal in life is to glorify God to the greatest degree possible (1 Cor. 10:31).

  2. We don’t want to try to address physical issues spiritually,or vice-versa.

  3. While medicine is a gift from God, we don’t want to take either more or less personality-affecting medication than is necessary.

— A Darwinist referring to Christians: “I would like to cut off the heads of these fanatics and spit in it.”  How charming and tolerant!  What I would like to ask that atheist is why he is so angry with Darwinism.  After all, if his worldview is true then Darwinian evolution would be 100.000% responsible for my conversion from atheism to trusting in the facts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  What else could have caused it?  So if Darwinian evolution was the cause, why is he so upset? — 5 Common Objections to the Moral Argument — This is a powerful argument for God’s existence and a great way to advance conversations about him.  Go read them all!

The Moral Argument for the existence of God has been graced with a long tradition of defense from theistic (and atheistic!) philosophers and thinkers throughout the history of Western thought…and a long tradition of misunderstandings and objections by even some of the most brilliant minds. To be fair, the argument is not always as intuitive as theists like to think it is. Essentially, the moral argument seeks to infer God as the best explanation for the objective moral facts about the universe. One of the most popular formulations is as follows:

  1. Objective morality cannot exist unless God exists.
  2. Objective morality exists.
  3. Therefore, God exists.

There are a host of common objections that are usually blown in the direction of this argument, but for the sake of brevity, I will only deal with five. 1. “But I’m a moral person and I don’t believe in God. Are you saying that atheists can’t be moral?” The moral argument has nothing to do with belief in God. No proponent of the moral argument has ever argued that an individual cannot be moral unless they hold belief in God. Rather, the argument deals with grounding, or substantiating, objective morality. If God does not exist, then there can be no basis for objective morality. Sure, atheists can be moral. In fact, I know several atheists who are more moral than some theists! The issue of belief is not pertinent to the argument. The argument simply highlights the fact that there must be a basis– some kind of standard–that is outside of ourselves, in order for there to be objective morality. This objection makes a category error of confusing a question of moral ontology (Is there a moral reality?) with moral epistemology (How do we come to know or believe in the moral reality?). 2. “But what if you needed to lie in order to save someone’s life? It seems that morality is not absolute as you say it is.” 3. ‘Where’s your evidence for objective morality? I won’t believe in anything unless I have evidence for it.’ 4. ‘If morality is objective, then why do some cultures practice female genital mutilation, cannibalism, infanticide, and other atrocities which we, in the West, deem unacceptable?’ 5. ‘But God carried out many atrocities in the Old Testament. He ordered the genocide of the Canaanites.’

Why do Christians leave the faith? Dashed expectations of a “nice” God — careful Bible study and apologetics are make a big difference.

Randy Alcorn on the false but popular Heaven — Great points by Randy Alcorn. The popularity of these false “Heaven” books shows how discernment and biblical knowledge are lacking. If you want a fantastic book on Heaven read In Light of Eternity.

Wimps, Frauds, and Charlatans — I love how RedState will call out the RINOs.  We need real conservatives, not career Democrats-in-Republican-clothing.

Challenge: The Bible Only Mentions Homosexuality Six Times Various responses . . .

1. How many times does God have to say something before I should obey?

2. How many times does the Bible mention bestiality?

3. How many times does the Bible say not to beat up gays? (I think that is wrong, of course, but am taking her argument to its logical conclusions)

4. The Bible doesn’t just clearly say homosexual behavior is wrong — including the “exhibit A” example of rebellion in Romans 1 — there are countless passages showing God’s ideal. The Bible couldn’t be more clear. Bible-believing Christians and even two out of the three types of pro-gay people* (religious or not) can see these truths: 100% of the verses addressing homosexual behavior describe it as sin in the clearest and strongest possible terms. 100% of the verses referring to God’s ideal for marriage involve one man and one woman. 100% of the verses referencing parenting involve moms and dads with unique roles (or at least a set of male and female parents guiding the children). 0% of 31,173 Bible verses refer to homosexual behavior in a positive or even benign way or even hint at the acceptability of homosexual unions of any kind.

* The three general types of pro-gay theology people: 1. “The Bible says homosexuality is wrong but it isn’t the word of God” (obviously non-Christians) 2. “The Bible says it is wrong but God changed his mind and is only telling theological Liberals” (only about 10 things wrong with that) 3. “The Bible is the word of God but you are just misunderstanding it” (Uh, no, not really.)

Lost Weight? 5 Ways to Keep it Off for Good — good, basic tips from people who have succeeded.


Free eBook for those battling bipolar

Courtesy of Pistol Pete — Free E-Book Still Available « Necessary Therapy.:

It’s called From Sheol to the Highest Heavens: 101 Devotions for those with Bipolar Disorder (and those who love them).  It is a spiritual journey through my 20+ years battling Bipolar with Christ on my side (yet sometimes my working against Him).  You can get your free copy by sending an e-mail request to nikita1940@comcast.net and write in the subject line, “free e-book”.